Open Mic Week #100 - Lisa & Rhavi | Tempo ao Tempo (Gelson Oliveira cover) 🧜‍♀️

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Hi dear friends,

This is the hundredth week of Openmic on Steemit!


@rhavi and I feel very happy and proud to be part of this magic family united by the love for music.

A big THANKS to @luzcypher, @pfunk, @curie, @soundlegion, @krystle, @verbal-d, @passion-ground, @meno and all the others who make OpenMic exist!

We wish you a Happy Weekniversary! 🎉

So! This is our participation for the Open Mic Week 100:
🧜‍♀️ « Tempo ao Tempo » or « Navegador de Lua » a cover of a brazilian musician called Gelson Oliveira.


Lyrics (Portugues)

Fico feliz quando te vejo
Quero te ver
Quero te ver denovo
Cada palavra em cada gesto
Vejo o tesouro
É luz, é prata é ouro
Navegador de lua
Lua canoa
Toca se dói, que doa
Prá te dizer
Navegador de lua
Lua canoa
Toca se dói, que doa
Prá te dizer
Voila, mon cœur !
Voila, mon cœur
Jabuticaba a boca e o beijo
No teu olhar o mundo
Velocidade o amor é tudo
Estrada azul da história
O tempo ao tempo

English translation

I'm happy when I see you.
I want to see you
I want to see you again
Every word and every gesture
I see the treasure
It's light, it's silver and gold
Moon Browser
Canoe moon
Touch it if it hurts, it hurts.
Tell me
Moon Browser
Canoe moon
Touch it if it hurts, it hurts.
Tell me
Here, my heart!
Here, my heart
Jabuticaba (brazilian fruit) the mouth and the kiss
In your look the world
Speed love is everything
Blue History Road
Time to time

I love this music because I think it's a very joyful and poetic declaration of love.

I hope you liked it too! Thank you 💋

With Love,


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Oh guys- this was so beautiful! So full of joy and happiness and love! I love how playful you both are, and I wish I was there listening to you in real life! Thank you for sharing your beautiful voices and music with us... I so wish I could know what Lisa is saying at the end of the video... maybe I'll have to learn Portuguese - such a beautiful language to listen to <3
E x

Hey @eveningart!
I’m really happy to know that you loved the song!
It’s true that this video deserves a translation! I’ll do it :)
Thank you so much for your support <3

I really did! Oh that would be wonderful - looking forward to it.
And you're welcome. I wish there was more I could do... ahhh... dreaming of being a whale again ;)
E x

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Amigos, de verdad que me encantan sus canciones. Irradian alegría y color. Disfruté mucho haciendo sus cartas. por favor, tómense un momento para conocer sobre mi proyecto. Espero les guste.
Saludos desde Uruguay !

Love this song guys. Beautiful performance. Congratulations!


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Thank you so much @luzcypher! What good news to start the week 🙏
We are very happy and thankful 😘

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Hi lisamalletart,

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Beautiful song and performance you two!

Linda canção galera !!!
Boto fé.

Estou aprendendo a utilizar a plataforma Steemit, a conheci a Comunidade através do @rhavi desde já agradeço pelo apoio !

Olha só! Que massa!!

Man you guys always bring it. Nice job as usual :)

That was cool :) where is the cake? :D nice song guys!

Thank you @davidfar!
The cake is long gone and it was delicious! 😋

Hermoso, desde el principio hasta el final!!!
Beijos para você também!!

Aaah gracias @esthersanchez!!
Muchos besos!

Its a really nice love song, and the smile on your faces gives off a positive vibe! I love how fun and playful you guys sound. One really doesn't need to understand a language inorder to enjoy a good music!

I love the art painting on the wall behind you guys, did you guys make that?

Thank you @audreybits for your beautiful comment!
So good to read that you liked the song :)
Yes the mermaid is really cool! It's a friend of ours who did it (the owner of the house).

Wow! he/she really is talented.

It was a pleasure listening to you guys sing!


You guys always harmonize so well together, a little of that relationship bleeds over into the music. It's really a pleasure to watch. lol, The happy birthday was a nice touch as well. Good luck in the contest.

Thank you @coinsandchains!! It was funny to do the happy birthday part.

I think @luzcypher should give out bonus points for that... lol and the best part was them falling over when you blew them out... classic.

Ahahah! It was not planned... it proves that we have breath! 😂💪

ah, love you guys, super fresh, you remembered me one love of mine we use to sing on brazilian (cicero) , tons of love <3 thx for the good memories

Thank you joseacabrerav!

You both did so great last week. Thanks for your patience, I finally wrote you a review on your epic performance.