Graduation Showcase of Newcomers Achievement Program : Batch March 2021

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In this post, we would like to showcase a list of newcomers that have completed all their achievements tasks and received Pro Newcomer Verified title at the Newcomers Community.
We also announce 10 Pro Newcomers that will receive 1 month of 1000SP delegation for their activities and engagements on Steemit.

Total of 80 Newcomers have completed their Newcomers Achievement Program.

Batch of June-August 2020 (Total of 4 Users)

NoAccountPro Newcomers Compilation TaskCountry
1@njaywan@njaywan compilation tasksGhana
2@fendit@fendit compilation tasksArgentina
3@neerajkr03@neerajkr03 compilation tasksIndia
4@sahilgupta@sahilgupta compilation tasksIndia

Batch of September 2020 (Total of 12 Users)

NoAccountPro Newcomers Compilation TaskCountry
5@gorllara@gorllara compilation tasksBangladesh
6@belenguerra@belenguerra compilation tasksArgentina
7@theopportunist@theopportunist compilation taskNigeria
8@doppley@doppley compilation taskNigeria
9@ngoenyi@ngoenyi compilation taskNigeria
10@sanjeev.kumar@sanjeev.kumar compilation taskIndia
11@sm-shagor@sm-shagor compilation taskBangladesh
12@eh-shohag@eh-shohag compilation taskBangladesh
13@bright-obias@bright-obias compilation taskNigeria
14@nas-gh@nas-gh compilation taskNigeria
15@alegnita@alegnita compilation taskVenezuela
16@saxopedia@saxopedia compilation taskCameroon

Batch of October 2020 (Total of 6 Users)

NoAccountPro Newcomers Compilation TaskCountry
17@iamlynxie@iamlynxie compilation tasksNigeria
18@razuahmed@razuahmed compilation tasksBangladesh
19@jmsthree@jmsthree compilation tasksUnited States of America
20@drqamu@drqamu compilation tasksIndia
21@msharif@msharif compilation tasksBangladesh
22@boss75@boss75 compilation tasksBangladesh

Batch of November 2020 (Total of 12 Users)

NoAccountPro Newcomers Compilation TaskCountry
23@fombae@fombae compilation tasksCameroon
24@samuel20@samuel20 compilation taskNigeria
25@magmuz@magmuz compilation taskIndia
26@stream4u@stream4u compilation tasksIndia
27@fadlymatch@fadlymatch compilation tasksIndonesia
28@chirich@chirich compilation taskNigeria
29@vishwara@vishwara compilation taskSri Lanka
30@josepha@josepha compilation tasksNigeria
31@itikna09@itikna09 compilation tasksIndonesia
32@talktofaith@talktofaith compilation tasksNigeria
33@walad@walad compilation tasksIndonesia
34@davchi@davchi compilation tasksNigeria

Batch of December 2020 (Total of 8 Users)

NoAccountPro Newcomers Compilation TaskCountry
35@ghostfacer99@ghostfacer99 compilation tasksNepal
36@simonnwigwe@simonnwigwe compilation tasksNigeria
37@ephraimeka@ephraimeka compilation tasksNigeria
38@walad@walad compilation tasksIndonesia
39@doodleman@doodleman compilation tasksIndonesia
40@warrenjemkis@warrenjemkis compilation tasksVenezuela
41@rapsantos@rapsantos compilation tasksPhilippines
42@yonathanulacio@yonathanulacio compilation tasksVenezuela

Batch of January 2021(Total of 9 Users)

NoAccountPro Newcomers Compilation TaskCountry
43@tmighty@tmighty compilation taskNigeria
44@beckie96830@beckie96830 compilation tasksNigeria
45@rabibulhasan71@rabibulhasan71 compilation tasksBangladesh
46@muldoang@muldoang compilation tasksIndonesia
47@davidkyain@davidkyain compilation tasksNigeria
48@achmadkurniawan@achmadkurniawan compilation tasksIndonesia
49@abuahmad@abuahmad compilation tasksBangladesh
50@xkool24@xkool24 compilation tasksNigeria
51@sarkodieeric1@sarkodieeric1 compilation tasksGhana

