The Community Engagement Challenge - Day 7 Diary

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It's like watching winners cross the finish line of a long, arduous race. We have officially finished Day 7 of the Community Engagement Challenge and I'm pleased to announce some early winners!



@karenmckersie | @progressivechef | @steempowerpics

All three of you have completed a minimum of 7 quality posts and 500 comments within the strict guidelines of this challenge.

Congratulations are in order for the following six participants!

@jaymorebeet | @steemfluencer | @dreemit
@arrliinn | @mathworksheets | @pathforger

They have managed to stay consistent with the minimum of 7 quality posts within the guidelines of this challenge but they are in a race to finish at least 500 comments! If you see them around, please engage them in some light banter or heavy conversation. The more they respond the closer they are to being guaranteed an equal share of the prize pool and their chance of being selected as the keeper of 5,000 SP for one week.


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The Daily Diary consists of quality-checked, curated posts which must have at least one cited photo/illustration and 300 words or more. Our participants range from brand new minnows to Steemit veterans.

Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3 | Day 4
Day 5 | Day 6


Participants' posts in no particular order:

Heaven Is A Place On Earth - Riding Waves Like Pirates Of The Caribbean In Puerto Aventuras Mexico

"The JV Canals" - A True Tale of Invention

Kleiner Mann Volunteered His Time To Help Me With The #bwphotocontest!

Nice and safe on the sidelines - Parasailing in Puerto Vallarta


Challenged @ merej99 day 7 What would life be without the hands of my people (Original Work)

The WindRoamer Tricycle (Re-Visited) ~ Unfortunately, It Did Not Work As To Plan ~ Original Photography and Short Discussion ~

Learning Spanish 101 with @sgnsteems - Lesson 2

Sarah's Strange Dream



Contests, Contests, Contests! - Celebrating My 4th Week on Steemit!

The Allies of Old; Book Two Renewal: Chapter Twenty-Three "Frustration and Hope"

Running a Race Without a Finish Line

SUPERNOVA EXPLOSION – End of a High Mass Star

Feed Surfing...Adventures of a Steem Bum


Shoe Shots No. 16 ~ Looking Darn Good In The Cowgirl/Country Fair Crowd ~ Original Photography and A Short Discussion ~

Volcanic Eruption - Bastille Day Celebrations in Reunion Island!!! Peak Of Furnace wakes up for the 3rd time this year!!!

Path Forger Rundown 003

How to Make Elder Flower Pancakes

Self Satisfaction and Gratification. Thank You, Steemit!


Surfing Around Steemit; Considering Articles, Photos and Videos

Book review, with a musical bonus – Alex Bledsoe’s Tufa novels.

Have You Seen Democracy Handbook with Bassem Youssef? - Political Satire At It's Best

Highlights of a Redneck Graduation Party

Homesteading is important to me because....


Our prize pool is up to 360 SBD!

The prize pool started off at 150 SBD from my own account! With the generous donations we have more than doubled the pot and still taking donations. 100% will be equally distributed among our successful contestants.

30 SBD donor:


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20 SBD donors:


10 SBD donors:

@deanliu | @thecrazygm | @haphazard-hstead | @steempowerpics | @sgnsteems | @creatr | @denmarkguy | @nonameslefttouse | @tonyr


All challenge WINNERS
have express written consent
to use this badge if they choose.


have express written consent
to use this badge if they choose.



You have a duty as a new Steemian to learn about witnesses and their important role within the community. Read @pfunk's Complete User's Guide to Steem Witnesses. You have 30 votes. Use them wisely.

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wow awesome job @merej99 ! Aka Wonder Woman Aka Meridith !!! I really love those badges that I for sure will be using ! They look awesome !! And congrats to @progressivechef and @steemitpowerpics Woot Woot ! I said it yesterday , I knew you guys would finish today , that's awesome we are quite the threesome !! Haha , also congrats to the six participants mentioned above , your seven posts are done Woot Woot , just get really busy commenting and you will finish in time , you guys can do it GOOD LUCK !!! Thanks again , I figured it would get easier now for you @merej99 once you went through the hell of setting everything up and getting yourself organized LOL! Better you then me ! Hehehe ! 😂😂😂 Next time , if there is a next time you will be more ready because you will know whats coming !! Steem on everyone and good luck to all participants !!! 👍👍👍 🏆🏆🏆

Congrats @karenmckersie and of course to @progressivechef and @steempowerpics!

