INVITATION: Collaborative Art Journey..."Aspects of Existence" No. 30 -- This is your invitation to Collaborate! Whatever your expression, BRING IT ON!

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30!!!! 30!!!! 30!!!!

Yes! 30!!!

The Collaborative Art Journey is now on its 30th round.

110 ArtiSTeemians have participated in making over 535 images already,
now we're doing it again!

We gained 9 new artists on our last round entitled  "Slice of Forever", making our community stronger and more prolific than ever before.  Invite your artist friends to join us, and we will help support and expand the arts here on Steemit.


It's time now to play again!!!





DEADLINE  Wednesday, January 10,  2018 at Midnight CST.

*~*~*~*~*~ DETAILS FOR THE NOOBS! ~*~*~*~*~*~

1 . INVITE/COMMENT/UPVOTE/RESTEEM this post and others too - but only if you want to!
2.  USE MY OFFERING  as the base for the collaborative piece.
3.  TRANSFORM IT as many times as you wish! - Print the image or do whatever it is you do to add to/or alter it, (i.e., including but not limited to painting, drawing, adding other photographs, collaging, altering it digitally or however you wish . . .or perhaps even adding a tune, poetry, a story, a gif, a video, a book, or other imaginative play.  
4.  MAKE A POST ABOUT IT (not required but of course preferred)  to share your process.
5.  MAKE THE FIRST TAG OF YOUR POST  #CollaborativeArtJourney, then #art (and of course any other tag that fits your finished piece).
6.  SHARE YOUR LINK in a comment below.
7.  DEADLINE  Wednesday, January 10, 2018 at Midnight CST to be included in the FINALE post.
8.  PAYING IT FORWARD  - I will be donating rewards from this post to our cutting-edge community @gardenofeden where I am a full-time volunteer. I encourage you to check out our Christmas post - Twas the Night Outside the Garden of Eden.  We think it's hilarious!
9.  POST IN THE CHATROOM  "Art-Collaborations-Links-and-Creative-Inspirations".   Other collaborative works are also welcome there.  Please use this chatroom ONLY for collaborative work.  No individual posts please.
10.  GRANTING PERMISSION - Important!!! --  If you play you grant permission to have your art used in some other way (perhaps a show, printing them, making a gift of them, or otherwise at my discretion).  Credit will be given where credit is due. 


Thanks for coming out to play.  
I'm excited for your inspired creation to shine through!


Print  exhibit at ArtAtSteemfest in Lisboa.
Video of our 473 masterpieces shown at ArtAtSteemfest
Steemian Collaborative Art Journey - What the Heck Are We Building?

Finale of Slice of Forever - 23 artists and 30 masterpieces
Finale of Spot On - 22 artists and 24 masterpieces
Finale of Frozen in Time - 15 artists and 23 masterpieces
Finale of Division of Unity - 11 artists and 17 masterpieces
Finale of Expansion - 14 artists and 16 masterpieces
Finale of Ribbon of Hope - 17 artists and 18 masterpieces
Finale of Reflections of a Blessings - 15 artists and 23 masterpieces
Finale of Tangled Webs We Weave  - 23 artists and 27 masterpieces
Finale of Power Spirit   - 23 artists and 26 masterpieces
Finale of Life Stands Still   - 18 artists and 29 masterpieces
Finale of Ingrained - 18 artists and 17 masterpieces
Finale of Beyond the Veil - 18 artists and 19 masterpieces
Finale of Sliver's Edge - 12 artists and 14 masterpieces
Finale of Shadow Mandala - 19 artist and 28 masterpieces
Finale of Ethereal Presence - 17 artists and 19 masterpieces
Finale of On the Ball - 9 artists and 10 masterpieces
Finale of Wisdom of the Ancients- 17 artists creating 36 masterpieces
Finale of Rejuvenation- 20 artists creating 27 masterpieces
Finale of Do You See What I See - 14 artists creating 19 masterpieces
Finale of Shattered Rainbows - 17 artists creating 31 masterpieces
Finale of All Fired Up - 18 artists creating 19 masterpieces
Finale of No Strings Attached - 17 artists creating 29 masterpieces
Finale of Artist's Eye - 16 artists creating 21 masterpieces
Finale of Midnight Sky - 7 artists  creating 8 masterpieces
Zentangle Art Collaboration - 4 artists creating 3 masterpieces
Building community through Art Collaboration - 2 artists creating 1 masterpiece
Collaboration using Ned's Head - 5 artists creating 4 masterpieces
Collaborating with @opheliafu:  Madam Kali - 2 artists creating 1 masterpiece
Collaborating with @opheliafu: Bird on a Wing - 2 artists creating 1 masterpiece


A great image to go along with your thoughts about it. A sucking hole that limits our experience. A love how the geometric shapes are circular in motion. It's a great combination of flow and hard and edgy. Thanks for sharing your artistic expression with us. You're a gem!

nice, really like this!