Batch of February 2021(Total of 13 Users)

NoAccountPro Newcomers Compilation TaskCountry
52@mustaghfir@mustaghfir compilation tasksIndonesia
53@nandacoa@nandacoa compilation tasksIndonesia
54@heriadi@heriadi compilation tasksIndonesia
55@miftahuddin@miftahuddin compilation tasksIndonesia
56@jasminemary@jasminemary compilation tasksNigeria
57@danay@danay compilation tasksVenezuela
58@cherub27@cherub27 compilation tasksGhana
59@klen.civil@klen.civil compilation tasksIndonesia
60@blaisebass1@blaisebass1 compilation tasksCameroon
61@slempase@slempase compilation tasksIndonesia
62@irawandedy@irawandedy compilation tasksIndonesia
63@nadilchairi@nadilchairi compilation tasksIndonesia
64@fredquantum@fredquantum compilation tasksNigeria

Batch of March 2021(Total of 16 Users)

NoAccountPro Newcomers Compilation TaskCountry
65@aderynList of Achievement 1-6: Completed by @aderyn (100% Steem Power.)Turkey
66@y0giList of Achievement Tasks 1-6: Completed by @y0giIndia
67@zulkarnainTinjauan Post Achievement 1 Sampai Dengan Achievement 6 By @zulkarnainIndonesia
69@rozipaseeRangkuman Achievement 1 Sampai 6 Review by @rozipaseeIndonesia
70@afkar86Tinjauan Post : Achievement 1 Sampai 6 Review by @afkar86Indonesia
71@basyir01Rangkuman Achievement 1 Sampai 6 Review by @basyir01Indonesia
72@rasilfasyaTinjauan Post : Achievement 1 Sampai 6 Review by @rasilfasyaIndonesia
73@sisolTinjauan Post : Achievement 1 Sampai 6 Review by @sisolIndonesia
74@munawar0Tinjauan Post : Achievement 1 Sampai 6 Review by @munawar0Indonesia
75@harferriRESUME ACHIEVEMENT 1 - 6Indonesia
76@iwandaRangkuman Achievement 1 Sampai 6 Review by @iwandaIndonesia
77@adsonTinjauan Post : Achievement 1 Sampai Achievement 6 By @adsonIndonesia
78@komo07Tinjauan Post : Achievement 1 Sampai 6 Review by @komo07Indonesia
79@probSummary of Achievements 1 to 6 Review by @probIndonesia
80@solar-starList of achievement tasks 1-6 completed by @solar-starIndonesia

The Steem Greeters Team Project has received a support/sponsorship of 10,000SP delegation from @steem.history one of the Steem Blockchain Top 20 witnesses. We are able to reward our Pro Newcomers graduated with the delegation because of this generous support from him in addition with the support of The Steemit Team.

How we use this 10,000SP delegation?

Five of Pro Newcomers who receive the 1000SP delegation from last month will continue another month as they being helpful in the Newcomers Community and also on Steemit platform as a whole.
Then another 5000SP is for Pro Newcomers graduated who are active in their publications and engagements on Steemit.

These are the users who have received 1-month delegation of 1000SP for the month of March until April 2021, they will continue receiving the delegation for another month as they been helpful in helping the newcomers community member to grow by welcoming and guiding them on what to do on this platform :

For the Month of April until May 2021, these are the users that will be receiving 1-month delegation of 1000SP:

They will receive the 1000SP delegation from 22/04/2021 until 22/05/2021.
We hope more of you will be completing your achievements tasks, being active, and being helpful in the Newcomers' Community for a chance to receive the 1000SP delegation.

Steem On!

