Steemit OpenMic WEEK 100! @paintingangels - Original song "Too Quiet"

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Week 100 is pretty darned exciting, isn't it? This is a song I wrote about the feeling of wonder and feeling a bit lost with where you are, but very much hopeful in your journey through this universe. It's a bit of a take on the nursery rhyme "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" because of the line that says "How I wonder what you are."

I was actually playing that song the day I wrote this, and these lyrics just kind of wandered on out into their own little world. Congrats to @luzcypher and the entire open mic community (family) for making it all the way to 100. In human years it probably would have died 20 numbers ago. Way to be immortal, y'all. Woot.


It's too quiet in this house
with my sweet angels fast asleep
I'm alone here in this room
and all my thoughts are rumbling deep

There's a window by my side,
Lady Moon is smiling high
and as I gaze into the night
these raging questions flood my mind

I see the stars there
swirling round
and how I wonder
what we really are

I sing my questions
to the skies
and wait for answers
I know that I can't find
(I can't find)

My head is spinning like a dream
it won't slow down for anything
this life is bigger than we are
and all the clouds and trees and stars

So, I'm sitting in this house
shades of starlight in my head
when I should just run straight to bed
and pile the pillows over my head

But I see the stars there
swirling round
and how I wonder
just what we really are

I sing my questions to the skies
and wait for answers
I know that I can't find

I can't find

©2018 paintingangels (s. matthews)

P.S. My kitty, Twinkie, also stars in this video, pretending to be an invisible ninja cat in the chair by the sofa. Also my smiling pile of poo pillow stars in EVERY video I've made so far I think. It's important and really just polite of me for me to include it in my virtual travels.

Also I will be donating at least 10 percent of my profits from this video to @openmic because #ILoveTheOpenMic

THANK YOU so much to everyone who makes @openmic the wonderful playground of magic that it truly is, and particularly these sparkly people:


Also, I am a proud member of and scout for Helpie and if you would like to find out what that means, just visit the @helpie page and look around, or ask me directly at discord.. I am paintingangels(serena)#3668 and if you say anything besides simply, "Hi" or "Hey" then I will answer you back!

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❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️! Thank you thank you!!

Every time I listen to you I cannot help to hum and harmonize with you... I just want to do dlive now to "harmonize" you again :)
Love you Serena!

I love you too and I'd give you a whole bunch of cookies if you did that! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Oh then now I must totally do it!

Please do!

Yes!!! I will bring the
!popcorn !

Thanks for making Open MIc extra special.


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Awww, well ditto right back to you! ❤️❤️❤️

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Beautiful song!
thanks for sharing!

Thank you very much!

Wow, what a sweet voice!
Beautiful original song, upvoted and resteemed!

Awww thanks so much!! So kind of you!! ❤️

This is such a beautiful composition, Serena...
I love it every bit as much as I love you!
Nice, girlfriend!

Thank you so much, my friend. Sending big bunches of love right back to you! ❤️