Two Stonesplitter Orcs retaliated each other, both dying still in the first round

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Two Stonesplitter Orcs retaliated each other, both dying still in the first round

My Prismatic Energy (PE) defeated three cards due to the fact that my opponent @crip-toe-joe selected pretty much the same team as I did. However my opponent's ranged attacking Javelin Thrower could not do anything against my PE after our two Stonesplitter Orcs retaliated each other, both dying still in the first round.

Screenshot at 2019-03-30 17:51:34 stonesplitter orcs both died in first round - photoshooting take 6.png

That alone has been a stunner. You may see this for yourself [1]. Both got attacked before without giving response. And they both only retaliated when they attacked each other. And that was about it in round 1.

It then took Prismatic Energy 15 additional rounds unlit the fight was decided.

My lesson from my opponents choice: Put a ranged attacker with higher attack power behind a weaker one, if it has a minimum of 3, 4 or even 5 health. With a mana cap of 18 not to many sniper or sneaky monsters may be expected. This will turn around the result to your advantage.

Nevertheless, if one of the two Stonesplitter Orcs would have retaliated earlier, the battle would have gone off much different.

We hope you liked this little exercise.

So, please come back for more.

PS: It took me six takes finishing the #photo #shooting for the above screenshot. This alone had been great fun. If you are looking for a Steem Monsters battle photographer, let me know. Maybe I'll be on @steemgigs soon. ;-)


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  ·  4 months ago (edited)

I have sent you a card. I hope it has arrived. I will send you more. The game is probably not for me.

Greeting @ bigrobi

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