It's been quite a challenge @merej99 has put up and it has definitely brought upon the best in us - myself especially. I have never posted 7 articles consecutively but because of this, i did! (So proud of myself. Lol)

I am now lurking posts, seeking to comment and establish my 500 goal. 😂😅😂

Bring it on..

Keep steemin'....

oh wow that's awesome for being new to steemit , im also proud of you , what an accomplisment ! Go for that 500 goal !! I know you can do it !! Best of luck to you !! 👍👍👍following you !

Thanks! For the past month I have been here at steemit and before joining the community challenge, I have only made 280 comments so to complete 500 in 10 days is my biggest challenge so far. 😅

Following you back. 😊

you must be getting close , im sure you can do it !! This challenge was a Big Challenge !! My fingers are still bleeding LOL!!! Good luck !! 😴👍👍👍

Thank you Arlyn, you're getting close. I hope to see you at the finish line soon.

Focusing now on the commenting spree, as you may notice... And yeah, see you at the finish line. 😊

Sometimes the hardest part is deciding to go for it. I think of it as being on a platform 20 feet up and jumping into the deep end of a pool. LOL Let's get you across the finish line now! :D

That is really true. But where's the fun in not trying?! Had I not decided to join then I would have missed interacting to a lot of great people here like you guys.

Been trolling steemit like crazy today that I am down to my last gb of data. I really hope to get that home connection up and running tomorrow so I can continue my quest to the finish line. 😅😂😅

Oh my gosh, you're still waiting for the internet? What is wrong with those people! I literally had to cancel my move into a cute little house because they didn't have internet available in the area. I was so mad! But it was a deal breaker. I need my internet for work.

Yeah. Unfortunately these people had to reschedule and it being a weekend did not make it easier. They called yesterday to say they are coming this morning, so fingers crossed I will be on full speed steemin later in the evening after I come home from work. 😉

I will definitely keep my fingers cross for you. You're SOOO close!

Yes i am! Less than 200 to go. 😆😆😆

I am however getting a "bandwidth limit" error whilst commenting through the browser. It says "wait or power up steem". (Oh I am so steem poor! - not to mention data poor. Lol)

This comment is written through esteem and it is being accepted. Any ideas?

So good - Congratulations to you as well.
This was an awesome challenge and I am happy to be a part of it.

for sure thanks for replying bank ! Its been great and I was also happy to be a part of Especially the first one !! Steem on my friend , best of luck to you!!👍👍👍

What are the chances that I launch the next challenge and NO ONE joins? LOL
This was hard work but I'm almost to my personal goal of reaching 10,000 comments! WOOT!

OMG !! You definitely are Wonder Woman , way to go !! Im sure I would enter again as this is currently my full time job , haha meaning 24\7 !!! I do sleep a bit inbetween !! LOL! Im positive you will reach your goal , good luck @merej99 !! Steem on 👍👍👍

Who knows, Karen! I might be chasing your post/comment count as a milestone! LOL

Bwahahhaa !! I dare you to catch me ! LOL! What is my count up to now !?!? Haha ! Im still posting because I like to have bleeding fingers and im soooo addicted !! LOL! Good luck @memej99 aka Wonder Woman!!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂

I'm working on it but you're like the Wonder Woman of comments! LOL Next challenge, I'm doubling your comment count. hahahaaaa

hay hay hay !!! Settle down my friend !! I promise to play nice !! Haha NOT !! Im adding an 8 th post your Challenge is my 4 th firsts in my year of steem ingredients ! Check it out !! Will add the link once I find the right spot ! LOL! 👍😂😂😂😂👍🏆

Somehow I doubt that will happen

haha edited to say I doubt that no one will join, but you will definitely reach 10k

Still chugging along. Coffee, don't fail me now! LOL

Go girl! I'll have to go back to the gifs when I'm not sneaking a peek on my phone

Coming down to the wire, for sure... I have to give you HUGE kudos @merej99 for being able to keep this huge number of posts and people straight for the duration... WOW! And thanks!

Agreed, I have no idea how she's still managing, and still three days to go. The mind boggles!

