A SHOUT OUT to those asking to join @STEEMITBLOGGERS

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The @SteemitBloggers Community

is a discord community of individuals who are dedicated
to producing content which adds value to the Steemit platform.
We are also focused on supporting our fellow members
and their growth on Steemit as well as offering support to those struggling to stay afloat.

Thank you to my partner @zord189 for this lovely intro clip which we use to welcome all our new members

Would you consider yourself a DEDICATED Steemit blogger?

(and with that term, I mean the following...)

You take blogging seriously
You are committed to your growth as a blogger
Your content is 100% original (no copy, paste artists please)
Your posts have depth and substance
You are WILLING to go the EXTRA MILE for your fellow members

We are a close knit community of individuals,
each with our own strengths, passions and input,
yet each and every one of us
is willing to do whatever it takes
to support one another!!!!

Speaking of support -

Aside from our exceptional member support, we also have a wonderfully MOTIVATING collaboration and every single day (Mon - Fri) two of our members receive a complimentary upvote from @Appreciator

So, in summary...

it is an AWESOME platform to meet other bloggers,
chat, learn, engage, share content
and get consistent support,
not only on your posts but for YOU as a blogger!


If you would like to submit an application to join our community

then please hop on to the BUS STOP


and you will be directed from there...

NB: This is NOT our actual community server... it is an intermittent stop for application processing. Those who are accepted into the community will be contacted directly via DM once their application has been approved.



First things first, let's make one thing ABUNDANTELY clear.
We have a ZERO TOLERANCE policy
for spammers, scammers, plagiarists and the like.
So to all the "chancers" out there...
don't waste your time reading any further -
because you will not even make it over the threshold.

When I say we are a community of
I mean that in every sense!

The only people who will stand even a remote chance
of walking through our doors, are honest, authentic, original,
enthusiastic and dedicated bloggers,
who are willing to become an ACTIVE and DEDICATED part of our family.

This is however not limited to any specific category,
so whether you are into photography,
creative writing, tech, vlogging, whatever...

If your content is original and is of a good standard,
you will most certainly be considered.

NOT everyone who applies will be accepted,
so no whining please.

Oh, and as mentioned above...
this is a Discord Server Community,
so if you are not willing or able to be active on discord,
then please don't waste your time or ours.

Looking forward to seeing all you FANTASTICAL STEEMIANS at the "Bus Stop" :)


Until next time...
Much Love from Cape Town, South Africa xxx

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Steemit Bloggers

Oh, and if you wanna meet the
wannabe photographer in me...


Upvoted and Re-steemed @jaynie

Your doing a brillint job. Keep up the great work.


Thank you for the support!!!! MUCH appreciated!

holy cow!! what a great post and amazing intro video @zord189!! beautiful work by both of you, thank you for putting me in the video, how cool is that?? 🌷

@eaglespirit hehehehe!!! Is this the first time you have seen it sweets? It is AWESOME!!! And cannot thank ANYONE other than @zord189 for that - he is the shizznizz!!

admittedly being not on a lot for approx 2 months has me behind in things. i went snooping around today 😛😆
i think i was led here by Karp ... 🤯

the Z-man is totally IT! ❤️

oh sheet 30% of me is only a penny dayummmmm so sawry, hope you have @dustsweeper ‍♀️

Life happens hon xxx but glad you got to see @zord189's skillzzzzz ;)

not sure how the female sign got into the above comment but thats badass !! yes Z is it, if you dont blink i can see myself in the Marvel one too ... amazing work! 😂😂😂😹

Not blinking is my specialty hahahahahaha!!! (comes from endless years as a designer lol)

Thanks @jaynie and @eaglespirit for the shizznizz compliments :)

And YOU are the bomb diggity!!! MWAH!!

I may have just enough bandwidth to resteem this

Thank you very much @wales! Much appreciated!

Thank you @jaynie for doing this. A great group from what I have gathered. And something that anyone serious with blogging at Steemit should get involved with.

I have been involved withe #thealliance for awhile now so I have been busy with that but this also looks great too !!

Perhaps we will see you at the Bus Stop sometime then @robertandrew :)

Sounds like a cool group, heh.

Amazing! What a great video! Good job @zord189 :D

I do hope others join. Are we allowed to tag people on here?

Go for it hon!

Woohoo! Ok So I think that @aloha-creations would be great here, also @paintingangels and @yidneth, @eonwarped, @maverickinvicus if they aren't too busy. Ok I gotta go through my list and see ^_^

Whats this all about? I was reading the post and unstand its a group on discord.. whats the group about? Ive seen so many grouos that say the same thing but seems that i get lost in the large fish pond lol. Foxy are you with this group?

Sorry I haven't gotten back to you in a while. So many things happening, just when I thought things were slowing down. My bad.
Yes I am with this group and it is amazing! There is great support, great people to talk to, awesome helpers and really is the place to be. Tomorrow I will message you the ins and outs about it.
Honestly, without a doubt, you'll love it :D

D.a.n.d.a.y.s..... hmm? 🤔 nope! Don’t see it.

Oh I didn't know you wanted to be a steemitblogger!!!!!! This was quite some time ago. @jaynie, think we could add him? He is an AWESOME person to add. Trust me, he will do better than me even... I hope? :p

nice article

A fun post on all levels.

I'm totally with @traciyork on this one @steemitbloggers! What an awesome community, and I'm so proud to be a part of it :) I also appreciate your high standards in terms of quality control @jaynie; it may take a bit more work, but the end result is totally worth it :)

Happy Sunday :)

Thank you so much love !!!! And yes I agree too!!! Best community in Steemit no questions 😎👌

I was just discussing with another group I belong to, your vetting techniques before allowing entry into steemitbloggers and we were all agreeing that it's worth it to take the time to clean ours up and be a little more selective when it comes to membership. It really does make a huge difference, doesn't it?!


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