[40 Steem In Prizes] Contest: Emotional Game Moments

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This is the second and final week to post an entry into Emotional Game Moments contest if you have not already in week one. This contest is open to everyone. We encourage the most hardcore gamers among you to even the causal to join in and have some fun! Perhaps even share an emotion!



Games cause a wide range of emotions on the gamers who play them. Perhaps you were playing a hardcore character and he died due to lag and not your own inability to play that game. Maybe you were exploring a new world where you came across an insane looking waterfall and wherein awe over it. That one night you were alone deep in a cave mining away to have a cave monster sneak up on you. Remember that amazing plot twist that just sunk your heart in a storyline? These are just a couple of examples tell us about emotional game moments you have had.

This is about gaming in general and it could include: card games, board games, puzzle games, and video games. It could focus on you in general as a gamer or be more targeted towards a game that leads up to that emotion. It could be a break down in decisions by friends, guilds, alliances, developers, game mechanics, lore, and so much more about a game that caused emotion. These are just a couple of examples so don’t feel limited to just these when sharing with us. We look forward to reading your entries!

Requirements To Enter


  • The entry must be a written post. It should not exceed 3k words.

  • Use #archdruidcontest as the first tag. The rest is up to you to choose. Here are a couple example tags you could use: gaming, game, game genre (i.e boardgame, fps, rpg, adventure, survival. . .), story, writing, contest, the emotion expressed in your post (scared, happy, sad, anger and so on. . .)

  • Post your entry in the comment section below. It must be a Steemit link. This is the final week to get an entry in. If you submitted your entry in the first week no need to do so again.

  • No repost of old content from on or off steemit.

  • Only one entry per person.

  • No plagiarism and please cite sources if applicable.

Not Required But Welcome

If you wish to help spread this contest so more can join in and have fun. Please consider upvoting and/or resteem the post. Liquid rewards are put towards the next contest. Also, consider showing support for other entries that you find amazing. Thank you.



There are three judges in total to evaluate the entries. This includes two guest judges (@marvel1206 and @ejgarcia) that are at least rank Gamer or higher in the Archdruid Gaming community and me (the contest host).

We will be judging based on but not limited to the following: quality, effort, it factor, emotion and, uniqueness.



  • First place: 25 Steem
  • Second place: 10 Steem
  • Third place: 5 Steem

Thank you to our sponsor @curie

Contest Close


  • The contest will close on Monday, September the 3rd at 4 PM Eastern Time (UTC -05:00).


Written by @enjar on behalf of Archdruid Gaming.

The cover image was created by @yosuandoni. Screenshots were taken from a game called World of Warcraftby @enjar.

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well done my friend, very nice

Alright, it's time for me to start writing my entry.


I hope so! I thought you already started!!!!!!


I had been collecting images and thoughts from my friends but now I got it all set up, so it's writing time now!

Ah, thanks for the reminder! I have a few games in mind that really moved me!

Here is my entry into the contest! I enjoyed a lot writing it! here

Damn... this took TOO long, way too long (also figured I hadn't upvoted and resteemed the contest yet... Hmmmm I'm getting old and forgetting things)
Well, after collecting my thoughts I finally managed to piece something that isn't half bad. Link below:

I'm sorry I late to create the publication to participate in the Contest.


But Here it is, I hope it's entertaining @enjar :D

I'm not entering but I did repost it so others can know about it. :D


Hehe a few are struggling to write this one. It's fun to watch! Some really great once being summited. So glad we give everyone two weeks. This is the second week and they are finally starting to roll in. Going be tough! Thanks for stopping by and the resteem.

Well after spending several days trying to write I was finally able to finish, a part of my story as a gamer.


I finally did it!!! here's my entry for the contest, I hope that you enjoy it a lot and laugh and cry and says OMG WTF?! like me haha https://steemit.com/archdruidcontest/@ilazramusic/legends-never-die-my-league-of-legends-experience-emotional-game-moments-contest

I did it! Here is the last entry!!!! (And the best one ;) JK LOL... (????) ) I won some points today after beating my procrastination!



omg I wasn't the last one, lol


There was one more after me too!

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Hi @enjar, first off cheers for the contest, had fun going down memory lane. And here's my entry:


As of 4mins ago the contest has ended we are not taking any more submissions.