Would you believe it's getting easier as the days go by? I finally have a system that works and I'm not creating new templates or spreadsheets from scratch. LOL My personal goal is to reach 10K comments by the 18th! hahaha... Crazy.

Yes, I would believe that. I believe you'll reach your goal too. ~smiles~

I don't know how else to ask you this teach...but I need a pre-read from someone I can trust before I post it. It's deep, thick and rich in pathos..or so I believe. You wouldn't happen to have an account at Discord chat would you?

I believe I do have an account at Discord but it's been about a week since I've hung out there. 2 guesses WHY and the second guess doesn't count. LOL Certainly send it to me. This is my public email: [email protected] (yup, I just put that on the blockchain. HA!)

Oh dear...I'm so sorry, please delete it as soon as you see this...I have committed it to my memory...others may as well

I had gone and posted it this morning before I crashed for a couple/few hours.

That one hurt...immensely. As I haven't seen the back of Pegasus since before being introduced to the keyboard. I loved to hate my old Underwood...such deliberate strokes.

Too busy!


It's all right. I didn't want to offend you by saying it's my "trash" email but it is the one that I often give out publicly. I'm about as far removed from anonymous as a person can get. lol
I've got some real world things that need to be taken care of so I'll be swinging through later to catch up on reading.

Offend me? Hah! You would have to spit in both of my eyes and call me Harcourt Fenton Mudd before I would become even remotely offended by 2nd dearest of all teachers. <3

Yeah, seriously, props on managing this. I would never be able to keep all this straight; I can't even keep myself straight most of the time!

What's nice is I'll have everything pretty set up for the next challenge. It will also give me time to poke a few whales and strong dolphins for donations to the prize pool.

This round was kind of a spur of the moment thing because I was sick of the junk I was scrolling through. I had NO IDEA you guys would take to it so well! LOL The first night I was like Holeeee Sheee-it, where'd all the slackers go? HA!

Oh jeeze, you're planning to do more rounds? That's really a lot of work! I might have to sit out the next one or two but I could see doing this again. This is a really great challenge, it's the kind of thing this community needs, it rewards all the right behavior.

Oh I'm definitely thinking about doing more rounds. LOL And all the same people are invited. I don't like excluding anyone ;) My hope was to make this a learning and growing experience, to find some great content creators and, as you said, "reward all the right behavior." There are reasons behind every piece of this challenge. Whether you realize it or not, you have become better stewards of your own creations.

I think continuing to run it will do a lot of good, but it might be a good idea to slightly reduce the amount of comments required - not by a lot, just like 400 instead of 500 maybe. I imagine the difficulty will outweigh the novelty at some point, but that's just my 2 cents.

It's definitely something to consider. I also need to be aware of the calendar. Obviously around holidays I would assume family engagements need to be factored in. I haven't set an actual date for the next one but I can guarantee there will be a next one :)

I'm really looking forward to your next post @fungusmonk. So glad we got connected through this challenge too

Likewise! I'm glad you're enjoying my music reviews. It's difficult to get most people to care about things they aren't already invested in, so I like to hope my writing is good enough to get people to explore a bit and trust my taste.

haha that sounds great !!! I would love to enter again but I don't know if my fingers can handle it. LOL!! They are still bleeding from the first round ! LOL! 😂😂😂✌

There are still 32 people definitely in - and a few on the cusp of dropping out. Honestly, I am so happy that this many people jumped on and stayed the course! There's still a long way to go but it has truly been a gift to see some people "get it." I know you know what I'm talking about.

I'm totally 'getting it'! Thanks for the push @merej99!

Awesome. Now go and do it.


Do it.


Haha! Off I go!!! Wheeeeeeee doggy

Very cool!! Congrats to those who have been 'full steem ahead'! Not an easy task. It's been fun for me to meet some new interesting people and be a part of the conversations.

You have been an amazing contributor to everyone here. Thank you for your support and enthusiasm. We need our cheerleaders and some of these guys need interaction to get across the finish line. Will you help?

Absolutely! I've been reading/commenting on about 14 a day. I'll re-read your post for those who are close as well as double-check by looking at the excel sheet and target those who need help with comments.