Steem Greeters Team.

 last year 

Thank You @fombae

 last year 

you welcome

 last year 

Congratulations to you @yogi

 last year (edited)

Buenas tardes disculpen soy nueva acá en steemit, me gustaría recibir las recomendaciones necesarias para seguir avanzando en la plataforma. Alguien que me pueda dar las enseñanzas para aprender.

 last year 


Thanks @cryptokannon, i am ready to help newcomers if they need me

 last year 

Yes sir please guide me

 last year 

I’m new here can you help me


Dude, would be great if u guide me.

 last year 

Hi @cryptokannon,

Hope you are doing well,
Just now I went through your post,
In the below image am I selected?

If yes then my username is @y0gi


yes, it was meant to be @y0gi, I have confuse o with 0/number zero. I will edit and change it.

 last year 

Okay, Thank you for your confirmation @cryptokannon.

 last year (edited)

Hello @cryptokannon I made my achievement5 task1 post and it will be expiring in the next 50 minutes but it has not been visited and has not been verified, I have reached out to my country representative about this but I am yet to get any response, please can it be looked into so that I can proceed with the other parts of the task.

Hello @cryptokannon i think i might have been left out. Finished too within this period my compilation Here. My humble appeal.

 last year 

so great ,congratulations to you all. hope to be next

 last year 

Enhorabuena a todos !!!!

 last year 

Congratulations all I wish to reach there soon
@cryptokannon please look into my achievement2 I have posted it for 3 times now and it has not been verified please check if I made any mistake that is hindering it from being verified

 last year 

Thank you @cryptokannon for the honours

 last year 

You are doing very well I appreciate you.

 last year 

Hola a todos, @cryptokannon, yo estoy recién llegada a la plataforma y me gustaría comenzar haciendo las cosas bien, recibiendo las orientaciones necesarias y creo que estoy en el mejor lugar. Comenzare por hacer mi presentación formalmente que es el logro 1, agradecería todo el apoyo que me sirvan para ir creciendo poco a poco en steemit, gracias de ante mano.

 last year 

Congratulations to you all. Nice work @cryptokannon

 last year 

Felicitaciones a los afortunados y es una recompensa bien merecida por su esfuerzo y constancia.

Saludos y bendiciones @cryptokannon.

 last year 

Gracias amiga @cryptokannon que emoción y gran apoyo! Seguiré apoyando la comunidad de recién llegados con todo el cariño y para lo que me necesiten.

 last year 

Hi @cryptokannon, may I follow up with my Achievement 1 verification, please? I would like to go through the guides you've prepared for us. I am wondering if I can now move forward with my achievement 2 verification.
Here is my Achievement 1 post.

I am hoping you can review and follow up please. Thank you!

 last year 

🎓🤩 Congratulations to each and everyone listed here.

 last year 

Congratulations to all. Hi @cryptokannon. I have posted my achievement 1, 7 days ago. I hope you can help me get verified. thank you.

 11 months ago 
 last year 

Congratulation's to all

 last year 
 last year 

Oh wow, congratulations to you. Hope to also graduate soon

 last year 


 last year (edited)

hello I want to learn and be able to graduate like them .. please review my post and if you can give advice I thank you.

 last year 

Felicidades para todos bendiciones🤗 siganme @yurnery soy nueva en esta plataforma.

 last year 

Newcomers community is one of the great communities on this platform. I have no words to express my gratitude for the community. The stage where newcomers need support and guidance is taken care of by NC com . It acts just like a mother 🙏 to a newborn steemian.

 last year 

Hi @cryptokannon, I already post my achievement 1. Hope you can help me to be verified thanks a lot. This is my post

 last year 

@cryptokannon Hello, I want to make all the achievements to be verified. But I already uploaded my first post, and I did not know that I had to complete a few steps. What I can do? do I upload my presentation again?

 last year 

Congratulations everyone for the job well done.

 last year 

Excellent, every step we take in each achievement is one more learning for a coo member of the community, thank you very much for those tasks that send us to be evolving

I just finished the Newcomers'Community program , does this needs to be verified?

 last year 

Okay, we will try to meet up on time a little patience please

 last year 
 last year 

Hi @cryptokannon, please I've completed all my achievement tasks but yet to receive reviews on achievements 5 and 6. Is there a reason for the delay? It's been 20days now

 last year 

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