The Curation and Engagement Leagues 🏆 - STEEM prizes & steem-bounty available! 🎁

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Welcome to this weeks Engagement and Curation leagues, kindly sponsored by the awesome @curie!

  • Thank you for all the comments here each and every week, I'm sorry that I do not catch them all and cannot vote every one of them.

  • Partiko, ulog, and fast-reply comment character lengths have been adjusted accordingly!

To enter the leagues drop a comment below (for a lifetime membership - you will need to ask to be removed)

The league tables are reset each week and so any time is a good time to join!

On your marks, get set, curate!

The Engagement League - Sponsored by @curie

This league is not based around financial rewards and relates to engagement.

Everyone currently on my master list has a chance here - including those powering down or dealing in delegations over the past couple of weeks.

I've used some metrics (which is the fancy way of saying that made up some numbers) relating to:

  • Posts (P)
  • Comments - number of (C)
  • Comments - replies to replies - depth > 2 (C R)
  • Number of people spoken to (PS)
  • Comments - length in characters (C L)
  • Witness votes (W) (for those proxying witness votes, your total is always 30)
  • Up-votes to others (V)
  • Up-votes to different authors (U V)
  • Self-votes - a (getting smaller each week) minus score for this one sorry! (S V)

Firstly, if you are placed in the table above then you among the top 25% of the league entrants!

Congratulations to this weeks Engagement League winner, yes you guessed it, @janton again! 🏆

Unstoppable at the top, I've lost count of the number of pole positions @janton has earned. Bravo sir!

In 2nd, a fine job from @smithlabs this week who has moved up 11 places from last week. Nice one!

Last weeks' 2nd, @steemflow, earns a hugely respectible 3rd place this time - consistent stuff, well done!

Excellent engagement levels also from @abh12345, @veryspider, @paulag, @macoolette, @lynncoyle1, @erikah, @maquemali, @dreemsteem, and @brittandjosie, who will all be receiving some STEEM this week.

Those without a self-vote (from their main account at least! 😱) and placed in the top ranks will also receive a little STEEM. These people are: @melinda010100, @niallon11, @delishtreats, @themanwithnoname, @gillianpearce, @bengy, @cryptocopy, @jlordc, @cicisaja, @chekohler, @headchange, @coinsandchains, @hananali, and @simplymike.

Well done everyone!

The Curation League / Rewards based

Please find the rules in a previous post.

The end column is what I think is a genuine indicator of how well you are financially working the curation game with the tools, including vested Steem Power, that you have at your disposal.

Congratulations @miniature-tiger!

🎁 Prizes 🎁

The Engagement League

0 votes to self - Spot Prizes

Lucky number 25 in The Engagement League

A @steembasicincome share, courtesy of @fullcoverbetting, goes to @coinsandchains!

Thanks Peter and well done @coinsandchains!


  • If you have spotted any glaring errors in my post, please let me know so I can fix them

  • If you would like to be added or removed from the master list, give me a shout

  • If you have any other comments or suggestions, please enter them into the box below

Thank you everyone, have an awesome day!



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Another awesome week and another amazing job by @janton! He continues to impress week in and week out. Great work and I look forward to seeing an award or something named after you @janton! My goodness, you are truly fantastic and super consistent!

And great job again to you Asher. I'm excited that you have managed to continue grow the league and bring such amazing people here each week to check their rankings! You have filled a super important role of retention in a fairly dismal market price and for that you should definitely be commended by the people that run this place! (I shutter to think what this would be without that bond that we have established together through your league)

Keep up the great work and keep an eye of @fulltimegeek, I think he's got something brewing over there ;)

Well occasionally I like to push a comment to the top of the pile and give it a quotation for extra publicity.

And great job again to you Asher. I'm excited that you have managed to continue grow the league and bring such amazing people here each week to check their rankings! You have filled a super important role of retention in a fairly dismal market price and for that you should definitely be commended by the people that run this place! (I shutter to think what this would be without that bond that we have established together through your league)

Very kind of you to state this Dave, thank you.

re: FTG, does this relate to Steemmonsters by any chance? I've seen he's been collecting some cards?!

