ChessMasters: Announcing The First Steemian Chess Tournament! / Первый шахматный турнир Steemian!

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SteemSports Editor: @theprophet0. [Witness]

SteemSports Presenter: Yuriy Kosyanchuk - @stranger27

Times and Location

Play Chess, Win, and Get Rewards! / Играй в шахматы, Стань победителем, Получи награду!

Sunday, November 27th / Среда 27 ноября

7:00 PM UTC

Tournament Preview

I (@stranger27) will be hosting a rapid chess tournament with Steem rewards for the top three winners on November 27th at 7:00 PM (UTC) on This event will last about 2 hours and will have a time control of 7+2. In order to play, all of the participants must register an account on

Анонc турнира

27 ноября в 07:PM (UTC) на сайте буде проведен турнир по быстрым шахматам, 3 победителя будут награждены Steem токенами. Событие продлится 2 часа и будет иметь контроль времени 7+2. Для участия необходимо зарегистрироваться на вышеуказанном сайте.

Tournament Regulations

As this tournament is only for participants on the Steemit platform, the competition will be closed for other players playing on with help of the following password, "steemit". You may register 1 hour prior to game time, i.e. at 6:00 PM UTC. Immediately, after the creation of the tournament, there will be a comment added to this post with the event name. Winners will be defined according to the rules of tournaments on

Регламент турнира

Так как турнир создается исключительно для участников платформы Steemit, соревнование будет закрыто для прочих игроков c помощью пароля - "steemit". Регистрироваться в турнире можно будет за 1 час до его начала, т.е. в 6:00 PM UTC. Сразу же после публикации турнира к этому посту будет добавлен комментарий с его названием. Победители будут определяться согласно правилам турниров на

Winners Rewards

70% of the post-payout will go towards the payouts. Below you will see the payout system:

50% - 1st place
30% - 2nd place
20% - 3rd place

Награды победителям

70% оплаты за пост идет на выплаты. Выплаты будут происходить таким образом:

50% - 1st place
30% - 2nd place
20% - 3rd place

Explaination of Chess Rating's

For the past 20 years, ratings in the USCF went like this:

  • 1200-1399 = usually a beginner;
  • 1400-1599 = average club or tournament player, most people can achieve this level if they work at it;
  • 1600 - 1799 = consistently above average;
  • 1800-1999 = strong club player, takes the game far too seriously! Has lots of opening knowledge;
  • 2000-2199 = Expert - extremely strong, consistent player with the possibility of achieving Master rating, may have real talent;
  • 2200-2399 = Master - strongest amateur rank, hasn't quite got the hang of things yet but maybe one day he/she will wake up.
  • 2400-2499 = International Master (IM) - weakest professional rank; strong, experienced international player, eats Masters for breakfast;
  • 2500+ = Grandmaster - eats IMs for breakfast, lunch and dinner, a star in the firmament of Caissa, a chess genius who thinks nothing of playing 20 and 30 board simuls against Experts and Masters and is disappointed if he/she doesn't win every game, capable of playing several blindfold games at the same time.

  • Объяснение шахматных рейтингов

    Рейтинги в USCF, по крайней мере, около 20 лет назад, означали примерно следующее

    • 1200-1399 = обычно новичок;
    • 1400-1599 = игрок среднего уровня играющий в шахматных клубах и турнирах, этот уровень по плечу всем кто поработает над своим мастерством;
    • 1600 - 1799 = уровень выше среднего;
    • 1800-1999 = сильный клубный игрок, воспринимает игру очень серьезно! Хорошо знает дебюты;
    • 2000-2199 = Эксперт - очень сильный, последовательный игрок, вполне способный достичь уровня Мастера, вероятно имеет большой талант;
    • 2200-2399 = Мастер - самый сильный аматорский уровень. Еще есть чему поучиться, но, возможно, вскоре будет прорыв.
    • 2400-2499 = Международный мастер (IM) - самый слабый профессиональный уровень. Это сильный, опытный игрок международного класса, легко победит Мастера ;
    • 2500+ = 'Гроссмейстер - запросто победит международного мастера, звезда на небосводе Каиссы, шахматный гений, который запросто может играть 20-30 одновременный партий с экспертами и мастерами. Расстраивается если проигрывает хотя бы одну игру. Может играть вслепую несколько игр одновременно.

    • Disclaimer and Image/Source Credits:

      • Images used in this post are either paid for and modified, Creative Commons (CC) or image credits supplied.

      • Note the views and predictions of the presenters are their own personal views and do not reflect the views and opinions of @chessmasters. @chessmasters does not offer betting advice.

      • Errors and Omissions Excepted (E&OE). ChessMasters is currently in beta, currently no liability will be assumed for errors.

      • @chessmasters reserves the right to amend future payout percentages based on the operation needs of the account.

      • @chessmasters is not a traditional betting platform and no fiat currency is used as rewards or in casting bets; as such does not fall under any gaming and gambling jurisdictions; but even so, users are urged to first consult with the laws and age restrictions of their countries.

      • @chessmasters is a @steemsports group initiative.

      • Please vote responsibly :).

      Copyright © Ricardo Goncalves 2016

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timing is bit late night, but I will try to join. Never used lichess before, I guess something new to try ;)

Edit: It was fun playing, I played 6 games but then had to leave... hope everyone had good time and winners will be announced soon ;) was chosen because it is free and does not contain annoying ads.

I tried to pick such time that will be convenient for magority of Steemians. If this idea will be appreciated we can organize other tournaments with different start time.

Great, thanks!

Tournament Winners

PlacingNameSteem Amount

Thank you for the steem payout. :)

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Rated just over 1800. Very interested in taking part.

I'm 1650, man! And I will take part of course. You have good chances to win! Let Steemians know own Chessmasters!

jag har 281 jag vill ha mera steemit

I hope that this will be one of the many firsts for Steemit. Happy steeming.

Thank you for organizing this chess event.
I do enjoy shorter time controls (1min to 5min blitz).

Maybe we will do some voting about time of event and time control. This event is a touchstone. Let's see how it will go.

1. Register on if you still don't have account there. Please, use the same nickname as on for easy identification. 2. Use this link to join the tournament. Its name is 'Suetin Tournament'. The pass is 'steemit'.

One thing I've always wondered about online chess. How do you anti-cheat it? I guess the timer is there to help with that, but what prevents someone from running the same simulation on their own PC with highest difficulty setting, and just playing the same moves as his opponent while following the computers moves himself? has own system that detects cheaters . Details are here.

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So, how do I join the chat room?