The Best of @ahmadmanga in August 2018

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The best of my posts from the last month. Most are Gaming Posts But I write Short Stories so I have one this month too. This monthly series is made to my organizing post for new people to see what I write about since I write for more than one niche even though lately I just write gaming posts.

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Like the previous month I was still hyped about Final Fantasy!

In July I mostly wrote gaming posts, usually to related RPG. In August I played and wrote about Final Fantasy VIII, with various levels of analytical thinking. I also joined @steemGG and put a game there. Finally, I made a contest about that game and found out about Steemit Steam Marketplace @dGameShop.

All of that took from my storytelling time.

When I heard KHIII release date I got so excited! I wanted a PS4! Right now! Someone I know IRL bought one himself. Seeing it played it action and actually trying it, made me more willing than ever to dedicate great posts to the community!

You can check my posts of this month below,
I'm going for a new look, if you read my previous monthlies please tell me if this is better!

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This Month "Procrastination Simulator" is Playable on @SteemGG!

My Contests This Month

Post Image/Link -> Description
Vist my Games Shop -> Give Suggestion -> Get Prize Money!
Ends at 5th September! On this contest you have to find comment suggest about my games store something that earn you points, all entrants receive equal portion prize (Payout + 1 STEEM + %20 of Games Sold.) Read the rules and you might win prizes.
Procrastination Simulator: Typo Hunt & Suggestion Challenge!
Ended on 28th August. On this contest you have to find typos or suggest something that earn you points, all entrants receive portion prize (Payout + 1 STEEM) proportional to their points.

Final Fantasy Posts

Post Image/Link -> Description
Game Review: Final Fantasy VIII (Steam Version)
This is my Review of Final Fantasy VIII, The least spoiler post about the game from me. If you like RPG gaming, Retro gaming, Nostalgia or just want to check it out. You should read it
No One Can Live Alone, We All Need Each Other
Using a quote from FFVIII, I talked about how people need to have stronger relationships. We all need each other. Squall was broken: "I don't want to depend on anyone. How can I do that? Someone tell me... Someone? So I'll end up depending on people after all." How many of us resonate with that thinking?
FFVIII: A Leader's Dilemma (Thinking While Gaming)
Using one scene of FFVIII, I described how leaders always have tough choices to make, and if you're role-playing, what does it feel to make those decisions? I tried to spoil as less as possible so I recommend to read anyway.
[A Game Experience] Final Fantasy VIII Nastiest Enemy
My gaming experience against one powerful rare monster in Final Fantasy VIII, the post is a good read for jRPG lovers but I don't think a casual gamer can enjoy it. Check it put just for pictures though. It took time to choose them (lol.)
Final Fantasy VIII - Garden War & Squall Speech!
My Entry to #archdruidcontest "Emotional Game Moments" & my most Spoiler heavy post about FFVIII. I talked about all the feeling of playing a leader of a military school going into an actual war. The article is coupled with a voiced Video of Squall Speech on that war by an awesome team of voice actors.
Related But Not August Posts Are Below
My Journey With The Main Final Fantasy Titles
A nostalgia article about my life with the game series. I played FFIV when I was young, I discovered FFVII and was the first FF I finished in my life, I played most of them but don't have a device that could run the recent ones.
[Game Review] Final Fantasy IV
The game I finished before starting FFVIII, It's the game that I think represent Final Fantasy vision the most and while the Steam ver. I reviewed isn't the best FFIV in my opinion and feel inferior NDS version. It's still quite good!
Playstation 1 Games of My Teenage Years
"PlayStation 1 Games of My Teenage Years" is one of my oldest posts on steemit, but I talked about how I played FFVIII before, I love this despite my bad writing at the time. If you want some Nostalgia fuel check it out!

Gaming Posts

Gaming is my main niche, and this month I played some games other than a Final Fantasy! In general, I specialize in narrative-based games like RPGs and Visual Novels. While I don't tag them as such anymore, I have a series of #ThinkingWhileGaming posts. In which I talk about some interesting aspect I find in games!