And btw, congratulation on getting to 70 REP! You are now for sure in the group of elites! ;)

You deserve every word, I'm dead serious about your contributions here!

And on FTG, I don't know (hoping you were going to find out :P ) ... I have also noticed it and it would be a awesome thing to do if that is somehow in his plans. I actually am planning something with SM myself called "Team Possible", but of course my resources are not quite the same as his!

I look very much forward to what he has planned though and I'm excited for you guys as you definitely are carrying the torch as a group here on Steemit!

I cant believe you really disqualified me like that 🤔

Posted using Partiko Android

hahaha that's what I was thinking! :) BOOM! Scratched off ... just like that! Geez Asher!! :)

Really harsh, i worked my backside off all week then i get the wrath of Asher

Posted using Partiko Android

haha wouldn't it be great fun to go razz Barman @abh12345 at his work sometime? :)

Lol now that would be fun

Posted using Partiko Android

@steemcommunity witness rules apply, I had no choice. Well done though! :D

Still wasnt in top 5. The dudes on top here really rock

Posted using Partiko Android

I voted your content because you are on my whitelist.

Join our army of good authors, delegate to me to apply: 2000 SP JEDI | 1500 SP **SITH Lord | 1000 SP Skywalker | Less Stormtrooper

Witness: @castellano

Use SteemConnect to delegate safely: 50 SP | 100 SP | 200 SP | 500 SP
JEDY 2000 SP | SITH lord 1500 SP | SkyWalker 1000 SP |

Another week @abh12345 and it just gets tougher. Congrats to @janton on his usual blowout win. I was looking at the scores from the passt two weeks against the ones from this week and the bar has most definitly been raised. So well done to everybody on the list that keeps pushing up the scores. I can see this being the trend going forward as more and more people join.

As they always say in sports, nothing motivates players more than knowing there is somebody waiting behind them to take their place. If you know that there are going to be other great people trying to catch you it can only push you further to stay ahead.

Looking forward to next weeks fight and hopefully we can come out on the right side of the battle line.

what a crazy weeks... LOL, and I still can't reach the green marks, congratulations again Sir @janton, you're unbeatable! so nice to see new names on the topten engagers too. Congratulations @brittandjosie, you are qiute impressing with to place at the top ten this week... Woowww @steemflow, you commented on 278 account, that's crazy busy, Salute!!

Congratulations to everyone and our Barman @abh12345 who made on the top 5 without pie, cake but Bars! Thanks for the Steem Spot Prize, I'll do better this week to reach my goal before the end of this month, watch me ;)

I shall be watching :D

Yes the bars seemed to help me this week - i still need to reach lucky 25 for a prize though!

Thanks for the resteem @cicisaja!

I don't think you can get that lucky 25, ever !... Hahahaha, unless you want to cheat on us by locking on that number just for you, something that I know is not your nature at all. well.. this is the earliest announcement so far, if only I knew you'd post this at this time, I won't sleep last night to put my comment to the pifc participants and featured bloggers, LOL. Now I need to change my strategy.

Thanks @cicisaja pretty exciting this time too..atleast people getting engaged with each other and keep the place lively.....hatss off to the bar man👍

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Where you been all week? Guess I will just have to come hunt you down.
Anyway @newbiegames is calling 🚀 You better juck it out. Don't want to miss anything fun.

I've been busy to mees up with the shop and roaming around the pifc featured bloggers while I didn't submit my entry for this week😊 and Thank you about the newbiegame.. already there and done my part😁 thank you again @headchange😘

Well we can't have you missing out on anything fun. Just between us. They seem a bit slow lately. I think they will be happy to get a little boost.

😂😂 who do you mean? I meet macoolette anywhere around 😂 also veryspider and janton as usual

Oh no not that what I meant to say is the newbie games didn't seem to be getting many comments on their other posts this week. I just though some extra comments for them would be nice.

ThAnx I am a proud number 10 but janton is unbeatable!!

