Playstation 1 Games of My Teenage Years

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This is more of Nostalgia post than a Review, I'm talking about my experience more than the games themselves. This is the third post where I talk about PS1 games I played and liked, you can see games I played as a child in Part 1 and Part 2.

Salam (Peace)

I talked a lot about my childhood in the previous posts... By the time I was 15 my PlayStation didn't work as well as it was a child, my cousins had a PS2 and we visited them a lot. but that's another story..... Still the games I played when I was aged between 15-18 are the best of the PS1 and I played them the best because my English at the time was the fairly good!!

The PS1 image is public domain taken from Wikipedia, all covers are taken from and they're owned by their respective companies.

Resident Evil 2

I choose this over Resident Evil 1 and Resident Evil 3 (which is better game-play wise) because I have more memories with RE2.

This is my favorite Resident Evil game, and the one I spent most of time on... it comes in 2 disks and depends on the one you play first there are various differences... it's the first Resident Evil I understand the story for... Leon and Clair are very likable main characters in a world full of zombies.

My brother, my cousins and me.. spent around 2 weeks trying to get all the games secrets.. because we heard that if you completed the game ranked S you unlock another character.. it was hard because you have to complete the game in 3 hours without saving... but we did it once and didn't unlock the character..... I still don't know if the rumors we got were wrong or if we were the ones who did something wrong!!

I don't remember much from the actual story of the game, but I'm sure I'll remember everything about a place as soon as I see screenshots!! because we repeated playing the game more than 20 times... a record for me.

Chrono Cross

I talked about Chrono Trigger in Part 1.... I first heard about Chrono Cross from my cousins they said that there's this game where you play different character every time you start playing it.. and they said they are stuck 2 hours into that game.

I played it in their house, and found out they were stuck in the training level because they couldn't translate what they have to do... Wow!!... I read the character name "Serge" as "Seraj" and was happy because they used an arabic name... didn't know how stupid I was to not notice that Serge is a western name.

But the game itself is amazing... the story is so deep it's confusing (yeah, every time I played it I understood it differently and there's a whole website that explains the story and answer plot-holes).

There are many characters each with their own mini-story... About 45 player character but you can only get around 35 of them in one play-through meaning there's some replayabilty here ... The battle system was very good and different than anything I played before... There are many times we got stuck in this game due to being an old RPG it's not clear about what to do next.... but with the help of walkthrough we played the game and reached 2 of its endings. (and 3 more in "New Game +" mode but those are achievable from the start of it).

One thing amazed is the time you play the game in the villains body, your old friends become your enemies and you have to get new friends to find how you can turn back.

Final Fantasy VIII

I won't talk about the famous FFVII that I love story more this one is closer to the modern day.... When talking about characters, I feel VIII is more personal...

The hero Squall is messed up, for some reason I felt related to him... he overthinks and don't know what to say when speaking and very awkward.. he hides that by being strong and lone wolf but deep down he desires friends.

The gameplay is a traditional RPG and I can say the GF system is broken (Guardian Force, not Girlfriend) but the game is still enjoyable a lot... There's also the touch of the past as you play as someone named Laguna for few and then learn that he's someone from the past whose story is related to how..

When I heard about Spectrum Crunch (a real-life theory that suggests the wireless connections will be full one day) I remembered this game for some reason...

I liked this game a lot and bought the Steam version to play it again in the near future!!

Driver 2

My first GTA experience...

I played this game in my childhood (I should've posted in in part 1 or 2) but I replayed again in my final playstation days where I completed it... This game is good and made me love car games for a little while... At first I didn't play the game as I was supposed to... I always get a car... break it... go out of it and look for another car.. yeah, the normal GTA play. It was fun for a while....

don't have much else to say about this game...

Monster Rancher 2

I played Monster Rancher in my early teens.... and was great.. I watched the anime series (in Arabic) before it so I thought I knew what was going on but.... No. the game was different from the anime and took me a while to get used to it.

The ability to put disks inside the Playstation and get in game monsters from it was a very amazing idea!! I couldn't believe the consol can do that until I tried it!!... Putting the same disk always gives you the same monster... I tried to put PC disks in it but those didn't give me monsters so maybe it has to be a PS1 game that should be put in?... that's a great!!

I never completed the game, not the main story even though I was close (it's not long but you probably will take a lot of time to get used to the game, to even think of tackling it) and not by breeding monsters (I think the game has +300 monsters) or cards... I regret a little that I didn't finish it.. but I'm happy that I spent +100 hours on this game.

