Play Splinterlands for free and earn rewards

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Play Splinterlands for free and earn rewards

If you want to play Splinterlands a.k.a. Steem Monsters and do not want to pay for a starter pack up-front or you want to have another deck of cards to play with, we want to highly recommend the Steem-Monsters Stables to you. But first things first again. You will find all details below.

And if you consider buying a starter pack, we would love to see you do this through our ref-link, so my son can purchase even more cards on his own from us telling everybody about it. It is

Our stables experience

If you play a Steem-Monsters Stables (SMS) deck, you are going to have three Splinters. So even when two Splinters are not available in a particular battle, you have one Splinter to choose from. When we first considered playing with SMS we asked for my son‘s favorite three Splinters.

We're interested to step up for my son (8) to play.
If he could cast a wish, it would be
to employ specific splinters:
a) Dragon, b) Water, c) Earth

Our wish got heard and the next day we received a POSTING key for employing our deck. We have not even noticed that we received gold foil cards in the beginning, because they are only shown in the collection when deliberately chosen.

01 2019-04-05 v03 staples summoner with gold.gif

My son became imidately exited when he discovered some speacial cards he has only knows from his opponents so far. These where in the following order:

  • A Ruler of the Seas,
  • an Air Elemental level 2 with Range Attack of 3,
  • a Cromatic Dragon,
  • a Spineback Turtle level 4 with special ability Thorns and
  • an Angel of Light.

02 2019-04-05 staples account cards.gif

And so we started battling with an account some previous user battled with before, having only 235 points. We had our first battle with great victory, because it had been a winning streak already, and only when choosing our cards for the frist battle we realized that we have 18 gold foil cards at our disposal.

03 2019-04-05 staples anchestor.png

This is our first battle against @matty-ice

04 2019-04-05 first staples.png

And lots of gold foil cards to our surprize

05 2019-04-05 staples 18 gold cards.png

130 battles and only two days later we had been in Silver I leage already

06 2019-04-08 quest paused for gold first.png

and hoped to claim the next reward being in Gold III, however missed it.

07 2019-04-08 claim in still in silver.png

Another 20 battles later the same day we touched Gold III leage with a marvelous battle. Here you can see the strength of this Ruler of the Seas legendary.

08 2019-05-12 final battle into gold.png

With our next daily reward we had already been dropped back to Silver I, yet the season reward was going to be 22 cards still. We had our first Bronze Tourney this day as well, though got defeated very quick after 2 losses.

Our daily rewards had been quite average, with some exceptions from time to time like this epic Devine Sorceress.

10 Screenshot at 2019-04-15 v02 sm-rules daily reward.gif

We then had a 4 day break ...

09 2019-04-14 sm-rules daily reward in Silver I.png

... and another 4 days later we had our first season reward with the stables account. Yeah!!

11 Screenshot at 2019-04-16 10:35:16 sm-rules 1st season rewards.png

12 Screenshot at 2019-04-16 10:36:49 all 22 cards.png

The next season we only reached Silver II with a season reward of 15 cards, yet we took the challange to play tourneys more often and won our first price at a tournament. This time we got defeated in a Bronze Tourney round 4 with 16 players left against @hansgans, meaning 1 STEEM reward for the running season. Congratulations to @hansgans! You may review the whole tourney at

13 Screenshot at 2019-04-29 09:00:08 sm-rules tourney checked-in.png

14 Screenshot at 2019-04-29 14:20:45 sm-rules prize payout.png

Our season rewards with 15 cards had been even better than with 22 cards in our first season.

15 Screenshot at 2019-05-01 22:01:13 sm-rules season reward 15 cards.png

And so the story goes...

Playing with Steem-Monsters Stables

If you want to play with your deck of stables cards, go to Steem-Monsters Stables Discord , or if this is not available anymore look for a newer one i.e. at /steemmonsters/@rentmoney/free-to-play-steem-monsters-bronze-account or at /@rentmoney.

Make sure you have your own steem account before the end of the season for receiving your share of rewards. The easiest way I know for getting your free steem account is Even though I don‘t have to say much good about steemhunt, this is what I like about it: Presently you get 15 SteemPower delegated to every new account that are not going to be undelegated when you earn your very own SteemPower (like it is with steemit accounts). And there is no waiting peirod for having access to your new account.

If you buy a Splinterlands Starter-Pack at you can choose to have a free new steem account created with it. You can choose an existing account, yet I do not see how this is an advantage, but playing Splinterlands with your existing account name.

When you have your account, make sure to read through all the details about permissions by logging in at

And if you want to play ranked battles and earn rewards with your own account, you still need to buy a starter-pack at, but you may do this with your earned rewards after some months of play with your Splinters from Steem-Monsters Stables.

Please come back for more.

PPS: And please be inspired to upvote/comment/resteem. We really enjoy to make the peanuts till ring until it's all gone (keyword Voting Power) [1]. If an article is already more than 7 days old, please visit the author and upvote some current comments or articles.


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