😂 I've been trying hard to get close to him.. but still lack of ability like him. But at least you made it. So happy for you @brittandjosie

@cicisaja maybe next week it will be all bar charts from asher 😂😂😂

Posted using Partiko Android

😂😂 you're right..and more video of a barman in action 😉

Congrats to all.
Small scuffle at the top. Nice to see.
Thanks Asher,

Yahooo I made the list ROFL. Don't know about this week have to see.

I think im a bit stuck this week too, hoping ur week aint to hard on you @wolfhart

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If it was easy why do it. LOL. I just take it one day at a time.
Be careful. One thing at a time

Yes, still waiting for someone to do the seemingly impossible though! :D

I'm not holding my breath for now, @abh12345. Whoever aspires to that would have to start commenting in their sleep, like he does. ;)

I wonder is he the smartest AI bot here

Posted using Partiko Android

Smartest at glorious time freedom for one. Then that finger flying genius... and... and... ;)

Dropped in the list again, but been busy writing posts. But, no self-votes agin. Jippie!

I'm going to try to stay away from delegating this week, since I saw my name in a post that was called '180 (or was it 80?) top curators of this week. I really want to make that curation list at least once :0)

Posted using Partiko Android


Try not to delegate, I know it will be tough! :D Good luck on making the list, I have a feeling you'll be off the list next week too and on the week after - if you can resist delegating!

How delagation affext ?? Last wek i have delegates too to ua...

Posted using Partiko Android

When you delegate you have less SP available for voting so you have to spread less love

Posted using Partiko Android

Ohhh so last week my delegatio to ua was kind of loss too...still i will power with few today

Posted using Partiko Android

Lol, as if I coud, @abh12345... It's too late already, I failed again.

Great to enter again and from 22 back to number 10 and that selfvoting is so oldfashioned 😉😂 I gave up trying to catch up with Our leader off the E.L. PACK but again respect on to next week friends and keep steeming !
@abh12345 resteemed

Congratulations on your placement here this week @brittandjosie! Nice job :)

Youre number 8 with 3 blogs youre so good !

Thank you @brittandjosie! I comment so much that I just don't have time to do more posts:)

Old-fashioned :) Well if it's not profitable to do so because you can reach a prize position here, then it makes no sense indeed.

Thank you for the resteem @brittandjosie!

As always you are very welcome !

Congrats for making it back!! Yayyyyy! You have done it well this week! Its been a rough week but surely you have jumped big time..from 22 to 10!! Woot wooot!

You have 9 more steps to get that chair @janton! Hahaha

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Congrats everyone! And yaaaaaay, I've moved up in the ranks in engagement league!
throws gauntlet at @ecoinstant and @lyndsaybowes
(Hee hee, just kidding)

You're very welcome :)

Well done for climbing the ranks @phoenixwren! :D

Thank you! ^_^

I noticed your climb! Nice engagement @phoenixwren!!! ....hope you have fast catching reflexes @ecoinstant and @lyndsaybowes!! Careful might have two gauntlets coming back at ya 😀 Heads up!!!! Have a wonderful engaging week e'ry one!

LOL, thanks! You have a wonderful engaging week, too! :)

Lol! You go a day without internet and some sneaky curation trail upvotes two of your posts! I was expecting to move on up a little with the benefit of using Steempeak... But I guess everyone had that particular chemical advantage now!
Congrats everyone for another fine week!

Doh! Damn trail up-votes :)

Do you normally cancel them?

Yeah, I have to manually cancel them... so being away from internet for a day allowed those two to slip in! Oh well, I'm back and home and ready to play whack a mole with the curation upvotes again!

Don't you hate when that happens??!! Congratulations @bengy! regardless of the self-votes haha

Which one! The chemical advantage or the lack of internet?

when it looks like you've self upvoted and it's the damn curation trail that did :)

Felicitaciones a todos los que estan n esta lista, felicitaciones @macoolette, @abh12345 y @cicisaja, un abrazo para todos.

