The Community Engagement Challenge - Day 3 Diary

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It’s the end of Day 3 and we’re still going strong

in the Community Engagement Challenge!

In fact, we've grown a little more with new people joining!

What's the total count so far?

At the time of this post we have 40 Steemians (+3) who have signed up for the challenge; 6 donors (+1) and 73 qualifying posts! (+33)

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Each have donated 10 SBD or more to be used toward the prize pot!
Our total SBD for distribution is currently 230 SBD and growing







y muchas gracias, mi amigo!

@jlufer donated 30 SBD


The Challenge ends on Tuesday, July 18, 2017

The deadline for new participants to enter is July 11, at midnight EST

That means there is still time to join!

just not a lot of time


I've got a color coded spreadsheet to keep track of who's ahead of the game and who needs some extra encouragement and reminders. If anyone enters a post that doesn't meet the minimum requirements, they are coached on how to get it up to par. It's up to them to fix their post in order to be included in the Daily Diary. Participants are given every opportunity to succeed!


NOW 230 SBD is up for grabs!

This will be equally distributed among all participants who successfully finish the challenge. If only one person meets all the requirements, they will be awarded the entire thing! If no one finishes this challenge I keep the awards, return the donations, and will try again at a future date.

I will continue to accept donations to sweeten the prize pot.

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The names of all successful participants will be put into the randomizer.
The first name on the list will be delegated 5,000 STEEM POWER for the week that I'm attending my son's bootcamp graduation (July 23-30). This is roughly half of my account strength!

So let's get Community Strong!

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If you are looking for active and engaged people, consider following some of these guys! They are interactive, fun, present, and real gems. I couldn't ask for a better group to work with.


List of participants' posts in no particular order:

Anxious Mind? No Worries...Rip Something Out!

Apps to Pay you Money

The Quest to Olympus: Halted. Romans vs Greeks

Free isn't free, when it comes to free coins, but coins are there for the getting!

Hi! My name is Oksana and I'm here 3 weeks: 50+ reputation, 500+ followers


Silverbird Drawing ~ My "Learn To Draw With Friends" Contest Entry

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The Search for Meaning and Importance... Does it Matter?

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Look out for Sprout - My prediction on this stellar fast casual

FOOD PORN ALERT !!! Best Restaurant in each country of the World!

Slope Defined! Positive Slope, Negative Slope, Zero and Undefined Slope

Challenged @ merej99 day 2 (Thank you, Steemit is changing my life)

Photo Editing: How To Use Mobile Apps For Android On Your PC Desktop


The Demise Of Traditional Skills And Activities In The Modern World!

The Harmonic Series #11: Brendan Byrnes - Neutral Paradise [microtonal music at its most accessible and exciting heights]

A Small Village vs A Big City: A Short Productivity Analysis

Epic Collection: Memorize ALL Marvel Cinematic Universe Actors with Memory Techniques | Auch auf Deutsch

Grain Free Apple Walnut Muffins – version 2, with coconut flour


I'm Always Late To The Party But I'm About To Crash This One! #challengeaccepted

Everything Steemit Has Taught Me So Far

Stealing color from the a flash in the night.

Comfort Food with Yucca Flowers

A Parody for me or was it against me?


Let Me Make You Hungry! Grilled BBQ Pork Chops on my Steemit BBQ !

Monochrome Monday ~ Talk Is 'Cheep' ~ Original B&W Photography (2), and a Not-So-Short Discussion on Wires and Telephones and Things ~


ColorChallenge - Sunday Purple - What's Purple? A Garden Walk - Photography

Newbie Nuggets: Top 5 Tools And Resources That Can Help You Succeed At Steemit


The Harmonic Series #10 - Yowie - Synchromysticism [a contemporary avant-rock masterpiece]

Seven Compelling Reasons to Enable "Perpetual EDIT" for Content Creators

Let Me Help You Get a Good Night's Sleep.


Daily Diary links to some amazing posts, written by awesome Steemians.

Day 1 posts

Day 2 posts


If you like their content, consider following them.

Also remember that part of their challenge is to have a minimum of 500 posts/comments by the challenge deadline of July 18th. Consider engaging them on their post.

Clarification for one of the rules

There is a minimum of 7 posts required as one of the tasks for this challenge. In the genesis post it clearly states that you can only post one link a day to use in the challenge. It also recommends that during the challenge period not to exceed 2 posts per day. This is for quality purposes but also because another part includes 500 well-thought comments, which takes a significant amount of time!

Here's where we need a little clarification:
If you post twice a day, you can only share one post per day for the challenge. This does not exclude you from sharing a day-old post the next day as long as it was written within the time period that you began the challenge.

