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RE: Pay It Forward Entry - Week 24

in #curation3 years ago

Here supporting your post @bengy, into our Pay It Forward Community's weekly curation contest.

I really liked these two choices and have supported them both, as well. In the short time I have, I just want to express my appreciation for your efforts to find under-supported new Steemians.

It is a lot of work, but for a good cause - building a healthy, thriving "middle class" here inside our "Steemisphere."

All the best to you, moving forward, as we all work together to add value to our Steem blockchain!

P.S. Really enjoyed finding out the Champ, @janton, also posts. Great story teller!


Thanks for supporting them! I was also surprised to see that @janton audio posts I thought he just replied to comments all day!

My pleasure @bengy. I appreciate your faithfulness to put these together. I'm working on it myself, but time is always against me ...

And, yes, janton apparently gets far more enjoyment out of comments, but he's also a pretty good storyteller.

Have a great day!

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