Awesome engagement again everyone! Great effort! Wow! I noticed that too @paulag! Haha, oh the formalities!! Thank-you so much for doing this Asher!! Love looking forward to these stats. STEEM ON FRIENDS 💜💛💙💚

It sucks....might need to revolt lol

Posted using Partiko Android

My pleasure Jill, thank you for taking part!

@paulag did well this week huh, sadly, no prize for my witness partner :D

Asher you know im kidding right, just taking the p a little 😂

Posted using Partiko Android

Congratulations to the ever-dominant @janton! That's just an unbelievably consistent performance... can't touch that!

Also congratulations to everyone else! As @abh12345 points out every week, if we're even ON this list, we're in the top 25% of the leagues.

My ambition for this week is to crack the top 25; we'll see how that goes! I think this will be my 20th consecutive week of doing this.


In a league of his own :)

Quite impressed with my score this past week, I think with the new job i'll be falling some places next time (hopefully to 25th ;P)

Good luck on reaching the top 25 cat!

Ah yes, the new job. I was wondering how that would affect your Steemit time. I guess if you can comment between drinks, you'll still get some mileage!

So far, the best ranking I've had was 32nd (and that was a while back before the competition was quite so fierce), so we'll see. Mostly, it's about finding the time.


Congrats to everyone especially the green team. I told someone it would be so funny if you just let a week pass and forgot the little chart. So many wait for it each week there would surly be an uprising.
Thanks for the prize it helps my little account be not as little. And thanks to @curie for sponsoring.
The holiday and family events threw my schedule this week. May see about getting back to green for the next round.

My pleasure, let's see how you can do with a clearer schedule :)

I don't think I'd be allowed to miss a week without clear notice, the next one could be over Steemfest, and so I'm mentioning it early!

Blimey @abh12345. You're up and at it early this week. And look at you go in the League too. Number 4!!!

Thank you for my spot prize. I love seeing it in my wallet, briefly, before it's powered up.

Congratulations to all the winners and usual suspects.

I'm a little disappointed not to show in the curation league. I've been working on that this week but I obviously haven't improved at it. 😢

I think my voting finger is a little trigger happy. 😁

Have a great week one and all!

Very early yesterday, it may have even been the earliest leagues post yet!

Number 4 is a pretty good effort, and @paulag with her highest placing yet also :)

645 votes with your SP might be a bit too much, and if you are aiming for rewards then less votes with more weight could be beneficial. Wait til you get to 5000 SP I say :)

I'm getting worse rather than better @abh12345. 😂

The last 7 days are now at 667 upvotes. I blame Steem Auto. I swear it's got a mind of it's own. At least it's something new to play around with though so it's all good. 😁

Are you following any trails?

No not following any trails @abh12345.

I'm enjoying trying to work out how it works at this point so have some auto upvoting and still doing a load of manual as long as my voting power allows.

I see.

Well i think you should try to give 3 cent votes, especially to me :P

I do try @abh12345, except for actifit and when I'm using a vote as a marker, but the number values keep changing. although I was working from 2 cents. I forgot that it was supposed to be 3 cents. I'd better make some adjustments.

I was confused with all that conversation that went on regarding the dust level with HF20. Will it still need a 3 cents upvote in order to get paid out?

Hi Asher. Thanks yet again for doing this. I honestly don't know what they eat in Texas but that is extraordinary what Janton does.

I don't know either @cryptoandcoffee, but whatever he eats, I'm guessing by the numbers that @janton's wife must make it and serve it to him because he can't take the time away from here to do it himself!! :)

lol @lynncoyle1. They are ridiculous numbers and need to increase by over 500 % to get close. That is not happening any time soon either.

For you and me both :) Right now, the sun and swimming pool are calling my name; not the laptop.

Go figure :)

@janton? don't you have a big swimming pool? Get your butt out of that chair and go for a swim. Daily. For several hours a day in fact. It'll be good for you!! Right @cryptoandcoffee? wink wink

Wink wink, red necks don't have swimming pools they use the river. Unfortunately @janton won't fall for that tactic. I think his page needs to be sponsored by Red bull or Monster energy drinks.

hahaha the river!!

