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Greetings Steemians!!

Steemfest is on the horizon.

I'll be leaving Sunday--my birthday-- to make my way to Amsterdam with my laughing and collaboration buddy @saramiller.

I've been getting some help from my
new Steemian friends by doing some art together.

Here is the next piece to play with:

*** THIS IS MY INSPIRED PLAN to help pay my way.

I would like to offer up this piece of art
(and likely more to come)
to be used as a base for a collaborative piece.

Print the image or do whatever
it is you need to do to add to/or alter it.
(i.e., including but not limited to painting, drawing,
adding other photographs, collaging,
altering it digitally or however you wish . . . )

Then make a post about it,
sharing your process and anything about it that inspires you.

Tag your post with #art and #CollaborativeArtJourney.

Copy the link from your post into a comment below.

I will make a post featuring all the collaborations
and highlighting all the different pieces inspired by the same original photo/art.

Since I'm presently using this as a fundraiser,
I would be so EVER grateful for your donating
the proceeds from any posts made on these
collaborations to my wallet
for my SteemFest journey.

Deadline for this submission is
Tuesday, November 8, 2016 at Midnight CST.

When I have successfully funded my journey,
I will likely continue this challenge
just for the fun of it.

Not only will I get to Steemfest,
but we will also be building a strong art community,
getting to know one another,
and supporting a common cause.

One piece of art at a time,
I'm making it to Amsterdam with the help of my friends.!

Thank you for helping me make my birthday dream come true,
and creating some incredible masterpieces on the way.

My other collaboration posts:
Midnight Sky


Madame Kali with @opheliafu:

Bird on a Wing:

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COOL!!! LOVE your art!!! :D Cheers and safe journey! :-)


Thank you for your support @robyneggs. It shall be a worthy journey, I am certain!

I wish I had the tools to use this awesome piece and turn it into Rissa art.
Good luck Shellie love :)


What do you need to do some Rissa art? I'm not always down on the printing of things, so I just started playing a bit with Google Drawings. I'm not proficient with Photoshop or other digital-kinda things. I'd love to get in on some Rissa art!

I missed the deadline of the last theme, so I post my entry here to bring you to steemfest! Good luck!


You are super gifted and I'm so glad you jumped in on this. I'll be posting the final pieces in a bit. Excited that you are a part of it.


Thanks, I'm super excited, too :-)

hey @everlove, I've taken a twist on the collaboration journey. I'm hoping for some good participation and lots of fun. :)


That was an amazing post you did on my behalf. I'm so blown away by all the support from so many people who don't even know me. What an amazing community we are building. So glad we are both a part of it. Thank you so very much for your efforts.


We may have a jingle and maybe some lyrics - and I'm playing with some graphics. It will definitely be interesting to see what comes of it! I'm kind of excited by the possibilities :)
I've read a ton of posts by @gardenofeden and it seems you all pay it forward every day. It seems the least I could do XOXOX


Oh yes!! This is definitely an interesting game. I love how all the variables change with every addition. It's like opening a present (!!!) when you see what others have done. Thank you for taking such great initiative.

We are blessed at the @gardenofeden to be sharing so prolifically our energy in service. Astounding things happen when we give freely to each other. Community just keeps getting better and better as we can provide such great support for one another. I truly appreciate your presence here. XOXOXO

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