[A Game Experience] Final Fantasy VIII Nastiest Enemy

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Here I talk about some experience I had with a monster necessary to quire one of FFVIII Guardian Forces.


No Story Spoilers

In Final Fantasy series, there's a lot of recurring elements, there's always a man named Cid, and most of the games have a chick-like-creature called Chocobo. There's a recurring enemy in the series, famous for his nasty attack: "Bad Breath." This evil plant is named Malboro. After some cigarette company.

One of the items only Malboro drops in Final Fantasy VIII is needed to acquire one of the Guardian Forces (GFs which are basically Summon monsters.)

Squall is dead... That's a good start!

This monster is rare. I needed to read a guide to find it.
And the first time I fought it....

What. just. happened?

Bad Breath is actually very strong magic/attack it has a chance of affecting all your characters with most bad states: Silence. Blind. Confuse, Berserk, Slow, Poison and maybe more. There's a chance to have all your characters get into all of these bad states at the same time.

If that happenes

That's... Disappointing...

I only defeated the plant by using what I learned about the Magic Junctioning. ST-JUNCing huge amount Berserk magics to a character defense against the state. Ensuring at least one of my characters will keep his sanity at the calamity and use Remedy on the rest. Farming them wasn't easy but worth it.

This strategy didn't come to me naturally though. I lost in Bahamut side-quest so much that I was forced to experiment with magic Junctioning. Collecting and creating the best set of magic to defend against his one hit kill attack. I accidentally and proudly achieved the Maximum HP in the game in my quest to do so.

Squall Max HP here is 9999! YES!!

So, returning to Malboro. The monster plant has the maximum HP of the whole non-boss monsters. Since it only lives in areas accessible only in late game Malboro's the most troublesome non-boss to hunt because of its rarity (though when you actually defeat it, the items drop rate is high.) Malboro has the biggest mouth in FFFVIII and It even has Tentacles! (so lewd.)

I like the self-imposed quest of Malboro hunting. The item it drops is necessary to complete Quistis blue magic list & for the GF Doomtrain. Also, the bragging rights if you're able to defeat it at level 99! at that level, it might compete as the strongest thing in the game! (Probably not, there are super bosses in FFVIII.)

So this is my short article about my experiences with this nasty enemy. I wrote a similar article on one of the bosses of FFIV. If you want to read more Final Fantasy VIII posts here's my review and how I relate to Squall. If you want to read more about Malboro here's its wiki post.

All images uses screenshots a taken by me from Final Fantasy VIII Steam Ver. The 3D render of Malboro is taken from the wiki.es
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A lot of work on this enemy. Remind’s a YT channel called GameXplain that did investigations of enemies just like yers but in video format. Resteem’d.


Thanks for the resteem, I'm sure this monster was examined a lot in all formats!! Fighting it unprepared is suicide!

By the way, you might like my recent contest, you'll earn an entry even if your opinion is that it's not good.


Will check on it when I can.

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Can confirm the yuckiness of the Malboro. It's a nasty creature.


Glad someone confirmed my confirmation!! haha~

Wow, serious dedication required to beat this guy! I wonder if anyone would have been able to do it pre-internet, without looking up guides and hints....


Yeah, I remember when I were little I was playing the games for the sake of it not for completion or anything, I heard there were printed guides released by the developers for those things but not sure.

Games of the old were released with many secrets that took years to be discovered, I respect dedicated fans who mastered their games to that extent!

By the way you have to see my recent contest, I think you'll like it!!


Oh yeah, I remember the printed guides... And the codebook and other assorted bits and pieces that went with it! It was a pretty primitive firm of drm, but it was fun!


Haha, yeah I agree... Steam DRM is fun too, Im only worried about future. Not present.

It was a pretty primitive firm of drm, but it was fun!

Certain enemies in the game are really challenging but its an enjoyable adventure nonetheless, especially since its to complete the GF collection :-D


Yeah, totally agree!! Nothing like seeing your GF set complete, I still don't have Doomtrain nor Eden, didn't have the time for them this play-through. (Maybe I can still get the items for Doomtrain now but...)

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Ah the Malboro, I try to take it down ASAP before it releases it's breath. It's never a fun experience to have all debuffs known to the FF Universe piled up on you.


Yeah, one of them might be fun... Most of them? Silence coupled with blind and berserk?! Please God NOOOOOOOOOO!

It's never a fun experience to have all debuffs known to the FF Universe piled up on you.


Stop status is the worst. 😨


I agree, and if it hit all of your alive players.....

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