No kidding! Red Bull or Monster energy drinks or the Energizer bunny with big redneck mags attached to it haha

Do you watch South Park by any chance? THere's a great episode where Cartman doesn't want to leave his computer game to go to the bathroom, so he yells for his mom to bring him a pot the entire 30 minutes haha

Janton LOL

It sure is, I might as well rename the EL to the JEL :D

Gosh...I see @veryspider is running like life. He's climbed to number 5.

And what about @janton? Unmatchable! Looks like he uses a robot to

And wow! Look at me - skyrocketed to a reasonable position unlike last week where I rocked the buttom 3.
Am now targetting top 30. I hope I will get there next week.

A nice rise in your placing, well done @maxijgcomm :D

Howdy sir Asher! thanks again for this wonderful opportunity and thanks also to the great @curie for sponsoring. Congratulations to everyone who worked hard and participated last week especially the great @smithlabs who jumped up several positions!

The other special acknowledgement to you Asher for placing so high WHILE you're working a job! That's the most amazing accomplishment of the week, you should at least be able to upvote yourself.

Maybe in the future i'll reward myself with a vote :)

Congratulations again champ!

You are always unshakeable sir @janton!!

Congrats for maintaining your status and continuing what you love inspire us all!


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oh thank you so much for the kind words maquemali but without you all who are kind enough to talk to me I wouldn't get very far so you deserve half the credit!

Well we got the inspiration from you.. you got us all pumped up to engage more! To engage is not just to earn points to step higher in the leaderboard but as well as generate great friends at the end of our every day..

Posted using Partiko Android

yes Ma'am I couldn't agree more about making friends and working together, this is my first social media site but I bet there's nothing else like it out there!
You yourself are doing extremely well!

Oh really??! You do not have any other social accounts like facebook, twitter and or instagram?!!

Yea Steemit is far more more different from them. Well i have other social media accounts but mostly im active on FB and IG.. but when i discovered Steemit, the world has totally changed 360! Hahaha.. I have been hooked up since i became active here. I have been deeply attached to the community that i became addicted!

Posted using Partiko Android

howdy back maquemali! no I've never been on any social media site nor done any blogging, I'm much too much of an introvert to have ever joined facebook or any of them. too shy.

Really?!! I dont find you quite shy at all.. well you are the legen when it comes to topping the engagement league! And i have seen your posts, they are quite long hahahaha..

Yeah you are truly enjoying steemit better! Here your identity is quite covered and secured..

Posted using Partiko Android

Another great week, Asher. Thanks as always. Congratzzzz to all the Winners. Great to see the jostling and recent shifting in the ranks.

Thank you @angelacs, and for the resteem too! :D

Got my first week on the Engagement League list. Whoohoo! I think I'm going to have to give credit to the @darklands RPG game here on steemit. Not sure if this is good engagement or not, but it certainly has motivated me to participate in responding to more comment chains to roleplay my game turns, and helped get me on the list here.

Everybody on this list deserves my thanks for improving the community here, and for being good stewards and hosts. Keep it up!

Ahh cool, i didn't consider these games increasing replies, good stuff!

Asher i have tried some of these games and this they are a great motivation for curators. Think i will try cover one of them in my monday dtube video

Posted using Partiko Android

looks like things are still mixing in the upper tiers, that is good. My numbers except for place finish, (dropped 6 to 44), have all shown a slight improvement, very slight but better than last week. My vote numbers are back in the 120 range, and I hope to keep it there for the following week. Steem price will recover then I'll be able to spread a few nickels around again. It kind of sucks that as soon as I was able to give my first nickel, prices dropped, but I know they will recover, so until then back to my two cents. Still enjoying it anyway.

Congratulations on another fine finish there @janton. Looks like @lynncoyle1 is all settled into her new place with two new best friends, so I am sure she will be back in the top three or four next week. @headchange a few more of those conversation and you will be basking in the green in no time. @melinda010100 so close touching the green and almost in it, next week who knows. Okay enough shout outs.

