Steemit Openmic Week#100 - Baik-Baik Sayang (COVER) Original By WALI Band

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Hello All Musician,


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I passed this contest for 4 weeks, and I returned with songs with rhythms that came out of the sound of my guitar. I am very busy lately with my work at school and now I am back for you.

This is the 100th contest organized by @pfunk as the main sponsor of this contest, and the professional host Mr. @luzcypher is a very professional person in music. They are all good people.

This contest is very good, and many musicians have sprung up with the presence of contests like this and this is a new color for the steemit platform.

As a curator on the eSteem platform, I prefer to curate this contest, the reason is because all videos uploaded purely work from steemian and not plagiarism.

Cover Songs

Making music videos in a legitimate way and not violating the musician's code of ethics, but the title must have a word (COVER) and provide information about who the original song is, as a tribute to the work of others.

And below is the recording that I made yesterday, an Indonesian genre song. with the title "BAIK-BAIK SAYANG" from WALI BAND.

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Hope you enjoy it.

Continue to use the esteem application, I am waiting for your next job at # openmic101



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Mantap abiss bang @owner99, apalagi dimainkan secara akustik.

Nyanyi bukan sekedar mengeluarkan suara dan irama yang merdu, namun bagimana cara membawakan nya dengan rasa

Ya benar bang, sehingga akan menjadi nyanyian yang sesuai ungkapan rasa seperti liriknya.

Wow! Awesome, love this!! Good luck, dekbro akak sayang! 😊👍

thanks akak lon... hehe

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Wohohoho our true singer is back...
Will wait the others cover songs
Good Luck

jangan bilang translate ya, haha

ampuuun mba e...hahaha

Aseekkk... 😄. Kirain on DJ. Xixixi

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uacemmmmm hahaha

yes, i want. I can still consider the next step

So nice to see you here with this rendition in week #100...
Hope all is well with you, brother...

hey brother @pasion-ground nice to see you again here... haha