Monster Rancher is a lot different than Pokemon and Digimon that was always being compared to.. so much that I don't think it should compete with them because it has its charm points. I wish they revive this series!!


Spider-manSpider-man 2: Enter Electro

These were two games I liked in PS1 and they are the second and third best spiderman games I played (the best was Spider-man: The Movie for PC.. I didn't play many of the real best spiderman games).

For me Spiderman 1 was the better of the two, maybe because it had Venom?! I loved Venom... there was a period of my life I was a Spiderman fanboy... it didn't last long but I loved that time a lot!!

I wanted to complete the two games with every secret possible which took a long time from me and my brother and we maybe completed %80 of it before giving up... the game had a lot of collectibles some found on hard places.....

In case of Spiderman 2 you get a poster for each boss you fight for each difficulty, and because of that we played the game in all difficulties even the very hard one and winning that was a real challenge.

Metal Gear Solid

This was one of the latest games I ever played on PS1 and I'm happy that I played it... This game is one of the best in both story and cinematics... I remember a lot of good parts and some things I still quotes till day "I live in the moment"... I was very sad in the Sniper Wolf part..

MGS is the first stealth game I played... and I couldn't believe how fun (yet how punishing) it can be... while I think Assassin
Creed did the stealth part better.... it can't have the same artificial stupidity of Metal Gear Solid. and that Box you can hide in!!

I played Metal Gear Solid 2 shortly after this game and both were amazing.

couldn't find source but it's a meme (no one cares)

That's it... though I still have some games I played but never mentioned... I don't think I'll make a part 4 for this topic.

I loved the PS1 and I still think it's the system that got the most of it's capabilities drawn by games... Thanks for sticking with me in this series of posts... I loved writing it so I hope you enjoyed it.

If you haven't yet, check the previous part where I talked about lots of games, Spyro, Tekken 3, Pepsi Man, Disney games... and one of my favorites: Dragon Valor!!

For now please tell me what you think in comments below, and lets meet again with another topic...
I'll probably go back to writing game reviews and my #LearnedFromManga series soon...

Salam (peace)


I loved Resident Evil series. Brought back memories. I should play with my cousin a lot.

Resident evil 2 was the scariest game I play in my life. I remember when i was afraid to continue playing but I did not have the courage to go to stop the game and I was terrified without knowing what to do, hehe :D

Metal gear solid is one of the best game ever. I have never play another version of Metal Gear, just don't like them.

And Drive.. so many hours with this game... :D

Very nice post again, and so much memories. Thanks :)

Thanks for reading... glad that you played MGS and loved it... and very glad thar RE2 was this scary for you (yeah, it was scary for me too but not as much as RE1 and after playing it for that number of times it became less scary for me).

I remember driver idk if it was the first or the 2nd but i definetly remember playin it as a kid on my computer i think it was one of my first games i dowloaded

In the first Driver... you can't get out of car even in the story mode....

The story mode of the second Driver game has places where you need to change cars.

Yeah i think i playd the first one i dont remember walking around much i just think there was a yellow car not sure

Chrono Cross is one of the RPGs that devote more time in the console, its music is impressive, I love it

yeah, I shouldv'e talked about it's soundtrack..... it's the only game that I downloaded some of it's music from the internet.... the overall mood of this game music is sad.

LOL :-D I loved FFVIII the most out of all of the Final Fantasy games. FFVII was a little overrated but still pretty badass as well with the Chocobo racing and breeding. I loved how cool Monster Rancher 2 was since you could insert just about any kind of CD and get a monster out of it.

no way you forgot to mention syphon filter that was my best PS1 game

Didn't play it enough to have memories about it.. but I think my brother finished the game with my cousins. dor PS1, there are less than five games that this happened (brother and cousins play alone)... one of which I don't even know it's name.

Lol power of the oldest, back then you only get to play when they are not around or when he is bored and need a single player

Haha.. yeah... though I was the oldest and we always take turns to play... it's just that for a while, he spent the summer with my cousins in their house.. and I spent that summer alone. I played PC games while he played PS1 (and PS2) games that time...

Ahh, those are some good games on that list. I didn't play much of Spider-Man, though.

Did you ever play Parasite Eve or Xenogears? awesome games. (Xenogears was originally intended to be Final Fantasy VII)

No I didn't play them.. but I heard about how good they are... I wish I could play them one day.

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