It takes time and a little effort, but we all like to chat/type/talk, so is it really work when you like what you do? I hope to get a round a little bit more, but like today was out and about in the nice weather, and having some sun and photo fun. Hope you all enjoy the remains of the weekend.

It takes time and a little effort, but we all like to chat/type/talk, so is it really work when you like what you do?

Hopefully it's not considered 'work' and just part of daily Steeming :)

Cheers @bashadow

Definitely a part of my daily Steeming, and not work, part of the fun.

The low prices do have some advantage. I have been able to more than double my sp since the price drop.
Silver lining and all like that.
Seems like you are inching back up the list these days. Colder days are around the corner for a lot of us. That should be a little boost to everyone's overall engagement. But I have never been here for the holiday season we will see how it plays out.

Hi @bashadow! From the looks of my placement, I'm settled in but enjoying far too much time with all my new furry friends here haha

New places to explore, and new furry friends to make, and you said you have a pool. Even if we had a pool, I don't think we would use it that much unless it was indoors, heated, and had strong windows, to cold, here. I loved the pool we had in California, but not the excessive heat.

We've had rain today, so I've spent more time on steemit, but yes, throw in the pool, sun, furry friends, and my days just fly by :) If you're not a fan of excessive heat, then you would not like it here !!

I had my time of excessive heat, more of a moderate temperature person. But that heat is going to sound good in about a month to me. We already had one bird splash area frozen in the morning, thin dish of water fro them to splash in. But to enjoy a pool you really do need the heat, and I do miss the pool we used to have.

Its not like work at all when you enjoy it 😀

Posted using Partiko Android

No real work at all, people need to see that it can be fun to comment. We are making great strides in the number of comments going out, people need to see that comments are just as important as votes and post. I think that now that we are making strides in the comment department on post that soon we will reach a snowball effect and see the number of comments increase, as they have steadily over the course of this year, or so it seems to me.

I do hope your right. Its a crucial part of the cycle

Glad you are out enjoying the lovely days! There is starting to be a definite feeling of fall in the air though, isn't there? I'll be over to see what you have been taking pictures of!
As I was expecting, I dropped a few places on the list this week. It's been a busy week!
I have been giving away 5 sbi for the past 3 weeks to people for making comments. I hope I am making more people aware of the importance of comments!

We had frozen outside water this morning, didn't last long, but I guess it got cold last night. I think the amount of comments is picking up, that is a good sign of stability coming to steemit.

Congratulations to all!! It has been another awesome week! 😍😉

@janton you are still the man!
@smithlabs you rock!

WW Family we are still in the league!!
@dreemsteem @eveningart @anutu @mimismartypants

Thanks as always sir ash! Great work! We are more motivated..

Posted using Partiko Android

Another good week for the WW family :D

Thanks for the resteem @maquemali and well done on your prize placing!

Yes indeed!...its always been fun to be part of your league. We should have known this before.. hahaha

You're not so bad ranked yourself!
Perhaps you can try to win next week?

Im happy to be included in the top 10! But Top 1, thats impossible for me hahahaha i have two small ducks to attend everyday and a day job..

And besides Sir @janton chair is quite hard to get.. how about you? Wanna take the lead?

Posted using Partiko Android

We could steal the chair @maquemali remember we talked about Our Texas friend I think this is the only thing that would break him 😉😬

Hahahaha how i wish! I got slowed down the past week because i have been travelling and connection was bad!... i cant seem to match uo to the legend! Hahaha how about you?

Posted using Partiko Android

You could sometimes come pretty close. I think I remember that you ended once on the 5th place even with like 16 self votes.

But even then the issue is that Janton basically doubles the score from the third or fourth position. So the gap is really big. I guess he just has supernatural powers 😩😁

YES that was strange I selfvoted the first two weeks of the comp and went from 5 to 22 to number 6 now I dont get it really I am the greenest here 😬👍 but happy !
Any tips??

Not really.
Normally it could help to continue a conversation a bit longer. And reply to a few extra people which you normally never speak. But the distance with Janton is to big to overcome with only a few extra replies.

