Advanced Steem Metrics Report for 26th November 2016

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Making invisible visible: daily active users, active authors, content and social network metrics


This is a version 0.22 of my daily reports designed to be a comprehensive source of Steem metrics.

The most notable change: launched

  • Due to lauch of Steempunks I've removed most charts from daily reports to highlight only key fundamental metrics of STEEM: number of new posts, social network activity, active stakeholder and new accounts.
  • I've also decided to remove price from all charts to prevent accidental confusion about the relative volatily of price ($0.1 in June to $4.34 max to ~$0.15 now) and metrics similar to the number of daily posts (100 in June - 4800 max - 900 now).
  • Readded: Top comments by payouts rating
  • Planned: combine follows, reblogs into a general social network activity metric.
  • Planned: explore other fundamental metrics that are important for understanding Steem.
  • Planned: a more understandable daily payout distribution.
  • Planned: several new rating tables for finding anomalies and spotting outliers
  • Planned: new metrics for posts with number of comments, reblogs, upvotes and outliers removed.


The data and visualization in this post may contain errors and inaccuracies. Don't make important decisions without verifying data yourself. If you have any suggestions or found an error in the data, please get in touch with me on

Active Human* Stakeholders

Yesterday 7 day Avg. 30 day Avg. Chart max Chart min
Active users1,0391,1441,1743,36997
  • "User" is a misnomer for an active Steem account. Users, as defined in online analytics and startup metrics, doesn't have a monetary stake in the platform. "Stakeholder" seems to be a more descriptive term. Also, a majority of active Steem accounts are authors, a majority of active Wordpress (for comparison) users are readers and lurkers.
  • These charts provide data on long (since 2016/06/01) and medium (last 30 days) term active stakeholders (defined as those who has made at least one resteem, following, post or comment) and price. These actions do not necessarily indicate human control of an account.
  • Baselines: Max, min and avg for the 30d active users metric.

User acquisition

Yesterday 7 day Avg. 30 day Avg. Chart max Chart min
New accounts7684881,75611

Chart is based on number of new accounts grouped by the created date. Only accounts that posted, commented or voted at least once are included are counted towards the total. Max, min and avg baselines are provided for the 30d new users twmetric.

Social Network

Yesterday 7 day Avg. 30 day Avg. Chart max Chart min
Follows per user1.571.361.403.100.00
Reblogs per user0.560.510.530.660.00
  • Follows per user: number of `follow` operations made by all Steem accounts divided by the number of active users. Grouped by date. `Follow` operations made by top 1% users by count of daily follows are removed as outliers.
  • Reblogs per user: number of `reblog` operations made by all Steem accounts divided by the number of active users. Grouped by date. Reblogs made by top 1% users by count of daily reblogs are removed as outliers.


Yesterday 7 day Avg. 30 day Avg. Chart max Chart min
Number of posts9179849714,71995
  • Only posts with >=2 votes are included in the totals.

Steeem posts and comments ratings

Top 15 Posts by Net Votes with Rewards Less than 10 SBD for 26th November 2016

Vs P Title Author
2891.595 bitcoiner - Witness Update #10 - 2016-11-25@bitcoiner
2827.755The Future of Microprocessors@inertia
2782.034 TIL: Why Keyboards Aren't in Alphabetical Order, How Long it Took to get to the Moon & Which Year The Undertaker Won Royal Rumble@contentjunkie
2755.403 Book Review: Roadside Picnic by Arkady and Boris Strugatsky@l0k1
2655.906 Stranded in Oregon, Part 6: Kicked Off The Commune....Almost@lily-da-vine
2426.514 Musical Inspirationz: A Visual Trip Into The Love of Soundz...@rok-sivante
2370.453Crack the Safe #20 - Earn Steem Power@safecrack
2348.01 Woo Hoo!! Just passed 10,000 in Steem Power. Here's my obligatory post.@mctiller
2259.608 Open Mic Night Wk 8 Entry: Spaceman Jones (Original Song)@verbal-d
2241.003 Crypto Fiat!? Can The Big Banks Kill Bitcoin at Will? Yes .. But Not STEEM!!@zentat
2247.797 They Didn't See It Beneath Them Chapter # 11 (Original Story)@verbal-d
2070.954Pizzagate? Meanwhile in Germany...@fabio
2070.713 DAILY STEEM REPORT NOVEMBER, 26TH ( STEEM 0.13544$ )@elyaque
2064.192Fiery Chicken Piri - Piri Quesadillas - original recipe@englishtchrivy
2032.175The Witness Files - Issue 12 with @chitty@nextgen622
  • P: payout
  • Vs: number of votes

