Introducing Analytics and Tools for STEEM

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I've just deployed a first release of my new web app This is a beta version and steempunks app is under active development. The roadmap is extensive and I'm working on both new analytics and tools.

Why build

  • To merge Steem, steampunk and cypherpunk into a glorious pun
  • To provide a more in-depth metrics and analytics reports without further cluttering the daily metrics posts with a long list of charts and tables. I'll be slowly evolving daily reports in the direction of curated trends, events and anomalies.
  • To provide interactive elements for better report UX/UI.
  • To create a user facing control dashboard for the curation bot.
  • To provide individual reporting dashboards.
  • To improve metrics experience for users of mobile devices. Currently, Steempunks charts are a bit broken for small screens but better than on steemit.
  • For fun and profit.

Available Daily Charts

  • Volume Weighted
  • Active Human* Stakeholder
  • Active Authors
  • New Accounts
  • Number of Posts
  • Number of Comments
  • Liquid STEEM/SBD Payouts

Steempunks Tech Stack

  • Postgres 9.6 and Elixir ETL system
  • JavaScript 2016/2017
  • RxJS 5-beta
  • React 15.4
  • create-react-app boilerplate


This is 0.1 release. The order of implementation of new features will depend on community feedback and adoption.

  • Better mobile experience
  • Significantly more charts, tables and visualizations
  • Realtime dashboards
  • Personal analytics
  • Curation and linkback bot controls

Get in touch with me if you'd like to be a beta tester

Feedback and feature requests are welcome

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Good job really interesting

You've got some cool stats there. I love that you can get all this info off the blockchain. Do you know of a time posted chart ? Maybe in UTC so you can see the daily cycle of posts and comments.


Thanks! And sure, I've done a report about daily cycles several days ago:


Thanks. Checked it out upvoted an commented


Yeah, it's quite nice. I'm looking into mobx for React state management and elm-lang as a whole package, I'd love to not have runtime errors

Excellent, thank you! The more data & charting displayed with visual appeal the better.

Nice stats.. I wonder what's with the comment spike around 7/8 November..!


That was a "white hat spam attack" of a STEEM blockchain. It was described by someone on Steemit in detail.


Gonna check it out - thanks ! :)

Excellent post! Thanks!

0.1 Steem was sent to you.


Do you have any plans to add a logarithmic option for charts?


Yeah, that's a great idea. I will, thanks.

I love stats, so always happy to see more. Great work

amazing work!

Great work! So the data is saved in separate db or direct access from blockchain?


Thanks, @good-karma! Blockchain updates and events are processed by Elixir workers and persisted in the postgres database. Periodically materialized views for historical aggregates and top n queries are refreshed, digesting fresh data.


Great, thanks for clarifying! I know recently number of developers were looking into creating database that these type of information can be easily accessed. Will you make source code open?


It's a part of my larger processing system and I'm not sure there are sufficient incentives for me to invest time and effort in making it work on it's own. I've open sourced some libraries, though. I'm also thinking of writing a tutorial on how to build a similar system with elixir and postgres.

Great work. It looks promising.
One idea for a chart would be trending topics by month.