I remember seeing you pop up often enough to think maybe you were a participant then saw you were not. I just read your digital nomad post and followed you out of interest. But this gesture right here, of helping people out, would have gotten you a follow anyway! Thank you

Awww, thanks! Well, I wanted to get to know the community more (this is just the tip of the iceberg, I'm sure) and help them reach the goals to get some of that SBD bounty.

You could have joined the challenge yourself too :)

I just couldn't commit to posting 7 out of the 10 days right now. Too many other things going on at the moment. Maybe one in the future??

Yeah, I get that.It's been a lot to chew that's for sure. I think you would enjoy it if you did do one in the futre.

that's awesome! Thank you @jannell :)

Ah, I guess you must have already been making this post when I remembered to share on the sister-beast post, sad to see mine didn't quite make it in on time.

I'm a little behind in my commenting, so anyone who wants to chat me up is more than welcome! I've got a lot of diverse music related content and I'm always game to elaborate further, answer questions, and give recommendations!

Aw, man! I did a final sweep hoping to scoop up some more posts and a couple of you guys must have sneaked in after I hit the refresh button. I'm on the way to get your post logged so no worries. Also, if you write a new post tomorrow I'll publish both in the Day 8 Diary :)

I will! Looks like tomorrow will be my 7th post too. I'll have to make it a good one, but I honestly feel like these 6 so far have been my best writing ever so I'm not sure I can outright top them.

I am also lagging behind on my comments so mabe we can have a chat aroind here somewhere @fungusmonk. Lol

Wow! Congrats to the early winners! This challenge is and has been an amazing experience- hoping to make those 500 comments! Many thanks @merej99!

Same here... waaaayyy far to the 500 comment mark. 😅

How many about do you have to go?

230!! 😅😅😅

You can do it! One at a time!

Yes. I will do it.. 💪💪

YES! Confidence! I LIKE IT.

Ayayay! I have to believe in myself right?! Haha

Hey, I've got about 300 to reach my personal challenge. 10,000 comments! And rarely are any of mind shorter than this... unless I respond with gifs. LOL I need to launch that post. I think it's gonna be fun.

I am positive I'll make it to the end. Im just 200 short now. I know I can do this. And me too, I very rarely write (and speak) short comments. 😅

Since I work from home and I keep a quiet house I rarely speak! So when I do, I either talk too much or not at all. I mostly speak gibberish with my dogs so when my husband comes home after a hard day I'm like, "Aw.... da boo da boo? C'mere. I scratch da back."
Hubby says he needs to take me out more often. hahahaa

I'm sure you're gonna get there @jaymorebeet. My personal goal is to hit the 10K comments mark which means I've got about 300 more comments to go! LOL

For some reason I have no doubt that you'll get it! Actually I wager that you'll surpass it!

I honestly don't think I would have gotten this far this quickly without everyone's help. Seriously. I've been eyeballing that milestone for A LONG TIME.

Well it's going to eat your dust pretty soon!

You got this post up sooner - perhaps you'll get some sleep tonight? ;) :D



My goal was to get to sleep before 5 am. It is almost 4 and I'm still wide awake! :P
Maybe I'll just shut down and do something mindless for an hour. I haven't played Candy Crush in a while. LOL

I'm sorry...did I read that right??? 5 am??? That's the time Little Man is crawling in and waking me up. No wonder you get so much work done! Maybe I will just have to pull some all nighters (just kidding I could never survive...I NEED MY SLEEP AS MUCH AS I NEED COFFEE!!!!)

What can I say, I'm a vampire. LOL I get up about 10 am, power nap, go to bed when the sun's starting to rise.... a total of about 6 hours of sleep a day. That's good, right? hahahaaaa

It's about what I get most of the year round right now! Although I do best with 8...don't even know when I got 8 hours of sleep! This summer we are outside playing by 8...I'm sure my neighbors loovvvveee me!

8 hours??? That only happens when I'm extremely sick and even then it's broken sleep. If I have more than 6 my entire body hurts.

Candy crush? Hahahahahaha! :D

I outed myself. YES! I play Candy Crush. LOL

It's how I relax. :P

Hi, my name is @aboutyourbiz and I'm a Candy Crushaholic. It's been 7 days since my last game.

Ok, I lied. I have played a time or two at work on break when I didn't have wifi or cell coverage to be on eSteem.

