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ArtAtSteemfest is BIG this year!  

We have nearly 140 printed images hung on the rustic cement walls at the LX Factory.  
Printed images from individual Steemian artists, Steemit initiatives, projected sound and images from the Collaborative Art Journey, workshops by @opehliafu, @paolobeneforti and @timsaid, as well as an open mic/type jam session, yoga and laughter are on the agenda for this creative space through the Steemfest weekend.

I want to give you a quick sip of the magnificence we have co-created in this space, first in this post by sharing the printed images that are hung to be shared with not only the Steemians at Steemfest, but with the general public as well.  

If you submitted your art to be exhibited, it was accepted and has already been hanging and shown for 3 days, with 2 more active days to come.  There has been a good buzz about this art space, with many people excited to see their works on display, as well as videos, photos, phone calls back home, and posts shared from this space.

I'll give you a tour around the room, so you can enjoy the amazing works of creation by our ArtiSteemians.

Here we go!!!

Individual Art

Individual Art

Individual Art

Individual Art

Individual Art

Individual Art - (oops!!! I want closer ups of these!)

Individual Art

Individual Art

Individual Art

Individual Art

BeachWednesday hosted by @lizanomadsoul  (and possibly a couple of extras that fit this category for display)

Collaborative Art Journey hosted by me, @everlove

B/W Photo Contest hosted by @daveks (and possibly a couple of extras that fit this category for display)

Steemit Portrait Contest hosted by @jasonrussell (and possibly a couple of extras that fit this category for display)

SunThursday hosted by @lizanomadsoul (and possibly a couple of extras that fit this category for display)

Individual Art

Individual Art

Individual Art

NeedleworkMonday hosted by @crosheille

Individual Art

Individual Art

 @verbal-d has created an album of his beats inspired by my images, as a base for a video created specifically for projection here at Steemfest2.  We will be projecting this video with his beats, along with sounds from other musicians participating in the Collaborative Art Journey.  @roelandp has set up some cool television displays to share all of the 481 Collaborative Art Journey images created by 94 artists from all over the world this past year.  We hope to project these larger on the walls as well, and fill the space with good vibrations.

I snapped a few images .... oh so much more to come!

@elmetro shared a post a couple of days ago of his interview with me about my winning Portrait Challenge  image of @quinneaker  - initiative hosted by @jasonrussell.  See that  interview here.

All printed art work has been labeled with the artists name and other information submitted to ArtAtSteemfest.  

(NOTE:  I've had a little gliche in my wifi and a few of my images disappeared while preparing this post.  I believe I have gotten them all back in their proper place without missing anyone--but, if you find that your submission is not featured here, please give me a head's up in the comments below.  I am not presently at the venue, but will double check all these photos and entries when I arrive there again.  Just so excited to share this with you right now!!!)

I hope you have enjoyed the show as much as we are!

Love to all you artists---thanks for making this ArtAtSteemfest show possible.

I am grateful for your support and your inspired,
passionate participation.

Stay tuned, more to come!



You have done so much for art here on Steemit and that is VERY important!

Thank you!

What a great time we had setting it up and sharing it with everyone here at SteemFest!

That we did. It always feels good to contribute to something of value. Totally worth the investment! <3

Estuve muy feliz de lo primero que vi en la exposicion de arte fue mi pintura, justo en la entrada. (Imagen nro 3 - la primera)

Excelente trabajo en todas las Art habian algunas inspiradoras.
Saludos @everlove
Nos vemos mañana en la cena.. ;)

It was an amazing exhibition and I am grateful you added your touch to the mix. It was a very powerful opportunity for all of us. Blessings to you @oscarcc89.

Thank you @everlove for my feature in the event. So happy that my art is present in the event, I hope one day be there too.

My entry is the whale and the seagull, right of the photo

A sea turtle flying 😍😍😍

YEAH!!!! So glad you were included in this exhibition with such a really interesting and enjoyable piece @erdavid. You've now been part of some of the magic of Steemfest. Grateful for you.

Love to discover this effort. Thank you! I'm new to Steemit - I am an international exhibiting fine artist - so this is quite a different concept to learn and experience - thanks for making an introduction!

Glad to see you have found this and are moved to comment about it. ArtAtSteemfest was much more than last year. I can only imagine what's to come. I hope you'll become an integral part of this artists' community here on Steemit. It's getting more powerful everyday.

I'd like to invite you to join the Collaborative Art Journey. happening now:

You can see a culmination of our works here:

An interesting experience to attend the event, a very long trip, which can be cured after meeting with the steemians .. Greetings from Aceh. @everlove

Yes indeed. Having soulful connections after a long journey is truly rejuvenating. Glad you're getting to experience it here @marconah.

