STEEMIT OpenMic Week 100 - "I Say A Little Prayer" (Aretha Franklin)

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This one is for the Queen of soul

She's influenced every musician whether they know it or not, and living in Detroit it's very easy to see how much her music means to people.

It's been a while since I've posted on Steemit because I've been moving all month and working every night - but I'm almost all moved in!

Thank you all for your support on this one! I've loved this song my entire life since I heard it in "My Best Friends Wedding" When I was a kid, watching movies with my cousin Kristin (Who is more like a sister :D)

I hope this song brightens your day and sweetens your life

Your Friendly Neighborhood Musician,


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:D Thank you for all your help!


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Congratulations !!

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Aretha Franklin is so iconic and this song always has me singing along. You did a really great job of it. Upvoted :)

Thank you so much! :D Glad you dug it!

Dude, this is outstanding, brother...
I loved it!

PS... if you want, there is still time to take part in the forthcoming Open-Mic Mega Mashup... Just let me know, bro...

Oh thats right!! I've been moving all month then working at night so It totally slipped my mind

Such a nice nice entry, @drewsmusic. Greetings!

Congratulations! Nice performance.


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Congrats on the win bro, finally had time to write your review for your performance last week. You did great as always!

Thanks for this write up man!!