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What is @rewards-pool?

Rewards pool is member based vote bot with a twist. 8 members will be randomly chosen out of the Pool each day and receive a 100% Upvote from the @rewards-pool account. In this post you will read everything you want to know about @rewards-pool, how it all works and our game plan till the first 100 members.

Our Mission

To help big and small accounts alike. Whether your a whale looking to put some extra SP to work or a minnow trying to seek out a fat upvote rewards-pool can take you there. With enough membership and support we can make this upvote go from a big splash to a tidal wave


To start we are securing a 10,000 SP deligation for opening day. It is our hopes that through curation and @rewards-pool post payouts we can greatly increase this. The goal right now would be to secure a 20,000 SP deligation within 3 months hopfully sooner. It really all lies in how much support the @rewards-pool community gets from its members. If you want to see those upvotes get even bigger please Upvote the @rewards-pool post daily.


I crunched some numbers at current prices on May 7th. Now keep in mind the payouts can flucuate as the price of steem goes up or down. This would be the very conservative figure as I did not add in the curation or the @rewards-pool post pay outs that will all be converted into power and/or used for deligations. With that in mind the upvotes from @rewards-pool should be a bit higher than what is posted below. When we are able to secure the 20,000 SP deligation the Upvote figure should rise a few dollars. As far as the odds go that will stay the same.

MembersOdds Of SelectionUpvote

What is the "Dry Off" period, how does it work and when will it take effect?

The "Dry Off" period was created to give everybody a fair shot and increase the odds for members that were not selected in the previous day(s). Essentially members that were selected for upvote get taken out of the pool for a specified amount of time based on our membership level (View the table below for more info). Below are some key points of the Dry Off period.

The Dry Off Periods Will Not Take Effect untill We Hit 40 Members

After being selected for an upvote your spot is taken out of the pool to "Dry Off" and give others a fair chance at being selected.

If you have multiple spots only the spots selected will be removed from the pool and put in the "Dry Off" period. The other(s) remain in play.

After we have 100+ members the Dry Off will be reviewed by staff to see if its working and/or needs adjustments.

MembersDry Off Time
401 Day
502 Day
602 Day
703 Day
803 Day
903 Day
1003 Day (Subject To Review)

How to become a member

To become a member and get in the pool you have two options.

  1. Deligate 250 SP to the @rewards-pool account. You can do so via this link

  2. We also offer a monthly membership for 10 Steem per month. Send 10 Steem to @rewards-pool

Each 250 SP deligation or 10 Steem per month gets you a spot on the list which is used to pick the daily winners at random. Each member will be allowed a Maximum of 4 spots in the pool but may only receive 1 Upvote per day from @rewards-pool.


● You must be a member by deligating 250 SP or sending 10 Steem monthly to @rewards-pool to receive an upvote.

● You must have a post no more than 3 days old to receive an upvote upon your account being randomly selected In the daily drawing.

Why Is This Worth it?

@rewards-pool is great oppurtunity because with every member the upvote only increases. Using the "Dry Off" period insures that even with increased membership the odds of selection still stay at a good level. From launch this will statistically be a good deal with our minnimum 10k SP deligation base and member deligations but you throw in our plans for growth this can really snowball into something huge. We hope to see you in the pool on launch date May 18th.


Join us on our discord channel for all the latest news and updates for Rewards-Pool via this link:

@rewards-pool Brought to you by @raybrockman and @pit-bullion


gotta get to that 250SP

You will get there sooner or later buddy

not too far away =)

And 💥BOOM💥 goes the dynamite!

Ohhhh yeah

Took me a minute to find this post again. My Steem will be sent over by weeks end. Thanks for this @rewards-pool!

Cool man. Glad your gonna be a part of this

I am in! Delegation complete!!

Awesome man. Your support means a lot to us

Let me know what else I can do!

@pit-bullion and @raybrockman I love the People that keep STEEMIT Real. Thank You for @rewards-pool ......

And thank you Stok!! I love seeing all my friends support.

I'm in! I just delegated 250 steem! Very cool what your up to @rewards-pool!!