Here's the catch:
Part of the exercise is consistency. Posting all 7 links on the last day of the challenge will not be accepted! I am currently accepting latecomers who are sharing 2 links in one shot because they're still getting used to the rules. The leniency ends July 11 at midnight EST where the challenge holds the participants accountable. Do the work and you're in. Don't do the work and you're out.

image source

If you are community oriented and wish to use this challenge for your non-English speaking communities, you have my blessing and full authority to do so. I encourage translators to take this and run with it. Beware! It's a lot of unexpected work.

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You have a duty as a new Steemian to learn about witnesses and their important role within the community. Read @pfunk's Complete User's Guide to Steem Witnesses. You have 30 votes. Use them wisely.

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@mere99, awesome that so many people are doing this-- 40, wow!

I think you have me registered as "in it;" but just wanted to make sure... I did see one of my posts in the listing, so I'm assuming "yes," and will keep plugging, regardless.

I'm hoping you did get the 10.00 SBD I sent for the prize fund... I'm sure you have a bajillion transactions going through at the moment.

Anyways, SUPER initiative!

40 people and counting! One person joined in today and there's a lot of daylight left.

I knew I was missing a name on the donation list!

I did see the donation for the prize fund and I'm so thankful for it <3
I'm making sure you're added to the template now before I forget.
So now if everyone succeeds y'all might only get 6 SBD out of the whole deal...MAYBE less, maybe more?

Either way, I'm going to do whatever I can to help everyone make it to the end. :)

What's making the goal really tough to achieve is the number of the comments. If I didn't have to think how to get 500 comments over the next couple of days, I'd feel much better.

I have hope that my own posts will generate enough comments for replying...but of course I'm not counting on that one only.

I really think you're going to be fine. You're not the only one who feels this pressure and what I can recommend is that we've got 40+ participants with the same goal. Definitely hop on some of their posts and strike up a conversation. We've got a whole plethora of topics. One or two are bound to catch your attention. :)

wow this is going along great ! Im glad you got my post in time for Monday ! I was busy commenting and doing my emoji poetry contest post for Tuesdays entry ! Which I just put up as my fourth ! Its really great to see more people joining and donating , it must be keeping you very busy ! Keep up the great work @merej99 ! Get plenty of rest , drink lots of water , stay hydrated ! Haha and steem on !!! 😂😂😂👍👍👍

I think I caught your post when I was doing a final sweep through that beast of a post. LOL Can you believe we've got 40 people running with this? WOW! A few people haven't even started and there are a few who need to tweak their post to qualify but it's truly a blessing to see this grow.

There is no resting. LOL There is lots of coffee and lots of Steeming. :D

haha put on a fresh pot of coffee then !! You have until Tuesday to go ! LOL! And your right , it really is a blessing to see it grow and the donors are exceptional as well ! Awesomeness!!👍👍👍

Crap, I seriously can't keep my head on straight lately-- just remembered I was going to donate to this, and actually what reminded me is seeing @tonyr's post about your donation to fact I haven't even opened his post yet, just saw the top line and was like DOH haha!

This is awesome!
I'm gonna top it off for a cool 300 SBD prize pool so far. Woohoo!!!
This is exciting :D

Sweet, wow, that is exciting!

Okay, so tomorrow I'll be putting a link up before noon and I'll make sure it's in the right pace lol. I did get my link up for today, but as you'll see I responded to my own comment first, haha, so you probably didn't see it ;)

I needed a few hours away from my keyboard. LOL
I almost regret that because I'm playing catch up but this is so much fun despite the work. You know me... always in search of finding balance.

I'm glad to see you've got a spreadsheet to manage all this! This has got to be one of the biggest community projects in Steemit history! But it is a motivator, for sure! Thanks again for doing this -- and I hope you make it through the 10 days! ; )

I'm carving out some balance and taking power naps when I need to. LOL
This is definitely a beast. When I do this again I might be volunteering some of you. hahahaaaa.

haha -- I"m enjoying the list you make every day! There's a good variety of posts!

That last GIF is ridiculous. The last 3 newcomers must have a glutton for punishment! I still have many comments to do, but I'll get there!

There are some pretty good titles in the list of submissions. That's a lot of work on your part to get each link onto a post. Copy and Paste much?

Lots and lots of copy and paste. LOL
And I've got a lot of reading to catch up on but today... I needed a nap! And it was sooo good. :)

Hmmm, just wondering here...I missed getting one post in on time so I'm a day behind in reaching a personal goal I made to submit 10 posts in the 10 days of the contest.

