Merry Christmas @steemitboard . . . thanks for your continued badges and success!

Happy New Year!

MERRY CHRISTMAS @steemitboard, you already have my vote as a witness.

Thank you for your unfailing support @deisip67. Merry Christmas to you.

Merry Christmas @steemitboard thank you for visiting, updates and connecting throughout the year, that in itself is a present to all.

Thank you for your kind comment @joanstewart. Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas @steemitboard!🎅🎊🎉

Merry Christmas @steemitboard!!!! 🎄

Thank you @silvertop. Merry Christmas to you and your beloved!

Merry Christmas @steemitboard and all Steemians

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Merry Christmas @romanreign

Merry Christmas to you🎄🎁💐🎊

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Feliz navidad para todo el equipo @steemitboard #steemitboard
Prospero año nuevo les deseo desde Venezuela @yorsezapata

Merry christmas @tennesseeshadoe!

I can't get the challenge to pull up what was/is it?

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It was giving you a badge if I'm not mistaken. Lol. Might show up on your next post.

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Ok.. Just seen it and didnt know lol

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