Top 15 Posts by Reblogs for 26th November 2016

Rs P Vs Title Author
25057 Steemit Cyber-Monday Pot Redistribution! Hope you have a GREAT CYBER-MONDAY!!!@riosparada
10065Guess How Many? #68@bola
101122 The one article you need to read on pizzagate before forming an opinion on it.@matrixdweller
9135896 SteemSports: (La Liga Primera) Real Sociedad v Barcelona - Mass SP Distribution Game! / Ла Лига: Реал Сосьедад – Барселона@steemsports
9103880 SteemSports: (UFC MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA) Dan Hooker vs Jason Knight - Mass SP Distribution Game!@steemsports
9154319 Introducing Analytics and Tools for STEEM@ontofractal
9173944 SteemSports: (UFC MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA) Robert Whittaker vs Derek Brunson *MAIN EVENT* - Mass SP Distribution Game!@steemsports
9049 STEEMIT WORLD LOTTERY # 18. Minimum Jackpot is now $117.38 (U.S. $ paid out in SBD) Next Drawing is 11/26/2016 @ 10:12 p.m. CT !!! (Third Post - Bonus)!@riosparada
86175 These pedophile protecting neo-liberal politicians worst fear.@matrixdweller
828461 ChessMasters: Announcing The First Steemian Chess Tournament! / Первый шахматный турнир Steemian!@chessmasters
81380Sentence Unscrambler #72@bola
81224 Crypto Fiat!? Can The Big Banks Kill Bitcoin at Will? Yes .. But Not STEEM!!@zentat
81102 Pizzagate - NEW DISCOVERY: 2008 Washington Post Article Speaks of Comet Pizza, Rape and Murder @son-of-satire
855355 📷 SteemFest Amsterdam Event Impressions #7: @pmartynov talks about SteemStagram! 📺 (English/German)@future24
  • Rs: number of reblogs
  • P: payout
  • Vs: number of votes

Top 15 Posts by Total SP of Post Commenters for 26th November 2016

SSP P Vs Title Author
10.621.239306Now Is the Time to Reduce Feed Price Discount@clayop
10.118.38237 Steemit Target Market Insights - What Can We Learn From Hubpages?@cryptoctopus
109.92234 There's blood in the water, and worse to come.@mattclarke
9.77.755282The Future of Microprocessors@inertia
9.3159.095603The Daily Curie (25th Nov to 26th Nov 2016)@curie
9.30.01211 CNN Accidentally Airs 30 Minutes Of Hard Core, Transsexual Porn//RESTEEM /My toughts@nabilov
9.327.161207MOMAnt - Mixed Media office art by @mariandavp@mariandavp
9.213.32404 BTC hits $1,000 in India. How is this possible?@liberosist
9.233.736467 Steemit Quick Start Guide: Step by Step from Registration to First Post@thecryptofiend
9.27.167168Witness clayop Update 2016/11/26@clayop
9.118.862172 Fort Galt Update: Clearing The First Build Site - Photos@piedpiper
9018 til: Top Stories And Fixtures From The World Of Soccer (Football)! Nov 26, 2016!@surpassinggoogle
927.365419 PPAP PPAP - Papa-Pepper's Attempted Participation - Pen Pineapple Apple Pen - Entry for the Contest from @sweetsssj@papa-pepper
  • SSP: log10(sum(VESTS)) of authors of post comments
  • P: payout
  • Vs: number of votes

Top 15 Comments by Payout for 26th November 2016

P Vs First 40 comment symbols Author
15.988213 <center>
11.327382 <center><img src="https://s3-us-west-2.a@steemsports
5.6184 Hi @freebornangel , I admire your integr@ebryans
5.5162 Rule by force is the problem. As long as@freebornangel
0.6094 When everyone can talk to everyone else,@builderofcastles
0.504277 <center><img src="https://s3-us-west-2.a@steemsports
0.463 Congratulations on 200. More good thing@ace108
0.43293 @mctiller congratulations on reaching 10@instructor2121
0.43196 Very nice @marialin. Thank you for this @instructor2121
0.42995 Oh wow...these are crazy low fly by's lo@instructor2121
0.40994 Very good post. Thanks for the informati@instructor2121
0.39393 surely something has to give one way or @instructor2121
0.3932 You were warned not to copy or trace exi@predator
0.3914 Tag Spam=Using irrelevant tags, especi@steemcleaners
0.37834 The Indian instrument **"tabla"** consis@onceuponatime
  • P: payout
  • Vs: number of votes

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Haha I've made a list! =O

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($0.1 in June to $4.34 max to ~$0.15 now) and metrics similar to the number of daily posts (100 in June - 4800 max - 900 now).

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