I've got three submitted now but only 2 logged in your daily diary. I've just noticed this aspect of the contest.

May I post 2 before the midnight deadline today? That will get me caught up, and it does look like I'm going to need to get them all in just to have a chance of getting over the 500 comment requirement.

This little minnow doesn't have a lot of eyes watching for my next post. Likely because I've spent my first three weeks surfing the feeds and commenting on other posts and comments and not playing the follow for follow game.

I prefer organic growth and my main tap root is still to push out enough feeders.

Keep up the great work @merej99

I've got your 3rd post scheduled for tonight's Daily Diary which will make that 3 posts under your belt. You really only need 4 more to reach minimum post requirements for the challenge...and you have until July 18th to do that! So really, if you wanted to take a day off from posting and wanted to focus on comments and building your outreach, you are actually well ahead of the game.

No worries, love. You are doing a great job. Follow for follows are only good for increasing your following count but it's crap if neither one of you bring value to each other. It's like nurturing a relationship! You want people that you can relate to, not just by the content they share but also by personality, humor, shared experiences... FIND YOUR PEOPLE!

You are right of course...was a horse...a three legged...ok I'll stop :p

Time to start pushing feeder roots out...just working on a local micro brewery post...I'm starting to feel a little parched.

Off to the Steemit equivalent of a watering hole and see what they're up to...spread a little love around and let them know I'll be bring'n them a mixed flat of Victoria's and Vancouver's finest.

~smiles fer miles~

I have a pint glass! lol

The has been a challenge for sure, but kinda fun too.

I'm really glad to hear that @aboutyourbiz
A little hard work can go a long way but it doesn't have to be torture :)
I love seeing the diversity of the posts too. It's helping me expand my reading too.

I've been thinking about my last post being a what I've learned flavor. You may see a few of those from people ;)

Those kinds of posts are really good to help other people along the way :) Living vicariously through others

Or learning from their mistakes

Indeed. ;)

Awwww... halfway through... but I need to work on my commenting as usual. Any chance you can share that sheet?

Seconded, I'd like to see if I'm on track with commenting too, I'm a little worried I'm not!

@steemfluencer thirdeded it and I thirdededed it. The spreadsheet shall make an appearance. Sorry, it doesn't include the daily post count. It's all I can do to keep up with your guys! Where are my slackers??? LOL You're all on the ball!

Share my secret weapon of organization??? LOL
Absolutely. The link will be in Day 5 diary because no more people will be added.
Unfortunately the number I did not think to include daily was a post comment counter! There simply isn't enough time in the day :o/

What a great Idea!!!
I wanted to join the party but my Kids are keeping me very busy.....
I hope contests like that will return every so and so :)))
And for all who have signed up for the challenge: keep up the great work and stay strong. You can do this!!!!

I was pleasantly surprised to see how well this challenge was received! I definitely plan to do another one in the near future.
I'm so thankful that my kids are grown! We survived each other. LOL

Lots ahead of have 5 :)))

good gravy, you almost have a baseball team! LOL
More power to ya.

Thanks a lot again @merej99 , I am taking so much pleasure to participate in this amazing contest! Very challenging but super exciting to try to hit the target!

There are a couple of end numbers that I would love to see growth in: Obviously your posts/comments (500+!!!), active and engaged followers/friends, and hopefully your rep score! It's a little harder to bump the rep score the higher you go but for new people it climbs pretty fast. :) Hopefully at the end of this experience you have a new appreciation for Steemit and what it can offer <3

Infact i engage throughout the day with my followers, i have been making so many of new friends since joining with the same passion as I! Steemit is just amazing and real!

I know! This is exactly why Steemit has kept my attention for a year. I love the people and they're the ones that keep me here even when our post payouts were in the toilet.

I can understand how it was hard in the beginning dear! But the support on Steemit is simply amazing! You can feel the care of each and everyone!
I'm just loving being here!

Very happy to see the results of the challenge, how many people have joined the game to have fun, congratulations dear friend @ mercij99 for this great initiative.
have a beautiful day.

It is a beautiful day, indeed. 40 people!!! And we might have a few more before the end of day :D
After that, it's a race to the finish line. Did you see my message about sharing your link on the monster page? The easiest way to find your comments thread is CTRL+F, then type your name in the FIND box.

You are, indeed in it to win @kubbyelizabeth! :D
Keep going with comments. As soon as you hit a minimum of 7 posts (one a day) you can then concentrate on getting your comments count up. You got this, right?

Do I got this?I LIVE for comments, how many do I need exactly? Does my response count as one too? I think, correct me if I'm mistaken, part of the rules is to thoughtful respond to each comment.

