Our second *rated* internal monsters battle

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01 Screenshot at 2019-03-14 18:26:20 steemmonsters second rated internal.png

Our second rated internal monsters battle

After we already ran out of RC [1], we have had our second rated internal. We struggled with publishing new posts, yet playing was still possible every other hour or so. In the meantime, next to @luegenbaron's portion [1], we even had our secord steem power (SP) delegation without asking for it. However, we want to thank @prinzvalium for the generous loan of 50 SP to get started even smoother: It is nice to actually see an impact when upvoting your endearing comments.

This time I do not want to make it a secret who won the battle like I did last time [2]. This time I want to share the fact that my son may had a lot of fun, yet without achieving anything as far as league, quests or cards are concerned.

02 Screenshot at 2019-03-15 09:32:24 steemmonsters anjadani history.png

As you can see in the graphic he came down from a ranking of 675, nearly being in Bronze I, with 539 points right before our mutual battle, still at a higher ranking than me.

03 Screenshot at 2019-03-15 09:30:33 steemmonsters anjanida history.png

And as you can see in this graphic I have never been that high in ranking. Just when we had our second battle I not only took the win but did outdo his ranking for the very first time. And without even coming near to outrun my RC. (Though I have in mind that his RC ran out because of three(!) of the blog posts we were already doing at that time.)

Yet it is not that I celebrate the victory over my son's steem monsters. It is that I celebrate every anticipation of him outgrowing my ranking many times over.

So please come back for more.

You can review the battle at


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