💯 Steemit Open Mic Week 100 - “I Am One” (Original Song)

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It's the 100th Steemit Open Mic, and it's been one wonderful experience so far. Ah, it feels good to participate in this event today, joining forces with my twin flame, @wildfamily. I believe this is our 7th week in a row singing together for this event. We're on a roll!

“I Am One”

The Song

The Lyrics

I am one drop of water in an ocean
We are one altogether in one current
Grant us courage as we go into the unknown
Grant us synergy as we go there together

When the sun reaches down into the water
Once again when we rise we are one
Keep us moving like the waves in motion
Keep us peaceful like a waterfall’s hush

I am one drop of rain inside a raincloud
We are one altogether in one mist
Let us deepen in our love like the whirlpool
Let us multiply our love like a ripple

Infinite colors in a rainbow
I am one you are one we are one
Let us unify as a full circle
Let us harmonize as a whole

🌞 🌜 🌟

The Story

This song originated in February, 2016, during the time when I was wrapping up my first documentary feature film, called Wild Family. I included the song in a scene with my son, Daniel, as he learned to paddle in a canoe for the first time. Pretty cute seeing how he explored and found his way. Here's the clip:

Scene from the Wild Family film.

If you compare the two videos here, you might recognize the progress I've made as a singer and guitarist. I've gained confidence, along with some talent through daily practice of singing with the kids at bed time. Plenty of room for improvement now, still, and I'm happy to have the Open Mic motivating me to move forward.

The Acknowledgements


I'm grateful to @luzcypher for bringing us the #openmic community challenge, 100 weeks ago. Wow, that's an amazing achievement. This event lights me up week after week. I feel delighted by the growth of these Open Mic events as well as many levels of growth I see in certain participants, including myself. Thank you to all of you participants, listeners, sponsors, and curators.

I'd also like to thank my family: Kat (@wildfamily), Daniel, Rosalie, Gabriel, and Nana (Kat's mom, who is watching the kids for us).

This post contains 100% original content by @cabelindsay.



Your music is very original, whenever I see you here with your partner is a joy for me. Greetings friend

Thank you brother. It's a joy for me too. I feel honored to be in this partnership, and honestly singing together is one of the greatest medicines I've experienced with my wife. Life's good when we're in harmony.

happy 100 cabe. Great to see you two harmonizing so beautifully together. You are sounding reeeally good. lovely song, I barely recognised you without the beard at first! I am ot around here on steemit really, its been such a busy full year so I just dip in to check all you awesome people out every now and then. Big love to you and your family my friend x Basil

Sweet, dude! Such a pleasant surprise to hear from you. Loving the humor and energy and uplifting connection you bring to Steemit, even in your time away. I feel your presence. Hugs and high-fives!! 👋

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Super cool! Thanks so much for upping and sharing our post. Loving you curators and all the work you do.

Hi cabelindsay,

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Yay, you are the kewlest! Thank you @curie team. Feels good to have your support, through discovering our post and sharing it with your solid following. Much love.

Nice lyrics and beautiful song. Soft, lovely - what a beautiful present :)

Hi. Welcome to Steemit, sister! I'm just now seeing your introductory post, and I think you're starting strong. I want to encourage you to keep on doing what you're doing, sharing your radical thoughts, your unique perspectives, and your wild wisdom. I can tell you're an exciting person to follow.

I don’t remember how I got here, but your videos and music are amazing. Your duet singing showed love and tenderness towards one another and that’s beautiful in my opinion. The lyrics simply goes with that kind of synergy you two give out. It’s beautiful. In the second video your singing voice was more enthusiastic, upbeat, and joyful I believe as a result of what you said as doing more practice. And that is very much agreeable that practice makes perfect.
Well, that’s my review of you guys performance. I enjoyed watching and listening to your music. Thank you both for sharing you guys talent.

Thanks so much @roger5120 for your supportive words. Your comment is very kind, meaningful, and encouraging. It touches my heart, my friend.