The only thing that would work is comment for 80 hours a week while typing 300 characters per minute 😁

I think he has a secret power that he wont divulge! Hahahaha how do he even keep up in the game with that huge turnout! Hahaha

Posted using Partiko Android

Of course I would prefer to take the lead. And if my day counts 36 hours then I will be able to beat @janton.

But I think he is a fair winner. Just like anyone else that won in the past.

Yes he is! And its not true that he does not go to sleep hahaha..

I think its a good motovation to keep beating sir @janton in the best we can!

I would gladly have that 36 hours if there is! I needed that!

Posted using Partiko Android

Well done lady!!! Still kicking butt!!

Hahahaha i have missed 3 days.. i was off the grid!

Posted using Partiko Android

There you are, was wondering why you were so quiet!! Lol

Posted using Partiko Android

Was I quiet?? Where have you been?? You have been missed!! What have you been doing? 😀😅

Posted using Partiko Android

Lol i think all the exercise has been catching up with me. I hace bern pretty exhausted!! And also just catching up with real work!! But should be back posting regularly by tomorrow!! There is too much sbi to be won!!!

Maybe i have bern quiet so of course I've heard ftom you less lol!!

Oh yeah! SBI is raining madness tbis week.. i mean its pretty everywhere! With said, i dont even know what to post anymore! Hahahaha

Yes you have been, i think.. haha.. hope you are enjoying your little bumpy ride. How has it been?

Posted using Partiko Android

Lol you dont know what to post?? I thought i was the only one!! Plus i dont just want to churn out content for the sake of it!! Then it just turns out lame!! I'd rather just not post that day if im not in the mood!!

The bumpy ride lol!! Did you imply that pun? Or did it just happen??

Posted using Partiko Android

Wow I thought I was pretty engaged on the platform but I really have a long way to go, nice yard stick for me to improve on! Also thanks so much for the spot prize that’s awesome! I’ve been self upvote free for 14 days now and i don’t plan on going back!

Posted using Partiko iOS

Hey nice to see you here! :)

And one more reason for our no self-upvote challenge :)

Posted using Partiko Android

Thanks, its great to be here!

Lol dude you're post was a game changer for me! My Steemit life is a whole lot better thanks to you!

Whats the blog about I am interested 🤔

lol here’s the article he posted as well as my response

Will you be joining #teamnoselfupvote?

Posted using Partiko iOS

14 days clean, haha, nice one!

Hopefully you can reach a placing that earns you more than self-voting - if not, there is no problem with self-voting - just a small minus score in the table here. Good luck!

Since you don't self vote anymore, you probably have some upvotes for..... 😜😋

Keep up the good work!

Lol well i'm no oprah but i'll give out my vote more freely now enjoying the curation reward life. Gave you a follow so you may see some votes on your upcoming posts

Thanks man!

I was actually thinking about an upvote for the lucky number 25. Then that Steemonian could really call him/her self lucky.

But this sounds even better!
Although I do need to remind you that you should only upvote quality content. And that might be the bad part for me. Since I only create quality shit 🤔🤨

Hey dude, couldnt find you in the list. Hope you are doing well.

Lol i'm one of the purple highlighted ones! The dudes that do not upvote their own stuff :)

Lol..I will check it out again.

hahaha way to go @chekohler!! Once you go clean, there's no going back ... I know!! If you do, it just feels like you wrapped up a present for yourself and yelled "surprise!" when you opened it :)

Lol I totally agree with you and we all here to support one another! You can’t receive if your hand is closed so give, give freely without expecting anything back and you’ll be rewarded! Giving away my upvote has helped me engage more with people and finding good authors and building relationships especially with smaller guys who to then my vote actually means something! Ever since I’ve made this shift my steemit experience has been so much better

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That's awesome @chekohler! It is a complete mind shift ... looking out rather than in !! That's how steemit changed for me too; when I figured that out :)

So nice to meet you today, and here of all places; even better! :)

Likewise, checked out your blog now and some cool stuff on there! Gave you a follow and i'll be all up in your comments section very soon :)

I like meeting steemians now, the ones that are here are the really commited ones who aren't just here for the gains but real egagement. Its also easier to find authentic peeps with the lack of shit posts clogging feeds :) Its really a more fun place to be right now and ive never been more active than right now

It's really very cool to see how — in spite of the sagging value of Steem and various people asserting we have a retention problem — the competition in the Leagues continues to stay pretty hot!

