I WANNA BE PERFECT!! ~How I Feel Right Now~

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Declaimer: Before you upvote. Know, I don't own these videos.

Yesterday I was down, there are many things I wanted and didn't know how to reach them. It doesn't help I'm so much of procrastinator that I created a whole game about it. So yesterday, and half of today, inside my head was a mixture of both these videos.

This videos is clipped by the Youtubers Dracul228. & Rock
They're originally from episodes 36 & 50 of TFS DBZ respectively. Not from the original Dragon Ball Z

Remember my "You Don't Have to be Perfect." post?

That's something I literally have to remind myself of, everyday! because I always strive for perfection and kindness and I always mess up!! Because I'm only human... I have to remind myself "You don't have to be perfect." but my heart just won't accept this simple thing.

So, here I am, screaming "I WANNA BE PERFECT" inside while my actions, laziness, not doing what I'm supposed to do and being a burden on my family sometimes (which is probably just in my head.) All scream "YOU'LL NEVER BE PERFECT."

But it's not all bad... This post is supposed to be funny.
It's to remind us all, that we don't have to be perfect.

Life will always hit us. Like how Vegeta kicked imperfect cell in the face in the second video. But we all live on. We all get up again, and we all laugh at our failures later.

So try your best to be the best person you can be,
But you don't have to be prefect!

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I wanna! I wanna! Wanna! :D

Good post mate. Feeling in perfect can sometimes have impact on us but you can't be 100% perfect... You are not Cell right? :D


Well, that's fair.

you can't 100% perfect... You are not Cell right? :D

This that good anime content. I feel the same way, so it's twice as fun seeing someone reference DBZ.


Thanks, I know some people few the same way, and who wouldn't love seeing Vegeta & Cell screaming like angry children? "I WANNA I WANNA I WANNA."

I feel better after writing this post.

I should have thrown at least one Mary Sue joke there. They are too perfect it make them look bad.