I was on level 639 on Candy Crush and level 450 on Soda Crush on my old phone, and now on my new phone level 379 on Candy and 362 on Soda. I have never bought gold bars for lives or boosts. I won't open that floodgate. lol

I loaded the app on my iPhone and started over. Up to level 248 now! LOL
I take my phone to bed and play until I fall asleep. I won't buy gold bars either! That might signal I actually have a problem!

It signals wisdom to know

The weather prevented my outting tonight, which stinks...but at least I won't have a problem finishing, haha!

YAY! or... booo!!!
Git 'er DONE.

Gettin' her done, bit by bit....and booo is definitely in order, though I'm determined that this camping trip will happen at some point!

I still stand in awe of you though, whewie you must be exhausted by now!

I've kind of got a system going now so it doesn't seem as overwhelming. Don't get me wrong, it's a shit-ton of work that I wasn't expecting. We lost a few people in the challenge but there are still 33 people participating! What kind of insanity is this??? LOL I wasn't kidding when I said you guys are fekkin' Jedis! hahaha

That is nuts! And it seems that you and I keep the same crazy insomniac hours, LOL!!

Congratulations to all who have finished! Thanks for motivating me to keep working on it! When is the actual last minute to be able to finish? I might need it!

The actual deadline is July 18th at midnight EST. You've got PLENTY of time @thesimplelife :D

Whew! Except I lose an hour with EST! ;-)

Yeah... but if I get to yours last as I scroll down these suuuuuper long lists it's quite possible that you might have a few extra hours that you can jam something in there. LOL but you didn't hear that from me.

I've got to get on the stick this weekend. I'm not worried about my last article, but these comments...

Would it make you feel better if I told you I'm trying to get 300 more comments so I can reach my personal goal? LOL Let's do this thing ;)

Steemit is real slow today. I know, let's play the tell a story using only one word per post game! lol

Oh yeah, and my parents will be here in about an hour so there's that.

Have fun with the parents' visit :) Maybe you'll convince them to join Steemit. haha!
I just posted GIF WARS - encouraging you guys to try out gifs and memes as reactions and responses. Those are generally very fun and the most time consuming thing is finding "the perfect" gif :)

Still waiting for them get here and will likely sneak a peek or two on eSteem while they're here lol. Yeah, we just got mom texting last year, don't see it happening. I'll have to look for that, I wondered where you found your plethora of gifs.

Uh no, cuz you'll get that without trying. Meaning just because of what you're doing, duh. Although I will chat you up any chance I get, gotta help out right?

Congratulations to all the people who have reached the goal, a special thanks to my dear friend @ deserved for the hard work done. Thank you very much for this great idea you had
I wish you all a great weekend.


You have reached all of the minimums for this challenge. I've logged 7 posts and you are well above 500 comments in this contest period. I hope that you continue to write through 'til the 18th. Drawing for the 5,000 delegated SP will be on July 19th :) Good luck!

@merej99... I am still in for the running right? Even though I started later in the competition, I have one more post to do which will be done today, and just finish with all comments, am I right?

Yup, you are correct! You have until the 18th to get it all done. You can even go above and beyond and keep submitting a daily post for the diary (even if you hit the minimums). I do the final tally on the 19th.

Oh awesome! I didn't know that :) You will include those in the Daily Diary, the extra ones?

Absolutely! It's within the challenge time frame. If you share it, I'll post it :)

I shared day 7 post in the main sister thread....and now you made me a monster with gifs! LOL...I love it!

Welcome to the dark side. Bwahahaaaa

It's so good to see so many people getting close to the goal.

@jaymorebeet | @steemfluencer | @dreemit | @arrliinn | @mathworksheets | @pathforger We're all cheering for you. I hope to see you at the finish line.

Thanks Meredith for all your support. I will keep posting and adding to my stats through the end of the challenge.

I'm glad to hear this @steempowerpics. I'm not certain how effective the daily list has been for helping you guys with extra traffic but hoping by now you have generated a good amount on your own merit :)

Well it's more about organization showing a display of support for than people actually clicking over.

this is a great idea! I didn't see your early challenge posts, but I hope you do this again. I worry I'm following too many people so I don't see this kind of thing :-}

Good one , thanks for sharing