So much movement in this! Very cool!

Yeah, this one's awesome!

Love this! Pretty colors and movement!

I love how much support you're getting from your fellow artists! This is truly an awesome piece @juliakponsford.

Thank you for all of the lovely comments I am a bit behind in responding because we started releasing our film series on Monday! If you want to check it out its on my boyfriends blog! It's been a rather exciting week, you can see it here: EPISODE 1 Anxiously awaiting the next collaborativeartjourney! ❤️

I am behind on my comments too as I have been blessed with so many. I'm excited to check out this episode and see where you have been investing your creative energy. I haven no doubt it is something magnificent.

I'm glad you'll be joining us for the next round. It shall be soon!!!

So much fun to work with this image, here is my interpretation:


Kerlund!!! Powerrr! :3

So very fabulous @kerlund74. Nature and geometry together---the perfect match!!! Thank you for sharing the images you combined--it's really fun to see how the inspiration struck you. I love the combination of colors, and how that orange stands on its own. Thank you so much for being here with us.

Thanks a lot! So glad to read your comments:-) And thanks for adding the link to my post, I must have missed it, sorry!

No problem. I want everyone to find you easily. <3

Thanks again <3

Thanks for all your comments and support of all of these artists @kerlund74.

😊 Thanks to you for hosting this great collaboration @everlove. 💜

My pleasure. I honored that it is so well supported. You're one of the best commenters here. I thank you for that @kerlund74!

loving the look of this!

It's a fun initiative with so many great artists. I love the feel, and look of it too @artistchristian.

You did two!!!!! And they are both amazing! I love that you brought in the bees! They are so essential to our existence. I'm grateful that you shared your powerful perspective, and these amazing images with us.

Thanks so much! There will be more later!

Love both! Great combination of colours and form:)

Agreed!!! @kalemandra has it going on! Thanks for taking the time to comment and support so many of the artists here @kerlund74.

Love this so much! Beautiful colors and imagery!

OMG !!!!!! o_o

Oh goodie, play time with @everlove!!! 💛

01001100 01001111 01010110 01000101

Play time :3 Yay!!

Wonderful creation, I like this one a lot @yusaymon!

Oh!!! Thank you dear it's an Honor!!! :3

This is another amazing creation @yusaymon. It feels super similar to your last entry, but wth movement and added awesomeness. I didn't find your link to this post on your blog. Did you make a separate post that I'm missing?

Yes "The Goddess" I like that gif!!! thanks ;) hehehe I am starting to work in " ASPECTS OF EXISTENCE " Yu's mod

Here's the link of The goddess

At first I thought that was your entry, but now I see it is just more awesomeness you are spreading around!!!! Looking forward to Yu's mod!

Love these colours and the combination with moving objects! Great work!

WooHoo!!!! One of my very best playmates! I always love an energetic infusion from you @saramiller.

Ohhhhhh!!!!!!!! WOWZA!!!! An infinity symbol, chicken feathers, a spider, a many possibilties! This is AWESOME @saramiller! Thank you for playing with me, even while you're away. So blessed. did it!!! This is a great transformation. There is a lot of power in this image. The color scheme works really well with your interpretation. What a fun contribution. Thank you for sharing your creation with us.

Thank you @everlove for appreciation, you are great and kind and wonderful person :)

Grateful to share with you @theia7.

Really beautiful! Looks like an orchid.

Hello dear friend @everlove here I leave the link of my humble contribution to your wonderful call, I hope you like it.
I wish you a wonderful day

@jlufer!!!!! This is an amazing contribution to our collaboration. And your post and the way you engage the community is a great contribution to this platform. This is a really great transformation of my image. I am super stoked by the diversity you bring to our repertoire. It is obvious that drawing is not the only means to an artistic creation. I love the colors, the way you've used my image, and the little details you incorporated. Thanks for being here and for giving us something so fun to enjoy.

you are great and very kind dear friend @everlove, your words motivate me to continue participating, thank you very much for appreciating the work, we do everything with a lot of love to try to present something as best as possible, I am very happy to have joined this challenge .

I'm very happy you have as well @jlufer. It's great to have awesome people joining together for common purpose, and who are excited about sharing their passion. We have a great thing going on. I feel very blessed to be facilitating this journey with such an incredible community of artists. I've felt a lot of love flow through here on Steemit, and Steemfest was like a true family reunion. I'm glad we're creating something amazing together.

this one is great!

Thank you

The bees really do deserve a home--a lasting one on this planet. Thanks for bringing them into the picture. This is a fun piece - the bee is the perfect touch. So grateful you're playing with us again @ace108.

