One photo every day: I did cheat a bit with these stars. (250/365)

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Hello, I'm still here while it's a bit late.

I just finished a long run of editing...

Yeah, in @apsu's moon shot comments there was some discussion about compositing images together to make it look like the stars were visible behind the moon, so I decided to create something like that.

Moon and the Stars
Moon and the stars

Camera body: Canon EOS 550D
Lens: EF 75-300mm ƒ/4-5.6
Focal length: 300mm
Aperture: ƒ/8
Exposure: 1/160 s
ISO: Dual-ISO 100+400

While the stars are quite real, they were so dim I had to lighten them up many times before they were visible, and still they looked pretty awful and small. I also had to get rid of much of the noise so there is a possibility many real stars disappeared and some noise ended up being stars.

I also had to composite two star images together to get more of those visible stars instead of distant dim galaxies and stuff, so this sky is completely not real. The stars are taken from two positions in the sky. I couldn't shoot the ones on the moon's path, because there was too much light pollution to the South of where I was. I had to shoot North and East to get visible stars.

While shooting East, I noticed something peculiar:

Look at the bright one and the smaller one below it.

Camera body: Canon EOS 550D
Lens: EF 75-300mm ƒ/4-5.6
Focal length: 110mm
Aperture: ƒ/8
Exposure: 2.5 s
ISO: Dual-ISO 400+800

Could it be those are Mars and Venus?

I zoomed, and got one of them but I could not focus, as it was just too far away, and the focusing on the 75-300mm lens is awful. But it does look like a planet.


Camera body: Canon EOS 550D
Lens: EF 75-300mm ƒ/4-5.6
Focal length: 300mm
Aperture: ƒ/8
Exposure: 2.5 s
ISO: Dual-ISO 400+800

I'm not sure, but to the plain eye, and even before editing, the dot looked red to my eyes. I had to desaturate the stars somewhat because there were a lot of different coloured dots that looked like stars, noise or something that needed to be turned into whitish to fool the eye to think the stars in the moon shot were real(ish). I couldn't be bothered to make an unedited copy of the shot.

I'm starting to slow down as I'm getting more and more tired as it's closing 3am.

Anyway, here's the today's close-up of the moon:


It came out beautifully! Simply beautiful... Although I still think the lens could be a bit better. Am I wrong, or does it seem like it's not a full moon anymore but waning already?

See ya!

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It is a very nice picture. How much does a camera like yours cost? To start what brand do you recommend ?.

  ·  last year (edited)

My camera? Well I guess you could get a camera like mine for anywhere from 50 € to 350 € used, cheaper if you are lucky.

My advice is that if you are really interested in photography, practice with what you've got and save money, until you've got enough. Then get yourself an affordable camera body with a good range of lenses available. (Doesn't really matter what brand it is as long as there is a good lens selection available.) You will often get a cheap kit lens with it, but it's also advisable to invest in a good 50 mm prime. You can find those from 50 € used to 150€ new.

If you want to shoot the moon on a budget, a Sigma 70-300mm seems to fare pretty nicely against a newer version of the Canon EF75-300 I have.

If you are serious about star photography I have no experienced answers as what to invest in, only guesses. I'm thinking of investing in a 150-600mm lens might be an option. What brand exactly I have no clue, but I guess the prices can vary from 1000€ to 3000€ depending on the quality of the glass.

And then there's this:

Canon EF 1200mm f/5.6L USM for just under 100 000 €

One can always dream, right?

Anyway, choose a good lens, not just any lens. Keep in mind that there are lenses for full-frame cameras and crop-sensor cameras, and while the full-frame lenses work with cropped cameras, the reverse often doesn't work and you will end up upgrading the lens if you ever upgrade the body.

As you learn to shoot photos, you'll come to the point where you may eventually want to upgrade the camera body. At that point you'll probably already know which way you want to go and invest in a camera that suits your needs as a photographer. And the lenses you've already acquired will likely work with the camera body you choose. If you go from a crop sensor camera to a full-frame, you might have to upgrade some of those crop sensor lenses too though.


It's not that expensive, only a little above 100,000 €, We can afford it.
If we invest in bitconnect.

Looks like you finally got the shot after many tries. Good job

At first, I thought that it could be the ISS but it's definitely not after looking at the picture. It might be Mars but I don't know


You should have done something like this if you really wanted to manipulate the picture :D I drew in more stars



I knew you have an artistic soul, Now it's almost perfect :D
I wish there was also a space ship.


You know I had to do it :D Now there is a spaceship

spaceship moon.png

  ·  last year (edited)

Okay, I'm packing up my baggage.
Taking my favourite bunny and 1000 barrels of Nutella.
I'm ready for the flight!


Me too. This picture actually looks kind of cool


Ohmygod they look so real! XD

What can I say... To the moon! :d
That's the place where all of us who closely linked with the world of crypto will appear soon.

Thanks for educating people about how you are photographing. At least to me, it is new and interesting. :)

I like your full moon photo, it turned out great! Very sharp and looks professional. It might be that the moon started to get smaller but it is actually for the better because you could capture the roughness on the right side very beautifully.

  ·  last year (edited)

It gives the impression that I could touch it, this is great, I really like your style of photography,

Puedo usar tu foto?, para un post, claro que te colocare, como referencia de la fotografia,

It looks like a full moon to me and I agree, it came out pretty well @gamer00.