Side Note

I just went back and reread your first day post and answered some of my own questions. I only have one more, we are required to have 500 total comments, is that only on our post for the contest or in general, you want us to comment on other peoples post for a total of 500?

You need 500 total comments and none of them can be "nice post". You can respond to anyone and everyone. Your responses raise that ticker on your header :)
You started with 758 and currently at 883 so you've got 125 posts with 375 to get done by July 18 midnight! I think you got this. ;)

Oh, that is what that means. Now I understand and am ever more confidante, I will be able to make it, rock it, WIN IT! Thanks for hosting this contest, it's awesome!

Yeah! That's what I'm talking about! @kubbyelizabeth goes for the WIN!

HAHA! They are so much fun and a great way to give voice to what you want to say or how you react. LOL
That's where I get all of mine :)

AHA! Here they are!
Okay @kubbyelizabeth - the poem is under the 300 word minimum so I have to hold off on putting it in the daily diary but if you can add some text (maybe an introduction and/or conclusion) and get that over the 300 word mark we can include this in the challenge. Sound fair?

Only fair to follow the rules of engagement, see what i did there ;) I shall comply and add some lovely words somewhere somehow. Or maybe do something scandalous and write an extra post. :)

Thank you for the update and your support for everyone who is taking part in your challenge. I know this is a lot of work for you and you are appreciated by so many.

My stats so far:
5 qualifying posts
35 new followers
210 comments posted/replied
Lots of Fun!

@steempowerpics, it's comments like yours that keep me motivated because it validates all of our effort - not just with people who join the challenge, but with everyone on Steemit who takes the time to be a mentor/learner. I'm pretty confident that all of you are going to #payitforward as new waves of people come in :)

Good to hear. No doubt, I think people learn from example and the time you spend helping other sets a great example of how #payitforward efforts help everyone involved. I am happy that I'm finally at a point myself to help contribute a little bit to your efforts, and soon to many more as I grow.

Before you know it, you might be launching challenges and fun stuff on your own :)

I would love to, I will have to think of some good concepts.

Do you ever sleep? :D I've tried to persuade a friend joining the contest, however he still doesn't see the value.

Nice table, would you drop a View Only link?

Hi @steemfluencer, I can certainly add the spreadsheet to google docs. I'll announce the link in the Day 5 Diary because there won't be any more new people to be added. After that it's a matter of who stays in :)
Sleep? I usually only need 5 or 6 hours to function. Sometimes I sneak in a 20 minute power nap. LOL
I'm sorry that your friend doesn't see the value... is that in Steemit or in community building...both?
[edit] Either way, I hope you prove him wrong ;)

I think he just need a bit more time to start seeing the value.. it was a similar experience for me as well. Actually he strongly believes in the power of communities since he's very active (offline). So, I'll be patient with him..

Totally understandable! I have a few friends who post AWESOME things on facebook because they already have a good following. The biggest challenge for them is building a new following from scratch. It's not easy going from being the big fish to suddenly being plankton in a new platform! it.. I had the choice (as they do as well) to say I'm Mr. XYZ known as the Expert of ___ on Facebook with X friends and Y followers to make things easier for me here..however I decided to pick @steemfluencer and start from 0. I don't know why... maybe because I see Steemit as an upgraded luxurious edition of Reddit (which is mostly anonymous).

I've not been very active on Reddit but I have heard the comparison between Steemit and Reddit. Honestly, I love Steemit because the general IQ seems to be much higher than anywhere else I've "hung out." At least I don't feel like I'm slumming it here. :P

Ummm hey teach, not to be a smarty pants but I just thought you should know that the singular word for plankton is plankter. I should know...I am but one of the the collective that makes up the whole of these steemy waters. } ;-)>

Plankter! I never knew!


great steemit community engagement initiation...wish you all the best:))

@bibek, you have until midnight Eastern time to join. Are you feeling brave enough to take on this beast of a challenge?

thank you ..i will try...but time is running fast..))

Like your post. Thank you for shearing

hahaha...don't ever lose your sense of humor!

~smiles fer miles~

I just couldn't resist. LOL My sarcasm escaped me. hahaaaaa

that's a nice post i upvoted and followed you keep it up the good work check out my blog i hope u like it

Aw, man @harrycarguy - you were doing so good until that last bit.

I will follow you because you are a generous person. Your challenge is great. Good job.

Thank you @izbing - I hope you consider joining. It's a lot of work if you're coming in this late but it's not impossible. I may launch a new challenge in a few months.

Im single😭😭😭

That's nice.

Good challenge... upvote

Aw, thanks! Did you read the challenge guidelines?