Thats great to hear. Glad to see the support from the guys with big reps. Thank you

Good concept. I like it. Any options for smaller delegations? @ironshield

At the time no. I like the idea but it would make things a lot harder to handle. My goal was to keep it pretty simple.

Thank you, I'll keep on this. Possible delegation next week. @ironshield

Ok I'm in!

Great! Thanks elvis

this is great investing sir and thanks for sharing this, this is something new to me.

Thank you. Really means a lot to hear that. Put my heart and soul in to it

i will always follow you for your work.i am like your activity.
keep it going!!

I am in like stink on the b3ar !!!!!!

😀 I think thats a good thing

I'm down.

We are glad to have ya harley!

OMG!!! It’s one of the coolest ideas I have seen on this platform. I love the fact that you have the same chance to win as a whale. It will hopefully bring some fun and interaction to the @ssg-community. I totally think that this will be a very successful venture and a great shot in the arm to the community. Thank you for your life altering post, raffles, silver pours, and knowledge.👍🏼🍺🥓

Thanks Stackin. Worked really hard on the numbers. My goal was to create something that I would want to be a part of. It worked!

May I send the 10 steem now?

Yes indeed brotha. We appreciate early membership so we can have it all together by launch 👍

10 steem sent. Let's go to the moon!

I am in!

Glad you could make it Mrs V!!!

I'll play along for a month. See how it goes

Lets not lie to ourselves. Your gonna be hooked after a month 🤑🤑🤑

i have to learn a lot of things from you...
be continuous sir...

You will be seeing me in the pool soon my friend haha love the tying off analogy 🤣I'm using data at work right now and just commented on your last post about it. Upped and resteemed this one as well . Good luck my friend it sounds awesome 😉👍👍👍

Would abosoluteluly love to have ya karen. Hope ya make it

I have never delegated steem power before not sure about that. if I do it will drop me below 500 and I will lose my slider for upvoting. I just don't have much steem power right now after powering down most of it when I was laid off. I'm working full time now but struggling to catch up still. I might send 10 steem instead if I can make it back in upvotes. I'm just not making enough right now on Steemit so its hard to decide what to do. Sounds like a great idea though !!😀👍✌

If ya want to keep that slider maybe ride out a month with the 10 steem and do the 250 sp deligation next month

Awesome. I think I want to get in on this.

Would be great to have ya hope ya join

Just sent over the delegation. Anything else I need to do? Exited for the project.

You are all good my man. Thank you

I'm in, just delegated 250 (but it sent 249.995... is that a problem??)

This seems like a great initiative.

Oh I think we can let ya slide 😂. Thanks for joining

You had me at had me at steemsilvergold...delegation done

Thanks man. As you know me and ray are both in SSG but this is a completely seperate venture. Just for the record 😀

I'll play along for a month.....

Sounds good 👍

I'm so happy to know about this.. Thank you very much.. I'm completely in and Loyal.. Once again Thanks

Great. Thanks for the support

Sounds like a neat idea but I barely get in a post per week the way I do things so my chances are more than halved.

Yup. Definitely for active members that post 2 or 3 times a week. Step it up kerris 😀

drat I don't have enough hours in a day, I come home I'm already falling asleep on my keyboard.

Sounds like an interesting initiative guys, lots of great bots showing up around steemit. I’ll start saving up to join you fellows.

You got a 4.95% upvote from @postpromoter courtesy of @raybrockman!

Want to promote your posts too? Check out the Steem Bot Tracker website for more info. If you would like to support the development of @postpromoter and the bot tracker please vote for @yabapmatt for witness!

sounds pretty interesting i might get involved, goodluck! :)

Its gonna be fun. hope you can make it

Is the steem delegation every month !? or just the 10 steem.

So the deligation just stays with us as long as you want to be in the pool. Its a one tine deal and you can take it back whenever you choose. The 10 steem is monthly. Deligation is the way to go if ya got it.

Awesome thanks for the extra information ! 👍✌

Interesting. Gonna do a bit more research before trying it out but seems like a cool idea.

Ok, I'm in!


That's a great idea.! unfortunately i do not write too much at the moment. But i will certainly come back to this!

how can i get that buddy

Wow how come i just found loving this.Many thanks man

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