Steemit Cyber-Monday Pot Redistribution! Hope you have a GREAT CYBER-MONDAY!!!

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The Thanksgiving Pot Redistribution was such a success that I decided to do a pot for Cyber Monday!

Everyone who replies with what they would like to buy on Cyber Monday, upvotes and resteems this post will get an equal share of the earnings. That's right - all the steem earned will be divided equally to all the participants! I will do all the work in redistributing everyone their share because I am thankful for steemit! Please remember only those who COMMENT, UPVOTE and RESTEEM will get their equal share. FULL STEEM AHEAD!!!!


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Upvoted and resteemed!

RS and UV. I actually just came to your account to say THANKS for my share you transferred to me for the last one, overnight and I found this LOL. So ---- ### THANKS again....

and I am not really spending money buying stuff these days but I do need a small Anker brand portable 21W solar system, which is around $60 USD or about $85 CAD -- I would also buy more Steem lol!

TY again, it is appreciated, honestly. I am facing some challenges in life now and it all helps. It is appreciated

Your welcome! Thank you for your support!

Nest Thermostat!


Steem On..

I have resteemed/upvoted. Thank you.

Upvoted and resteemed and I will buy a new laptop...

Thinking to get a sock


An 80 inch tv!!!!

Love this game! Upvoted and resteemed! I would love to buy a new Big Screen T V ! I wil dream at least ! Lol ! Steem on ! ♨📺♨

100 oz of silver bullion for me.

That was awesome! I'm happy you are doing it again. :)

Thank you for your support!!!

More Steem! Resteemed

An electric blanket

I want a soccer goal

Upvoted and resteemed!!

need to buy a laptop :-(
With all the earthquakes we have been having and the uncertainty of being able to work from my desktop, I need a backup.
So that's what I'm looking for.
Upvoted and reseemed!

More Steem, thank you. Resteemed.

upvoted and resteemed

A new gun, duh.

USB crypto safe

Robot pet

or robot slave
iRobot Roomba

Samsung VR.

For cyber monday I will hopefully and like to buy a keyboard and case for my daughters new tablet shes gonna get for christmas. She likes to type stuff into the laptop and its giving her the desire to learn how to spell more words. (shes 4)

o yea resteemed and upvoted thanks for the hard work


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