The Power of Hugs

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Hugs are so beautiful. Hugs are actually magical for me. When someone hugs me and particularly when someone loving and kind, and someone that I share a good, close bond with hugs me, I am lifted to a whole new level. I am actually transported to a completely new universe- a universe of warmth, love, care and one where nobody harms anyone and where there is peace all around. Oh, how lovely would it be to have that world in real. But you know what, if you can imagine and visualize something in your mind, you can actually have it too so I visualize a world full of hugs, warmth and all things lovely and I am so sure one day I'll have it, maybe in heaven haha.

So coming back to the topic, hugs are amazing and a single, loving touch can soothe you so much and relieve you of so many tensions and pressure. It is that liberating really. I know that because I am a very hug-sie person and I love hugging people, not strangers though haha but you know I am always hugging my son, husband, mother and want to hug my siblings but they don't appreciate that very much. Today, I was attending a workshop on Trauma and How you can Break-free from that and the importance of loving touch was talked about there too. I got to hug a few really positive and loving ladies and that lifted up my spirits a lot tooo.

There, when hugging that women, I recalled something really lovely a young lade said at another workshop I attended a few weeks back. She said that when she comes home from her job (she is a teacher), her mother in law asks her to calm herself down a bit, relax and then hold her 1 year old boy because if she hugs him instantly, she is likely to transfer her stress and tensions to him and that is likely to agitate him. She actually pays heed to that and takes a few minutes before caressing her son and that really helps her feel calm as well as make her son feel happy too.

I started implementing this little tip into my life after she shared this with us on that workshop. When I am stressed or feeling really down, I try not to hug people if they are down too because I do not want to infect them with my negative energy at that time. However, when I do see someone whom I know can lift up my spirits and assuage my stress with his/ her positivity, I do hug him/ her and the result is amazing.

The same happened with me today. When I hugged a few of those lovely women from that workshop including Lisa Cherry who is a renowned trainer, writer, author and speaker on Trauma, I felt amazing. The image below reminds me of my son and how I feel when he hugs me. I gotta go hug him right now but he is asleep so the hug has to be very gentle.

Image Source

Yayy, so happy right now. What do you feel about hugs and how hug-sie are you? Haha. Looking so forward to reading your comments.

Love and light,


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The human warmth can really relieves stress and infuse joy. I liked your vision of energy and the image that you used!

Yes, human warmth can definitely help spread love and kindness. Thank you for the kind words. :)

This is a sweet sentiment. I'm glad you have a family that accepts and enjoys your hugs :).

Touch is a human need, even a primate need. If we deprive our newborns of touch they will fail to thrive. They can die from this. I think we try to forget that as adults we can still benefit from consensual, non-sexual touch.

I'm reminded of an article I read awhile back about how many men in American culture are deprived of touch. It's worse for men who aren't in a romantic relationship.

You are so right and have made some excellent points here. I once came across a study how an infant was saved when he was placed right next to his twin brother and as the two hugged, he healed and another study where a mother kept hugging her baby for long, he got saved. So yes, human physical touch is an actual need like you said a primate need. Thank you for the great comment.

The power of human touch is extremely powerful, I have heard of how powerful this is especially in the development of babies. We all need hugs and I agree with you it something we should do more, not just for ourselves but for others too!

Yes absolutely. A hug is often more than enough than saying a thousand words, but you know words have their own power. Thanks for the lovely comment. :)

There is something about how we "keep in touch" with people we love these days... If there is no actual touch, they will not feel actually loved. They may be able to intellectual assure themselves of that love, but to FEEL loved you have to be TOUCHED by people who love you. Words have meanings, even if we twist or ignore them!

Oh yes, I so agree with this. To feel something, you need actual human touch. Such lovely words, thank you. <3

Some great points made, thanks for sharing. Personally, hugging is not my favourite thing. I'm not a fan of physical touch when it comes to just friends and lower than that. The only people I'm comfortable hugging are my husband, parents, and best friend. But good for you, hugs bring smiles :) :)

You know it's different for different people, but even if you are hugging your intimate loved ones, that's great. It is basically about warm physical touch so it does not mean it is compulsory to hug everyone. I cannot hug everyone either. Thanks for the lovely comment. :)

This is really interesting. I do not hug people very often, but sometimes it is nice to get a hug. And sometimes getting a hug makes me cry, if I'm too stressed and upset. And sometimes I hug people who are stressed and upset, and they cry. And that can be really nice and cathartic, I think.

Awww yes, yes and yes. I can feel and relate to what you said and yes hugs can really relax you and even make you cry when you are really emotionally stressed and frustrated. Great commenting man! :)

It's incredible how powerful a hug can be..they can heal every wound..

I am a BIG hugs giver%) I am sure you guessed so%)) I believe that hugs are the simples way to share your energy and your vibes and besides it is the most natural form to humans%)) It all starts with a mother hugging her child and it continues in adulthood. I also believe that hugging people is important way of communication between them having asumed that the one you are about to hug can accept it. I know that for some people it is very hard so I always ask if I feel a person need a hug but do not know if he accepts it. I hope one day the Universe will give us a chance to meet so be prepared for my hugs!! And for now - one more virtual heart for you, my dear future auntee%)) Love you!

Image Source

I am absolutely a hugger. When we meet, we will hug lots and lots. I have also raised amazing huggers. My oldest doesn't hug as often, but he knows when it's a good time for a hug, and he's good at it. The younger three are all super star huggers and love giant bear hugs often.

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