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Welcome to my submission for the draw with friends art contest organized by @tonyr

My entry been pretty late due to various unforeseen circumstances but better late than never..

This post could also serve as my 6th entry into @merej99 Community Engagement Challenge; making a post for ten days straight. Am just one post away from reaching the minimum number of posts needed.

In my entry for the competition, the drawing I made is from the intermediate level. May decided to make a post in the beginner or advanced level as the day runs out.

Below are the processes involved in the execution of my work.

After having a reference, the first step is to draw a quick outline of the reference. You may decided to have done a quick thumbnail sketch before you started the main drawing

The shading of the work begins. For this work, I am mainly using strokes. Also my starting point is the eye/beak. Different artists have their starting point in shading. Find the one that works for you

Shading continues here. As am using a pen for drawing, I don't have the privilege of blurring, so I used soft strokes in treating the feather of the body

I had to be really careful in the use of my pen. One star attraction of drawing is your use of light and shade. As such the darker part as to show more depth than the lighter. The outline other body of the bird was washed in light so I didn't put too much strokes there.

In my execution of the tail, I just did a general shading as the body of the tail was very light compared to other parts

Treating the underbelly of the bird decided to prove tricky. As this part is naturally a different colour, I used a red pen to do a kind of outline then covered with shading if a black pen. The red pen was also used in shading the eye


I treated both the legs and the wood as silhouette. The back was covered it shadow. The first leg was shaded in a lighter shade. For the wood, I decided to use line drawing for using a red pen

Would make a post of another drawing later in the day.

Kindly vote for me in the comments page of the drawing competition..

Am still on my quest to fill up 60 pages of my A3 sketchpad before next week... Still on page twenty.


Currently a student at the University studying art as one of my specialization. Art. Poems. Books. Life


Gracias.... Appreciate

Nice dwaring skills, thanks for sharing #keepsteemin :)

Awesome stuff!

I like how you break it down into steps so that I can see your process. I so wish I could draw, although if I could, I believe that I would spend hours doing it!

The outcome shows well from the effort... Drawing is pretty all about lines an d shading.. You can do it @thesimplelife

I love your style of line on this, amazing!

This coming from you just made my day @opheliafu ... Salute... We aim to please.. Lol
Thanks so much

I love the finer details that you used in the birds feet and wings...and you used pen! You can't erase that! LOL
I also saw a hint of a lion! Will you be drawing him out too?

One of the advantages of using pen is the freedom it gives you. You are free to do anything and manipulate things to your style @merej99

Should draw out the lion too. Just hoping the contest closure remains a day

I love it! Very nice drawing 😊. I love to join drawing contest too, to earn more.. like my son @deveerei , he also currently in @tonyr contest. 😊

It free.. Come on, the more the merrier .... @deveerei is a badass artist.... He would have definitely gotten the genes from you @dwightjaden

Thank you for your comment @dean-mo 😊. Have you seen my past post "meet my family"? Please if you have an extra time, try to take a peek on their art. @deveerei, even and @jeseemei. They too really love art! 😁

Been busy with school work... Will definitely check on it.... @dwightjaden

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