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@ReviewMe! I'm @bengy!



About Me:

I am a professional musician who specialises in Historical Performance Practice (otherwise known as Early Music), playing Violin, Viola and Viola d'amore. I had also completed university studies in Physics and Theoretical Physics, so I retain a huge interest in Mathematics and Physics as an incredibly interested amateur.

On Steemit, I am a co-writer for @musicapoetica, an Early Music orchestra based in The Netherlands and also help with the #classical-music community with the community account @classical-radio.

I just like to write about a wide variety of topics, basically anything that catches my fancy. I enjoy learning new things and ideas that challenge my own world view.


I am an Australian living in The Netherlands.

Contact Info:

The easiest way to get hold of me is to leave a comment on a recent post! Or via discord (I go by the same name!)

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Bengy has brought a depth to my Steemit experience that is more than I originally expected. Although I write about science mostly, I have musical skeletons in my closet. By following Musica Poetica and friends, I am also deeply moved and enthused to feel a kindredship shared by musicians with scientists and mathematicians.
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Thank you very much! I'm glad you have enjoyed the music that the orchestra has brought here!

I really enjoy watching you play as well. Although recordings of period music are easy for me to find, I rarely get to actually watch the musicians. Such groups are only found in American cities with significant cultural resources.

And they say a harpsichord sounds like "skeletons having sex on a tin roof" 😉

5 cred stars I'll post stars...Iots of stars :) I love the mixture of your posts, you have such a variety. The help you give to others no just in PIF but in otherways and ask for nothing in return.

I love the new picture.

Thanks! You also do a great job as well, I have to start reading through the reviewme tag when I get a chance... let's see who is there!

@bengy I need to do that. I've seen a few that should be interesting. This was just a great idea @kaliju

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% stars from me . You see the beauty in this world and share it with others on all platforms

Thank you very much!

The new banner image is very cool!
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@bengy is a five star performer in the music arena as well as on the Steemit stage :)

Thanks, I have you to thank for that!

You need to get that printed on a shirt and wear it when you go on tour :D That will definitely get people talking!

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If it wasn't for @reviewme I wouldn't have discovered your profile on Steemit. Love the work you have done so far and looking forward to more amazing content. Keep up the great work my man!

Thanks! This is a really decent way to find other good Steem blogs!

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