Upvoted and Resteemed @everlove!
The dear Shelly !! It was so great meeting you in person, I'm glad you talked with @natureofbeing and I'm also glad that @creutzy and me participated to the art exhibition (and got next to each other by chance wow :D ) So proud and so sad I'm back to Copenhagen! I hope to see you at the next fest the States if I manage to come earlier than that! Lots of love from Denmark!!

Blessed are we all to have connected on so many levels. What fun time we had together--thanks for connecting me with @natureofbeing as well. Awesome to have both yours and @creutzy's works amongst the stars. Truly magnificent in every way. May we be blessed with more powerful opportunity.

Thanks for sharing! Links to your post were included in the wiki articles about SteemFest² and Art. Thanks and good luck again!

Thank you for the acknowledgement @steemcenterwiki. I'm grateful to share such profound experience.

omg! its happy to see my work show in steemfest ! thanks @everlove keep moving forward !

So grateful to have you be a part of it @orcheva. May our experience of creation continue to expand in amazing ways.

great to see my artwork among the selected images here ! well done for organising the steemfest art exhibition. I was there in spirit

here's the image I sent

world war 4c2.jpg

That's a powerful piece! We made an incredible exhibition together. So glad you were a part of it too @outerground.

thanks @everlove it's a really good initiative. this piece was part of a series of inspirational graphic quotes by Einstein I did exclusively for Steemit! I think steemit and art have a long way to go :)

Gratefully, we can be a big part of it @outerground. Keep the creation coming!

ah, so amazing to see a post about the art at steemfest so detailed! And I'm grateful because I can see my art even though I couldn't attend. Next year I'll definetly go!
Also, Steemit has such awesome artists... so much talent.

And this is just a little tiny sip of the feeling in the space, and the possibilities that still await us for even more powerful, cohesive and expressive exchanges. Thanks for being with us @aneblueberry.

I thought it would be at least mentioned who invented some of these challenges like BeachWednesday and SunThursday @lizanomadsoul - not surprised or confused, not complaining anymore here - no worries.

@lizanomadsoul did mention to me that you were the initiator. I am glad you spoke up here @uwelang--your inspiration and initiation has brought together many and benefitted us all. Thanks for what you do, and have done.

Hopefully next year we will have an all inclusive list with inventors and facilitators, or whatever anyone else finds is important to mention. Things do change quite rapidly--I'm excited to see what new may come. Thanks for your comment @uwelang.

no problem :-) - thanks for taking time to explain. Hope it was fun and also an event with a lot learnings and success. The posts and photos I saw implied fun, some very enthusiastic comments I heard too. Fingers crossed for the next 12 months to all of us

It can only get more amazing from here with all this loving energy infused into the platform. Grateful we are all doing it together.

I can feel the love and beauty of that space. Thank you for sharing these @everlove.

Truly my pleasure @merej99. Hoping to get by there again soon and see all the action taking place. Grateful you are here with us in spirit.

Awesome to see, thank you! And glad my work is there, surrounded by so many and such diverse artworks!

Glad you're here with us too @marty-art. The works of the Steemians are truly amazing. It's a super collection....and it's only just the beginning!

What a nice overview of all the art, drawings and paintings at SteemFest. I hope you had/have a great time over there!

I love that there is so much diversity. And just wait until you see the art from the Collaborative Art Journey set to some inspired beats of @verbal-d and others. AMAZING!!!

Owww wow, you plan to mix with music. That sounds great!

The mix with music was really spot on. We will share some of that with you as well.

I couldn't go to steemfest but at least my art got there, very excited about it

Thanks for participating @alexandravart. We're glad you were here with us too! We made an amazing showing together.

Thanks for posting! I had been wondering what all was up in there! Nice to see the pic of my quilt handing with the other Needlework Monday entries! :)

So glad all of this needlework was represented in this exhibition. It was very well attended and appreciated. Thanks for being a part of it all @apanamamama

Yea! So cool! Thanks! :)

Definitely some interesting pieces in there!

Kudos for the artists!

Hope you got/get to see them live!! There is some serious talent on this platform. Glad to see your shining face @sjennon!!

There is some serious talent on this platform.

I couldn't agree more!

And it was great to see yours too :D

And I love that this is just a little tiny eenzy weenzy little taste of what is really happening here on Steemit in the arts. I feel there is still much to come!!! Glad to have shared some art with you @jennon.

I think the art section on Steemit is really a great thing which is going on and only has the potential to grow. It is really amazing and inspiring to come across such great works - may it be photography, paintings, drawings or anything else!