You're welcome. I'm not so much of person with drawing hands:-)

Not everyone needs that, we all have our fortes, and you carried yours out magnificently!

Thanks. Glad to find my own niche :-)

How funny, I also saw it as a honeycomb! Great minds!

haha... we probably aren't the only ones.

I can feel this one spinning around...that's quite the vortex @motivator! As always, the colors are magnificent and the image incredibly striking. I always love your work and am so grateful for your participation here on this journey. Thanks @motivator--your work is awesome!

@everlove I'm very exciting to participate another time with art collaboration journey!
"Sparkling Colors"
U5drsfJ38Ra628WppiD4gp3Lg8 copy4.jpg

@trueart----this is AWESOME. I feel like I'm sitting inside the car, waiting for the windshield to defrost and reveal what is really going on out there!!! What a fun piece of art. I love the addition of colors -- a great transformation of my image. Thanks for being here!

The kids were sitting on my lap when I opened your post. They saw the eyes..."sun side, moon side, sun side, moon side!" I'm so glad you're here art-ing with us. You bring a very spry layer to this journey. I'm grateful to have you and your creation in my life! <3 Well done!

Thank you for the kind words, and let the kids know they NAILED it ;)-Ive always thought that kids are the best art critics ;) <3

So very wise are they. We should listen!

very impressive work buddy.

So glad to find your entry ... and with such a deep and contrasting punch. I want to go behind those shapes and see what lies beyond. Great intrigue. Thanks for being here @artguy!

What fun you have made of my image @gailbelga! This image has a lot of unique qualities. I really love watercolor so I'm excited that you included it in your design. I appreciate your bringing such a great contribution to this journey, and for bringing yourself to enhance our artists' community. We're blessed to have you here.

Your kinds wordshave embeded my heart and surely will for beginners. 😍 thank you so much dear!

Indeed @gailbelga. Thanks for giving me something so worth appreciating!

Thanks for the initiative of this contest @everlove since it allows us to develop our skills... I hope you like my participation...

How about that!!!!

The Gladiator!!! I love how you really transformed my image into such a powerful piece! It's a very unusual and one-of-a-kind image. Thanks for doing what you do and sharing it with us.

I am so excited to have you play this game with us @yusaymon. Your art is always so touching to me...there's just something about what you share that moves me. Thanks for the transformation, the dream and the love @yusaymon!

@opheliafu is back! And look what a brilliant image you've given us. You're creative ideas and follow through are always inspiring. THIS is a great transformation. I'm grateful for your participation.

I like it!!!!! Super transformation @protosun. Makes me want to go in there and see what's really going on! A potent statement, and still alluring at the same time. Loving this image. Your participation here is a great addition to our community.

You've added a lot of really great and diverse textures to this image @beginingtoend. I love texture and you've really given this a lot of depth and interest. Your transformation has taken on a life of its own, very peaceful for me. I'm grateful you've come out to play and supporting this artists' community with your creation. Blessing to you.

Yay---you're back! So glad you're sharing your talent here on this collaboration @decentropia. It's fun to see how you've changed this image and added such an unusual twist! Great job! Very happy to have you here.

Thanks for the appreciation :)

Hello @everlove .. here I leave my link where I participate in the contest. I hope it is to your liking. Best regards!!

This is a very fun expression @anaaliendres87. The colors and contrast really bring it to life. The abstractness of it leaves it so open for interpretation. I see a few fluttering wings in there! So grateful for your contribution and for your sharing your talent with us.

it's good that you liked it @everlove. thank you for motivating us to do this kind of activity. I really had fun doing the design. regards!!

I'm so glad you joined us and that you loved doing it. It's really fun to challenge ourselves with new opportunities and different perspectives.

So is. Thanks for this great initiative @everlove.

I love it too. So glad we're doing it together!

Oh I so love you dearest Noki!

I really like this! The colors, shapes, and outlines so bold! This really makes a statement @shortcut! I also think it's fun that you painted it, which adds a really personal touch for me even more than a digital alteration. Super job--of course!

Thanks a lot for your feedback :-) I pretty much liked the idea of a rough interpretation on a real canvas, because I never did that before.

Well you did an awesome job. It was a great idea. I haven' seen that often done. Thanks for being so original!

Here's mine! I missed the last one but keen to do as much art as possible in 2018 so here goes :)

Space Ginger's Collaborative Art Journey #30

Aspects of Existence.jpg

This is futuristic, other worldly, under waterly, above earthly....!! The color contrasts are awesome, and the shining light burst seems to be one of your specialties in bringing out the power in a piece. I really love your creations @spaceginger. Thanks for jumping back in the journey.

