Steemit Open Mic Week # 100 - Open Your Eyes by Snow Patrol

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Woooow, wow, wow!!! Week 100!

I am so proud to be an open mic member and I think the entire open mic team (@luzcypher, @pfunk, @meno, @soundlegion @krystle, @verbal-d, @passion-ground) should all be super proud of their hard work and of the great community they have cultivated.

The last few weeks I’ve been feeling like I wanted to prepare something kind of special for week 100, and the right song hit me a couple days ago. I had the opportunity to see Snow Patrol live in a packed NFL stadium. The energy was INSANE. They were opening for Ed Sheeran (who is also incredible to see live) and I just loved hearing some of my favorite songs come to life on stage.

When they played Open Your Eyes… I just felt it in my BONES. Some songs just hit you that way… ya know? I decided that this had to be my week 100 song! I have been playing around with learning some harmonies (not my forte) so I could layer some tracks on the chorus. Not perfect… but it’s been fun to play this song so much the last few days!

I hope you guys enjoy this cover of Open your Eyes by Snow Patrol – and be sure to stop by and give some love to @luzcypher for heading up such an incredible contest! A great way to do that is to upvote the Contest Post for Week 100.

Big love to all of you!

XO, Lea



That was really heartfelt Lea! 🙂 #edisinsanelive

Aww thanks my friend. So cool of you to stop by and watch! ♥️

That must have been an amazing show!

Can you believe we have been doing this for 100 weeks? Crazy fun!


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Ooh the show was amazing! We were in Century Link field which as someone who used to live in Seattle - you probably know how big it is!

Ed Sheeran was incredible. He was on stage by himself for over two hours just jamming. What's amazing - is that it didn't feel like an acoustic show at all. He just loops a ton of tracks with his guitar and his voice to build out each song.

There was this one song where he asked everyone to light their phones up and the stadium literally went from night to day because it was SO BRIGHT. I've never seen anything like it.

Anyway - congrats again on week 100!! Such an amazing accomplishment to make it this far and still be going strong.

Wow, that sounds like so much fun. Great stadium too.

I listened to this in my car and it was amazing to say the least. My wife and I watch America’s Got Talent and wouldn’t be surprised to see you in the finals.

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Aww Ken!!! That just made my day!! 😃

I agree!🎤🎸🎤🎸🎤

Beautiful song!

Aww thanks @drewley! Hard to believe it is week 100 already! What week did you end up joining? I feel like you were on open mic before I joined in week 53.

I can’t remember haha.. I know I joined at the end of May 2017. So it was probably around week 40 or so

So cool! I wonder how many people that started so long ago are still consistent like you. Probably not that many!

🎤🎸Haha I loved it @coruscate !upped and resteemed! Shout out as well to the entire open mic. team:
@luzcypher, @pfunk, @meno, @soundlegion @krystle, @verbal-d, @passion-ground) Wow for 100 !
🎤🎸Best of luck to you my friend!🎤🎸

Aww thanks so much for the love and support my friend! and the re-steem! <3

I'm glad you enjoyed this cover! :)

Your welcome I loved it😊👍💕💕💕

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Lovely cover! Great choice. Your ukulele suits Snow Patrol's romantic folk sound.

I last saw Snow Patrol this year, in April, at the Islington Assembly Hall in London, but without Ed Sheeran, so there were fewer, but no less rowdy people lol.

So happy to see Gary looking cheery, given his recent struggles with depression.

I've been seeing Snow Patrol for years at their London shows, from venues as small as the Union Chapel to venues as large as the O2 Arena, and although I'm told it's very middlebrow of me, they are one of my favorite bands. Gary's side project, Tired Pony, is pretty wonderful too. There's always love in the air at a Snow Patrol gig. :)

Oooh I hadn't heard of Gary's side bad - Tired Pony. I'll have to look that up! Yeah I thought they had great energy on stage. How cool that you got to see them last year and that you've been able to see them in several types of venues. I definitely think there are different fun elements of both huge and small shows like that.

Thanks so much for stopping by to listen to my cover! :)

wow great song!

aww thanks @the01crow!! I'm really glad you enjoyed it! :)

You have a very nice voice. I heard the harmony in the chorus. I think that is a ukulele you are strumming. Thanks for sharing my friend.

aww thanks my friend!! I'm so glad you enjoyed it. :)

Amazing I love it....

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You are amazing I love it!.

What beautiful words, honey, happy week!

I'm glad you enjoyed this cover!

Awesome! ♥o♥

Jajaja You are so cool and so beautiful being who you are. It is so good. Greetings, @coruscate.

You will forever be my "Spoon Girl!"
You know what I'm talkin' bout, right, girlfriend!
Love you...

Floating by a suggestion for a little audio rendition for the Open Mic mash-up performance. passion-ground is looking for female vocals. I helped with some drums.

Since you liked my last chill drum cover, I came up with another one recently if you want to space out for a few. Would be a cool song for you to do too.