His sister, only age 5

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His sister, only age 5

As I mentioned in a past episode [1] we had another internal, however it was not a rated battle. Once my son wanted to play, I quickly suggested for him to start his own account - me not sharing my collectables and ranking. 😉

Yet my daughter was next to claim some cards for a battle. This time I was not that fast in setting up another accound. But I let her play with my cards in practice mode.

My son quickly suggested to give it a go together and simultaneously look for an opponent again. This time in the practice arena. And there you go! I guess it has been that easy because less player are practicing - at least at the time my two went into the battle queue.

Guess who won! His sister is playing with my account.

We hope you leave a comment on how you guessed. And we hope you had a little fun with this blog post.

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