It was nice meeting you! Looking forward to next year :D

The artist community here is really growing strong. There is a LOT of support for the arts in a vast array of genres. It was fun to see how much everyone at SF2 appreciated the passion and creativity shared through our work. Thanks for the comment. Glad you were here with us.

I should start again with my Steemit Collaborations - it's a digital mixture of writing, photography and art.

If you know any artists wanting to collaborate, let me know!

GREAT idea @sjennon. I love collaboration way more than competition--it's so fun to see how we can all work together. Show us your stuff!!

It's so unique exhibition! Thank you to show us all this beautiful works @everlove

Thankful for everyone's excitement to share their works at SF2. It was an incredible exhibition with lots of passion in the space. Thanks to you too, @trueart.

Aww yay! I'm so happy seeing my picture printed there aswell :D
This just shows the huge amount of creative people here on Steemit, thanks so much for showing this to those of us who couldn't be there!

YAYAYAYAYAY!!! I love that we were all together in that space, regardless of our physical presence. What an amazing show with so many diverse and creative spirits. Thanks for being a part of it @playfulfoodie.

Excellent...great job guys...@everlove you are wonderfully gifted...👏

There were quite a few hands in this project. When we all bring our skills to the table things simply flow! Thanks for the acknowledgement @kenhudoy, and the comment too.

What awesome art collaborations!!

Some divine inspiration in these projects for certain. Love to you @apollomission!!! <3

Wow it looks awesome :D I hope you guys are having a blast at steemfest! I can see a few of my pieces here yay!

You were well represented @juliakponsford. Thanks for contributing so much to this platform. Your creative expression is truly a blessing. Glad you were with us in Lisboa.

Hello, great artists and a lot of inspiration. I liked all the images.
It's good that they have done that work, to show the talent of people from different parts of the world gathered in a single gallery.

I love that, though we are from all over the world, we come together as a community for common purpose. It was a very potent reality that touched many. Thanks for the comment @cindycam.

very interesting, thank you for this review!

You're welcome.

Fantastic experience and fantastic art production. A lot of artistic works. Thanks for sharing. Upvotes and follow. Please visit my blog

Glad you enjoyed it @mllg. There are indeed a lot of talented artists on this platform.

hace falta las fichas técnicas para reconocer a los artistas, pero me parece una temática muy interesante

There is a sticker with artist and title of the piece, or whatever information was available and provided. It may be hard to see in the pictures, but it was a beautiful expression enjoyed and seen by many here in Lisboa.

que bien me alegra mucho el apoyo a los artistas para la próxima participare :)

Mi magino que será otra oportunidad el año que viene, si no antes!!!

So cool to see my work up there with all the amazing other work of everyone! :) Thank you for putting this all together guys! Awesome job!

Super glad to be of service @beekart. Time and energy well invested!

thank you follow me

Please don't beg on my blog @masud123. Would be delighted to see you contribute something of value to this platform.

There are tons of amazing artists in Steemit indeed! Amazing work guys! I didn't know about this - I could've submitted one too. :)

Would love for you to have submitted one. We need each other to spread the word when it's something that benefits us all. Next year perhaps we will have a better idea what to expect and put the call out earlier. Glad you're seeing this now @deveerei.

I love what happened there - artists have been showcased. I'm all about helping artists especially in my own country - that's why I'm also trying to set up a community of artists here in Steemit. Calling it #artguildph. It hasn't properly started yet but it was already launched, doing a few things here and there. I'm gonna make this community grow and we're gonna make sure to send representatives on the next Art at Steemfest! Thanks!

Everything we can do to bring us together is of great benefit. I know @aksinya has already begun a huge list of Steemit artists. Maybe we can somehow combine our forces to make things even greater.

Glad you enjoyed the exhibit. Was truly an inspiring collection from all over the world. YAY US!!!

We will be doing that. I just need to grow our community first. As of the moment I have only a few people using that tag.

Congratulations on our amazing futures! :D

Together we can do it!! Thanks for enjoying the exhibition with us.

You're welcome!

Great job! Looks good!

Thanks for tuning in @stonemaiden.

Very cool... I like it :)

lindas imagens. te agradeço por compartilhar! Parabéns pelo trabalho!

Was a great show contributed to by many. Grateful to share.

hi i upvote you so you also upvote me plzzzzz

Please don't beg here on my blog @raisa.marzan. Many people will flag you for this type of behavior and your reputation ruined here on Steemit. Provide us with something of value and earn our votes and respect.

sorry i am new so i don't understand this but thank you for your good sujetion.

Indeed @raisa.marzan. The most powerful and potent thing you can do is to bring great value to this platform, something others will tune into and support. Bless others you feel contribute great value with your upvotes and thoughtful comments. May your experience here on Steemit be a valuable one.

Art is creation!

As is life!