Good photos, the moon is impressive, the universe is beautiful:)

I love the last photo, i can appreciate many details and corner of moon :). Regards

That could be Mars. Maybe Snickers I'm not sure... Just kidding. I like the idea of putting stars there so photo can be presented as a real human experience/sight. Have a nice day and great sky investigation at night - @tonac :D

Wow! That one turned out to be stellar !!!

Are stars meant to only be one color? I see them as shades of red and blue with but a whitish overlay myself.

Never am sure if its a star, galaxy, planet, or UFO though. lol


Yea well I just didn't like the colours, they looked too much like noise. ;) But yes I do get your point.

  ·  last year (edited)

This is awesome man.. not many people can do it.. and as for the query, only an astronomer can get you the answer if it is mars. Did you happen to stumble upon north star? May be if you can identify it, it will help you know that the star / planet you caught was indeed mars or not..

I would just lay on the grass and observe the night sky.
Seems all of us are dreamers inside. I wish that moment would last longer.

The moon look so amazing, it really looks with great definition, the previous ones also looked good but you should always try to improve and that you achieved everything in life is a process step by step, great work I love the stars are very difficult to spot, maybe you end up take in astronomy as a new interest.

I wouldn't call it cheating! Its just expert editing skills :p.


expert editing skills

Thanks! :)

Can’t be of much help with clearing up the subject of whether this little star is Mars or not but I do like the new close up of the moon a lot! It does look like a proper full moon and you can see the rough edges of it. Great shot! They are getting better!

Friend, thank you very much for taking your time. I am currently an amateur. Unfortunately the prices here in Argentina are much higher than those in Europe. Unfortunately they are imported products and end up being very expensive. When I have the possibility of traveling abroad I will try to buy something. And when it's a whale here I'll buy "Canon EF 1200mm f / 5.6L USM" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. (Dreaming costs nothing) -

Probably it's a planet! Can be Venus! Sky is unlimited and amazing! You capture it well Jaro!


The photo was beautiful

Yeah! The moon started to wane in Friday 2nd March! I could never capture the stars even though I could see many stars in the sky! The photo of the moon is very detailed!
Amazing how much time you spent to capture the moon and stars!
Couldn’t imagine what you would do if you suddenly capture a UFO!?

  ·  last year (edited)

If someone could explain the mystical effect of the Moon, the one that exerts above all, plants, animals and people, it would be fantastic! Good Photo Man!!


mystical effect of the Moon, the one that exerts above all, plants, animals and people

You mean gravity?

Good Photo Man!!

Thanks! :)


That's right, the gravitational force exerted by the Moon has an effect on the ocean that causes the tides, you knew that the Moon is smaller than the Sun, but that it influences the Earth more times in its effects.

its sharpness is incredible- it seems simple,But if he had a job, to achieve that- and you think it could be venus or tuesday?- if it looks pretty big but in my ignorance I think something more is needed

regards jaro I will always repeat this-you are a good photographer

schöne Fotos
Guter Post
Der Mann im Mond fällt mir dazu ein!

Hey friend very nice photography ,
You are looking space photographer

It's so far that is why it looks like a star just the NASA microscope can see it.


Which it? And that isn't how microscopes work.

if you got lens that are more like telescope im sure you can capture more of it.

Hello Friend. Spectacular photos. Pay attention to the moon. Look, if not, as if you had scratched a cat. There is like a crater and lines that come out in directions as a light does when it shines.

May be mars ?? Or may be aliens spaceship :D :P who knows 😅, that’s quite catchy thing next to moon 🤔

@gamer00 i never ever seen such closeup of moon.first time i see so closely
great zoom impact great work :) i also don't know in above picture it's mars or venus but i must say one thing whatever it is it's look like star

@gamer00 - Sir you said you cheated to stars :) But I think you tried to capture their cheats :) Look Sir some of them are not real stars, but they pretend as it is :) Nice photo shots Sir... You camera made a perfect photography of night sky...


Moon with star this pic is very nice , nothing clear about mars pic . Thanks jaro

oww..wonderfull picture
& sweet moonlite

Thanks for this wonderful picture
When I saw her I took a picture of the moon in the meantime with my phone


informative post

Really your are professional photograoher
Mr @gamer00
Good luck

The moon that is like a white sport . It is beautiful .I take a resteem.

Beautiful moon.

wow beautiful shots, all your moon shots looks so attractive and beautiful especially that zoom and close view of moon is simply awesome. Stay blessed

Well I do like the photographs !

and the stars do looks pretty tiny yet visible though !

What a wonderful artwork, the time and the way you design this is amazing

@gamer00 The moon looks truly magical accompanied by the stars. Congratulations for sharing these photos. Successes

Really excellent post.Amazing photography.
Thanks for sharing.

Wonderful photography in childhood i used to think I'll go to moon but now i know that this is not

  ·  last year (edited)

Very cool picture. Your writting interested me so much in those planets. Your pic on the moon was so zoomed that i got scared you discovered some aliens

Wonder informative post....i appreciate it...nice one...thanks for sharing and post....

exquisite .
I was amazed to see it

those stars will go to the moon before crypto do. impressive photography @gamer00


Full moon looks amazing☺