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I was offered a free sample of 'Monster Energy' an energy drink today at the mall. My cousin was a part of the marketing team so I just took a can of it and kept it aside and thought to try it later.

I just took a sip of the drink and it sucks big time for me. I am not a fan of energy drinks at all. I hate their taste and I am not even go into the details of how unhealthy they are. The health viewpoint is not what I wanna discuss right now because I strongly feel energy drinks should not be consumed and I am just gonna throw this can right away. What I do want to discuss in this post here is the branding of the drink and how I feel the wrong marketing and product branding of products is negatively influencing the society.


Here's what the back of the can reads:

Tear into a can of the meanest energy drink on the planet, Monster Energy. It's the ideal combo of the right ingredients in the right proportion to deliver the big bad buzz that only monster can. Monster packs a powerful punch but has a smooth, easy drinking flavor. Athletes, musicians, anarchists, co-eds, road warriors, metal heads, geeks, hipster and bikers dig it, you will too.'

I mean what the hell is this really??? Everything and literally everything is wrong with this description. Firstly, why would you want someone to have a mean energy, why?? I mean if a college kid drinks it, you want that mean energy to transfer to him and then what do you think he will do? Honestly, I don't think a can of an energy drink is that powerful, but I do believe words are a lot powerful than we credit them to be so if you are telling someone that he/ she will get a mean type of energy after drinking it, you are basically rewiring his/ her mind to think that way. And why would you want someone to have a bad buzz? I mean why? Also, if you did name the drink 'Monster Energy', why do you have to associate it with a bad or mean type of energy? Why can't you just say, you will gain the strength and power you need to do all your tasks?

Why do we have to associate some sort of negativity with stuff to highlight it or make it feel appealing? I think it is this sort of branding and marketing tactic that makes people, especially adolescents lean towards the more negative and unhealthy things there are in this world. If you tell someone that he needs a bad buzz to do something, you are indirectly leading him towards wrong things which if he engage into can harm him and the world around him.

Now let's get to the last line of the description. It says 'Athletes, musicians, anarchists, co-eds, road warriors, metal heads, geeks, hipster and bikers dig it, you will too.' What this means is that all these people have a bad buzz or a bad energy and you are actually associating wrong sentiments and words with all these professionals and why do we have to associate certain things with certain professions. Why does a metal head or a biker has to be portrayed as someone with a bad buzz? Why? Oh God, I could keep going on with the why rant and never stop. I just hate the branding of this product and I honestly feel that this wrong way of promoting things is what is wrong with the many things going on around us.

I am a little too upset right now so will stop. Do share your thoughts on the topic please. Love your support.

Love and light,


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A very unlikely topic in the ecotrain magazine, so I just had to check it out. I couldn't agree more with your analysis. This is heavy-duty manipulation of our culture (well, as long as we accept it to be "ours"). And of course, who's most manipulable? Young people, especially those who may have some rebellious tendencies - every healthy individual would have them, especially in reacting to the fundamental flaws in society, even though they may not fully comprehend what those flaws are. So of course, words like anarchists and metal heads will find a resonance, just like badest and meanest (yeah, and wrong grammar too!)
Interesting also the type of events this energy drink company sponsors: neck-breaking stunts that eat up massive amounts of resources, produce insane quantities of waste, and gets the young crowd cheering: "Oh, if this dude walks away with just a few limbs missing, maybe he can infect me with some incurable disease..." --Don't worry honey, culturally you're already infected with something horrible.
Thanks for this interesting read, @sharoonyasir!

You should check on, there you will learn that mean and bad can also have positive connotations.
You´re bad! 😘

Lol I get that and yeah, bad and mean have positive meanings, but my point was the way things were written on the can. It just didn't make sense to me.

Well, the truth?
It doesn´t need to make sense it just needs to sell,
and apparently it does, because people are receptive to some marketing nonsense.
How beautiful the world would be,
if everybody was like me,
I just drink water, coffee and tea. 😘

Yeah and that's my point. Just to sell stuff, we are selling wrong values. Ugh. That's why I like you because you speak the truth even if it is 'Sharoon, you are wrong.'

I believe these might be the tale tale signs of the spiritual battle going on around us. Good share, and good perspective!

Yeah exactly. I like how all of you are bringing a new perspective to this. Thank you!

I tried it once and also hated it, I never read the can at the time but I kind of agree with your take on how it is worded, OK i Know bad is a word the younger generation use for good these days which is in itself weird I think, but the wording is to me such that it tries to also imply your not going to be one of the cool crowd without there drink, well if thats the case I do not want to be part of the cool crowd

Yes, I mean I get it how bad has a different meaning and how something mean can be something good too like @likedeeler said, but the way it was written here, it just didn't sound right.

I totally agree the wording put me off it even more

The sad part that you didn't even touch on is that the marketing department for this drink company probably requires that to work there you would have to be a college graduate with a four year degree in marketing. That right there would tell it all, the education system has failed big time, doesn't matter how terrible the drink tastes, the marketing tastes even worse.
I never have had an "energy" drink, unless a cup of black coffee qualifies as one. From what I've read they are pretty much sugar and caffeine, and I like my caffeine hot and black, hold the sugar.

You are completely right about that point. I wanted to talk about a lot of other stuff but didn't touch them because I was just too frustrated.

Yes, your frustration with their marketing was clearly evidenced in your post. How long has your niece been a part of their marketing team? I would be curious about the company's culture with so much negativity being expressed in their label, I bet the company meetings would be interesting; to be a fly on the wall and listen in on them.

I stay away from these type of drinks because of the negative health implications associated with them. But I have tasted them in the past and they are vile. I can't say I understand the appeal of them. Then add in the horrid marketing hype they are going for, as you show here clearly, and to me the whole deal is just wrong. On so many levels.

Yes, yes, yes! I just don't get the point of them at all.

I avoid all energy drinks like the plague. If I need a boost, I rather go for a tea or something similar, which is organic and less aggressive.

Yeah you are right. Or you now I just meditate for a while and deep breathe and that works really well too. Thanks for the comment :)

The effect of this is temporary. It drains you faster once the effect fades off. Also, it makes your sweat and urine smelly especially if you are not a water drinker.

Ugh, didn't know of that fact maybe because I never drank energy drinks. This one I'm talking about in the post, I just took 2 sips of, hated it and vowed never to even taste such stuff again. Thanks for stopping by :)

I used to work night shift and my coworkers drink this stuff and some other energy drinks. It does make their breath smell like energy drinks later on.

Totally agree with you. Energy drinks are bad, but their marketing is strong and so many people fall for it. Do you know that the 3 lines represent the sixth letter of the Hebrew albhabet and as each letter correlate s with a number it says 666?

Oh I didn't know that and what does 666 mean? Thanks for stopping by :)

OMG Sharoon, you discovered the drink of شیطان! 😎
No wonder you feel so uncomfortable.

I definitely agree that their marketing needs an overhaul, and they need to add more positivity to their message. And have you seen how much caffeine is in those things? Even slowly sipping coffee all day long isn't as bad as the mega-dose of caffeine one of those cans has! Great points you have, and thanks for sharing your message in #steemitbloggers

Yeah if you talk about their nutritional value, it is actually zilch. It is so frustrating how these things are influencing a huge market. Thanks so much for stopping by. :)

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