Steem-Multiversum: What if we are travelling on different planets? - Linking of articles and comments without colonialization*

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Steem-Multiversum: What if we are travelling on different planets?

Linking of articles and comments without colonization*

How do relative links actually work? So far I link everything to But if I read with or, I like to stay there if I follow a Steem link. So why should I force other people, if they like it differently?

Let's try this right now! You make a link by Markdown with these square and round brackets [DESCRIPTION] (LINK), without naming the domain, but including the introductory slash: /, e.g.


... and this is how it looks like behind the curtains:


I also took some tips from @ginabot, what frontends existed besides the ones I know so far.

Screenshot at 2019-04-14 12:26:33 preferred platform choice.png

... and then it looks like this, if it is not linked relatively. Apparently not all of them work. But every single one is worth an excursion!

I've seen others before. And it was already helpful to me, when was not available at times.

Others you know, that are not yet mentioned here, add in the comments section, please.

I hope you enjoyed this little space trip.

Please come back for more.

PS: Please be inspired to upvote/comment/resteem. I really enjoy to make the peanuts till ring until it's all gone (keyword Voting Power) [1]. If an article is already more than 7 days old, please visit the author and upvote some current comments or articles.


[*] Title und picture selection are inspired by Eric Frank Russell ... And Then There Were None (Astounding, June 1951) and [..] the novel The Great Explosion based upon it. (1962) (Source, Text-Find)

[1] see also our contribution We ran out of RC - Resource Credits 101 from 03/16/2019

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