You're quite welcome @cabelindsay and I am glad to hear you also appreciated by comments. It's a good thing to build each other up. The least we can do to make a difference in someone's life is through compassion. Thanks for being a friend, my friend.

wow... I love your guitar play :)
and of course your voice too :)

start following you and your wife both:)

Thank you @jisoooh0202. This Open Mic has really helped me to hone in on a certain sweet spot with my voice and guitar, and it feels great to have your encouragement with this. Working on further sweetening that sound.

I love your guitar play because I prefer to listen like your style than playing with chord. :)
Thanks for your reply btw :)

Oh this is so beautiful. I love your voices together- they mesh so beautifully. And the words to that song brought a sigh of gladness to my heart. It is a delight to have found you here via Curie's voting trail- and I'm so looking forward to getting to know you better. E x

How nice of you. Thank you. So happy for your gladness. And thanks for letting me know how you found our post. I think @curie is fantastic. Cheers to you and your friendly words!!

Hello, dear! I'm glad you found your way here – Cabe's a lovely human. He was one of the first Steemians to greet me and told me about Open Mic. Super special and wonderfully talented. <3

What a beautiful song!!
You both are amazing! Such harmony and feeling of love and goodness.
Thank you for this present <3

Ah, it's such a pleasure hearing from you. Obrigada minha irmã.

I sure appreciate your comment. Thank you. And I always feel grateful for this Open Mic creation of yours, so thank you again (times 100). Congratulations, man, wow. Wishing for another 100!

I really like the story of the song👍keep singing and playing.

Hey, thanks @rafaelricardo. Welcome to Steemit, my friend.

That's a really beautiful song and you guys sang it beautifully together. I could listen to it over and over again without getting tired or bored.

It is inspiring, we truly are one!! I think I am beginning to learn the song...

It was fun watching your son paddle the canoe and he did well for his first time. Yeah, you have gotten better over the years and that shows your dedication and passion towards what you do.

Thank you @audreybits. Your comments here are so appreciated, sister. Hugs and high-fives!!

#smiles. Sending you hugs from here as well!!

Beautiful song and performance guys...
Great harmonies... You sound perfect together!

Sweet, thanks dude. Feels good. I believe we're growing in the area of harmonizing in more ways than one, and singing together is one of the keys.

This one turned out great, Love. Let's aim for a clearer audio recording while we're in the process of improving our overall sound.

Yeah, we should be able to swing that. I think we'll need a preamp for our microphone. Let me look into it. Maybe we'll setup a lavalier too.

this is beautiful, you both really compliment one another, so lovely to see and hear, thank you for this jewel. xxxxx

Thank you. Takes a jewel to know a jewel, my sparkly sister.

It's been a while since I've heard your sweet voice, Cabe. It's just as smooth and tender as I remember. <3

I love hearing you two together – such a treat!


ps – I have to thank you for introducing me to the Open Mic community. It was you who first told me about it (on my intro post!) As well, you were one of the first whose songs inspired me to enter myself. THANK YOU.

Ah, so kind. Thank you. It's such a pleasure sharing this #openmic with you. It's been a real blessing in my life. I appreciate the invitation to express, and the chance to catch other people's expressions, and I especially love the real connections, like knowing you. <3!

You guys always sound great together and complement each other's voices well.
For some reason, the lyrics remind me of the Highwayman.
Loved the wild family clip, kids are awesome and when we let them they find ways to accomplish so much.
Be blessed

Right on. Thank you, my friend. Yeah, I see you're a fellow rad daddy, and agree - it's so much fun watching the kiddos grow and blossom. Awesome.

Is this the "Highwayman" you're referring to? Big Willie Nelson fan here. He's our hometown hero, here in Austin.

Yes, that is it, Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson, Waylon Jennings, Johnny Cash.
I don't know why other than the drop of rain reference. That and I may be getting old, who knows.

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