[Thinking While Gaming] No One Can Live Alone, We All Need Each Other (FF8)

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As I played Final Fantasy VIII story I was moved with all sorts of emotions. One of the most relatable scenes is the one quoted here.


Squall is a complex well-written character, I get why some people would hate him, at first he seems the example of brooding/emo hero character. But the more I think about him the more I find him desperate for connection but afraid to try, his personality is cutely weak (despite being a great leader!) and surprisingly likable because of that.

WARNING: Minor Spoilers!
Nothing that could hurt your enjoyment of the game.


I'll be first to admit I'm here because of other people.
But I'm fine by myself now. I have all the skills I need to survive. I'm not much of a child anymore.

That's a lie.
I don't know anything. I'm confused. I don't want to depend on anyone. How I can do that?

Someone tell me...
Someone? So I'll end up depending on people after all.

--- Squall - (Second Disk.)

"It hurts so much to love and then part away."

Because of his sad upbringing, squall was realist. Raised in a military school from young age, he learned everything about how to deal with fighting, he choose the hardest weapon to master the Gunblade. (which is actually a real thing) But he was never taught to be a person... Just a tool for mercenary use!

Squall had a bad childhood, so he developed a self-defense mechanism that made him a lone wolf among the group. I wrote a whole post about human lone wolves and the description is basically Squall's personality.

You see the quote above? That's what I think too sometimes!

I was just like him... Always thinking, rarely doing anything. I still made some achievements in my life, like... uh... I did some, OKAY?! But those were the times I acted first, thought later. Nothing went according to plan.

I don't really have 'real' friends, maybe one or two from college. But I have many people I care about, some I know personally in Libya, many are from steemit and other platforms on the internet. I care about them so much that it hurts me sometimes. That's why I'm afraid of having friends.

I want to be your best BFF (Best Friend Forever)
To be there to help you and care about you more than anything
I can't have a shallow friendship.

So I cut myself from the world, I missed so much but I was glad I never dragged anyone down. Only in recent years that started to change because I realized connections with people, even far away can benefit us both.

Both Squall & The Old Me Were Wrong

"I know.... But what?"

I said this already in my Lone Wolf post. You can do many things alone, and avoiding people because of fear is one of the saddest offenses you can do to yourself. I know that now, I know I must change. I will rely on people more. A recent experience made me realize that more than ever as I worked with @ddrfr33k to create this masterpiece. Squall is afraid from losing people, I am was afraid of having friends and the pressure of letting them down can do to me.

we must overcome that fear,
we must fight our way through!!

"It's the only way we can move on."

Even squall changed through the course of FF8, he learned to depend on his friends more. Subtly, gradually. They helped him save the world. He might not be the best person. He might be a child in adult body like some people I know. Now, after he learned he can't fight alone, now he's truly the hero of his world.

At least he found love... Right?

Squall prefers gir L-- Lions!
I prefer Wolves.

Thanks for reading this post!

Do you like Squall? Do you like any Final Fantasy character in general?
What do you like of them?
If you have any comment, found any typo (I'm not native English speaker.)
Send it here. Waiting for your comments!

All images are screenshot from Final Fantasy VIII (Steam Version.) Taken by me.
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Great post! anyone that makes anything final fantasy viii related deserves an upvote!


I know! Right? Hopefully more to come!

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Fear of failure is a powerful motivator, but usually in the wrong directions. Both Squall and Zidane in Final Fantasy IX learn that having friends is an important aspect in life. It's good to have people that you know will have your back.


Yeah, usually in the wrong direction, I learned that's my case. I'm slowly (very slowly) working on making it better!

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Sh-poor Squall, at least he managed by and got to be more than what he was previously. Complex characters like Squall, are not only the sum of mere parts that play off each other, but are also: the contradictions and desires that exists in one, how they play off each other, how they get resolved and the wholeness that makes their Subject that's more than the sum of the parts. Your reporting of this character is very lovely and highlights master-signifiers, like the Lion, that he clings unto that definitely helps us see how each other part of his Subject works in conjunction with each other and how they play off each other that maintains his character. And your personal touches helps inform us of him than detract from him.


Yeah, I relate to Squall too much, he contradicts his thoughts and actions in a way that seem consistent with itself. To everyone in the group he's the only dependable leader. But he's actually has weaknesses and only late game he learned to accept that and move on in his life.

Hope to touch on that too in my review of the game.


We can see mirrors of ourselves in others, even if they aren’t physical mirrors.

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i love this game! really interesting post!


Thanks I have a whole series of posts about this game. By the way I also have a contest, if you wanna check my post and add suggestion you'll be an entrant too~