Thanks @everlove. I really love these challenges as they push me out of my comfort zone a bit and allow me to just flow with surrealism which I really love creating.

It is definitely unusual and a different kind of challenge to collaborate. It brings up a side of ourselves we don't get to express and experience when creating alone. I'm grateful you are getting something valuable from this initiative @spaceginger. I feel it's good for us all!

This is really beautiful. The sky blue really sets off this piece. I love the combination of images you chose to combine, and the way the cardinal has its wings spread in flight. A super fun contribution...thanks for your strong support of this artists' community @pyrowngs.

Wow, good post and art.
Thanks for sharing ...

Super amazing piece of art @motivator! No surprise coming from you! I love the colors, the concept, and the theme you chose. This is a miraculous transformation...a stunning contribution to our repertoire. Super power!!!!

Thanks @everlove.
It's your blessing that this type of art is made by me.
Thanks ...

A blessing for me indeed!

Hi @everlove,
Wow, Congo for 30 th collaboration.
I will amaze you . ..
Ha ha ...

and so you did!!!!

excellent call dear friend @ everlove, we will see what happens to us to do with it.
Thank you very much for this fun invitation, I wish you a wonderful week

I'm excited to see if and what you do with it @jlufer. I appreciate your showing up on my blog and the wonderful week wishes. I wish for you happy EVERything!

@everlove I love your creativity and how you are always involving everyone. Great way to build the community. Well done.

Community is one of my specialties and such an important aspect of support and connection. I'm grateful you see the potential of such interaction. I appreciate your support and comment. Blessed to have you here @jr11. (Nice screenname btw--does the 11 have any special reference?)

My mother's bday was/is June 11th. So 11 means something to me. It's my fav number.

And a great number it is! Awesome to see that you amplify your connection with your mother!

Thank you :) Yes a wonderful number

I hope I am doing this challenge correctly, but I have remade the supplied image and made a post, which is here

And this is my finished piece:


Really nice way to interpret this theme! Great artwork.

You made an awesome transformation with this entry @donnadavisart. The color palette you chose really suits your creation. I also love that you may use at a wallpaper...I'd love to see how that comes out! Thank you for being a part of this journey with us. It's great to have you in the magic of the game.

Amazing, right?

@ralr11 Thank you so much for your entry! This feels like electricity is moving through those geometic patterns--a very electrifying and layered field of activity. This is a great contribution to our repertoire--so very grateful to have you join us.

Thank you so much I feel very honored by your appreciation

Thanks for something awesome to appreciate @rair11.

hmm... the chat room link don't seem to work. wonder if it should be this one:

It should be that one. I recently changed something in the name of the chatroom, so I guess I wasn't picking up the link. Thanks for the heads up. Hopefully I have it corrected now.

You're welcome. Glad it got fixed.

I will resteem this and I hope I would not forget that I would take part on this collaborative work. I am so excited! I just do not know though how to reach out the chatroom. The link does not seem to work. It says, no channel with the given name. Thanks!

The chatroom is not essential to your participation @gailbelga. You can make your creation and your post, then link it here. The chatroom is only one way to share your work. I'll check out that link to be certain it is correct and working. Thanks for the heads up.

Thank you @everlove! I am so excited to take part on this collaborative work! I will be resteeming this so i would not forget! Cheers

Excited to see what you come up with @gailbelga.

I adore art and i adore this post 😍

Glad you like it. Perhaps you will join in!

You the man 🌟WoOoW respects 🙏

Tell me the secret 😜 haha

Congrats for 9 new artists. I hope you will have a good day.
And Happy New Year and thank you for sharing this with us. @everlove


Growing and becoming more powerful all the time. Thanks for your comment @shubhamsaurav.

Thank you for encouraging the imagination and artistic qualities of those of us who belong to this community ... I hope this contest has an excellent participation ... I will do mine, hoping that it will please this community ... Greetings ...

We would love to have your contribution to our repertoire, and your energy helping to build this artists' community. Together we can do amazing things. Excited to see what you bring forth @ojmg.

Call for motivation, work on.

No time like the present!

Love love love this @kalemandra!
I great interpretation o the theme and a superb image to go with it.
Thanks for sharing yourself with us.
So grateful to have you here.

"30, 30"
30, 30
You're so flirty
Wish 'em, wash 'em
Cuz they so dirty
But, it's each
'Aspect of Existence'
That binds us,
Teaches us genius,
Like facets
Of natural quartz,
A little hazy
We come in all sorts
So 30, 30
Never leave me
I need the flirty
And the dirty near me
by @robyneggs

Copyright: January, 7th, 2018

You make such an inspiring contribution everytime @robyneggs! And It's double sweet with your image and your poetry. So worth making note of it here. Thank you for the blessings!