Post Image/Link -> Description
[My Dream Game] Concepts/Ideas for my Dream RPG!
Entry to #archdruidcontest "My Dream Game". I talk about my ideal RPG. I talk about the importance of the setting and the characters and also the battle system. We need more turn based games in our future. But, we can't sell that to a multi-million audience, do we?
[Visual Novel Review] One Last Chance
Here I review the Visual Novel "One Last Chance." while it's short I think it deserves the price just for the voice acting, I loved hearing Tara's voice and choosing different options to go for a different ending. Realistic but charming game.
Freedom vs Safety, Do Animals Don't Mind Living in Zoo?
A thinking while gaming post. Freedom vs Safety, Do Animals Don't Mind Living in Zoo? using Go Go Nippon scene as a reference, I disagree with Akira's conclusion but I loved that scene so much I wrote about it.
You Don't Have to be Perfect
Another Go Go Nipponpost. This time is a character study for Makoto the perfect Onee-san. She IS perfect in my opinion because she IS flawed. You don't have to be Perfect.
Procrastination Simulator - What was updated for SteemGG ver.
In "Procrastination Simulator - What was updated for SteemGG ver." I talk about the changes between my earlier version of the game and steemit exclusive ver. at some point in future, I hope to have a universal version better than all of them!
Member rant: What is a Unique Game?
This is a gaming post but I didn't write it for me, rather to the @opgaming group. I got some help from @ddrfr33k while writing this. What's a unique game? The discussion here is interesting!

Writing/Story Related Posts

Post Image/Link -> Description
FiftyWords: Mommy's Lemonade
A story about an ill child and lemonades!! My only #fiftyword entry this month, sorry @jayna I wanted to take part the other three times as well but I was always busy procrastinating.

Other/Misc. Posts

Post Image/Link -> Description
I Am A 'Lone Wolf.' But What Is a Lone Wolf?
My overthinking about the term and how I prefer doing everything alone, this post is a prequel to one of my FFVIII posts. And also it contains public domain pictures of wolves. Who doesn't like the wolf?!
[Review] dGameShop: a STEEM Platform for buying/selling Steam games!
Review for @dGameShop: a STEEM Platform for buying/selling Steam games! I like it. You can ask its owner, he goes by the name fervi on @OPgaming Discord. and will answer your questions.
I WANNA BE PERFECT!! ~How I Feel Right Now~
Two videos form TFS Dragon Ball Z Abridged and how they relate to how I felt that day, "I WANNA BE PERFECT!!" is another perspective from my other post "You don't have to be Perfect."It's also my Anime post of the month!!

@ahmadmangazap SteemHunts

I joined #SteemHunt with my alt account this month, haven't got used to it yet and I have more time dedicated to my posts/contests. But love it for now!

Product Hunted
8BitDo SF30 Pro
Nacon Revolution Pro Controller
Tales of Vesperia: Definitive
PS4 Pro: 500 Million Limited Edition
Spider-Man Limited Edition PS4

Do you like my posts? Is there a way to improve myself?
~ I love reading my readers comments so I'm waiting for you ~

A Special thanks to everyone who entered my life and made it better
Thank you @opgaming, @steemgc & #archdruid communities!
And hopes for a better September!

All images used are taken from sources mentioned in their own thread. Most of them are made using screenshots taken by me. The PS1 Picture is a public domain one from a wiki page. Some images are taken from public domain image listings. KHIII link in an affiliate link.
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So I'll make me comment here and not on the OPG discord, for the æsthetic reasons of course. Regardless, this monthly leaflet post is very compact, organized and flashes what each post are if someone had missed it per chance. Also the descriptors are nice if someone can't view it right away but can inform them enough if the post is worth a see. Anyways, to answer a q you hoisted in the OPG Discord: this format looks æsthetically better and can definitely work for small-medium length lists. (Maybe smaller images and you can make the list even bigger or have bigger descriptors!) Anyways, obligatory rubber stamp is obligatory:



Thanks for the opinion, and yeah I'm thinking of using smaller images but want to highlight the description for the game, maybe even add links to trailers but that's like adding steam link so sometimes I think what's the point?


You always could find a YT link to the game, though that would be a lil’ more time consuming.