Congratulations to @janton on another exceptional week! I guess you pretty much just compete with yourself, these days? Doesn't seem like anyone else has been able to mount a viable challenge, as of yet.

Thanks Asher, for putting on the show! Hope you new "day" job isn't going to interfere too much with your Steemit time... I'm much in the same boat, although Steemit was never my job, hence I am now down towards the end of the listings.

Meanwhile, hope everyone has a GREAT week!

The leagues are proven to keep people around, hard to say if the prize pool is helping and to what extent, but I like to think the game is playing a part too.

And I also hope that many of the League representatives have a higher UA score based on the work done over the past few months :)

The job is pretty unsociable on hours and so I'm tired, but not without time to Steem, for now.

Cheers @denmarkguy, have yourself a fine week also!

congrats everyone \o/

@janton is KING, yet again !!! COMMENTER EXTRAORDINAIRE~

The Iron Throne remains secured :D

and thank you asher, @abh12345, as always for hosting and organizing <3 <3 <3

Keep up the engagement, everyone ! We'll pull together and create a lively, exciting, and valuable blogging space !

I think the iron throne now has a cushion included too. Thanks @veryspider!

Well That was a surprise! Thank you very much, I was just having fun. A real nice way to open steemit on Sunday today.

This contest is open because everyone can take a stab at it, ROFLOL! Thanks for a fun contest!


Yeyyyy! You were fantanstic this week!! 😍.. i was smiling seeing your name on top 2!!

True this is a fun contest to sum it up.. it feels not a contest actually..

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Thanks, I had fun! I was working on a design in my head, so while I did that, I stayed on Steemit. Still working on it, and the design is beginning to look promising!

So I am still designing, and blogging, so we'll see where this ends up, ROFLOL! But I am having fun!


Wow! You are a machine too!

Hahaha steemit has really consumed us all. But steemit had provided a safe haven for great friends to meet up. So its still a win win situation just like you said.

What are you working for? Is it a new app?

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When we move, I will need over 20,000 watts of 24 volt batteries. I was working on a Battery Management System for this battery bank. BUT, I found a BMS that will monitor eight parallel battery banks, and balance about 500 watts of LiIon power.

It is less expensive than I can build one myself, cost wise. I have a sample coming, and I have modified the LiIon sticks to match. This required a total redesign of the basic battery unit.

I now have a 3 inch diameter PVC tube with a ring of 8 cells in a circle; stacked 6 high. It will have a central open pipe holding the cells into a Battery bank; that will allow coolant to flow through the center.

I will parallel 48 of these batteries, to store about 23,000 watts of 24 volt power; to run my new homestead. I will build one, and test it under load first, then build them in volume. This battery will last at undiminished power for 35 years, and at 80% power for another 25 years, if unattended.


ohhh!!! The power system you were talking about last time about your new house.. I completely forgotten about that. Oh yeah! I have been wanting to see how will the result of it all after you have finish moving.

I can imagine the savings you'll generate after the installation. Its really awesome to have an Engineer in the family. You guys save most of the households problems. hahaha.. except for my father, he went tha opposite. His pride went to his head and he forgott about the importance of family.

I actually dont know what you are trying to explain. haha but it sounds great I just know!! It is like me and the Hubs, like I want to have a cabinet and it is his job how he would acquire one. I dont wanna go to details of how he can get it or make it. But the design was from me, that was just my contribution.. and the hows is all in you MEN in the FAMILY.. hahahahaha

Im pretty sure Miss Debbie is soooo excited with the move!

Best case, I save money, worst case, the grid goes down, and I will still have power! It will be enough to run my whole house, including the heat and air units, lighting, the refrigerator, and the Freezer.