"Now that we have a better understanding of patriarchy and matriarchy, what is your ideal societal structure?"- @ecotrain QOTW

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Because of the @ecotrain, I got a better understanding of patriarchy and matriarchy. Over the past 3 weeks, the passengers of the @ecotrain shared their views on what a patriarchal and matriarchal society looks like and is based on. You can read the different views on the topics here:

What is a Patriarchy Society?

What Is Matriarchy? What do you think a matriarchal society would look like?

Now we are on to the final question of the series:

Now that we have a better understanding of patriarchy and matriarchy, what is your ideal societal structure?

Here is my take on the question.

Honestly speaking, I was a little too confused about what an ideal society would look like. To get a better perspective of things, I decided to start off by reading the posts by other @ecotrain passengers on the topic so began with the one by @eco-alex. His post was brilliant and I really liked his idea of an ideal society not having any structure in particular because having a form and a structure is a more masculine thing and when we start following that, we experience a need to conform to a certain things and that then brings up issues.

I then read @mountainjewel's post on the topic and honestly I was blown away by it. Their research was brilliant and the idea of 'bioregionalism' that they put forward is fantastic because if you follow that, you create a place based society and focus on creating decisions keeping in mind the region you are placed in. This too sounded quite rational and sensible to me since all of us are based in different regions and one particular system would not suit all of us so yeah having a bioregional society does make a lot of sense to me.

After reading these two posts, I was like 'Hmm, a bioregional society that varies from region to region and where everyone is given individual rights and where nobody is forced to conform to a structure is what seems like an ideal society to me.' So I was mixing the idea proposed by @eco-alex and @mountainjewel to figure out what my ideal society would look like. I was still a bit confused then.

I then read the post by the amazing @solarsupermama on the topic and loved her idea of having a clan and then I read the one by the one and only @likedeeler and his idea of anarchy appealed a lot to me. He has a way of bringing up brilliant ideas and research every time that honestly make me feel like a fool at times.

Now that I have read a variety of different perspectives and answers on the topic, I am a little clearer on my answer. After digging deeper into what I feel about different societies and views, I think I am not too comfortable with the idea of an 'ideal society.' The word 'ideal' to me is a bit burdening in some sense like it puts pressure on you to figure out the best or the most appropriate and right way to do something because the minute I start to focus on what an ideal society would look like or what an ideal thing would be, I concentrate and worry too much on that society or thing being just right.


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I think human beings aren't meant to be right or perfect in any way and we aren't meant to be ideal in all aspects at all. We are meant to be nice, compassionate, angry, upset, flawed and work-in-progresses and keeping that in mind, we need to focus on a society that really makes us feel comfortable in. A society where we do not feel pressured or burdened in any way and have the right to be who we want to be, explore ourselves and be comfortable in our skin. That is how we will feel emotionally happy in that society. That being said, this is just the emotional aspect of a comfortable society for me. That isn't just our only basic need. We need shelter, food and money to survive too and keeping that in mind, we would need some sort of economical system too and having an economic system means, we need some one or a group of people to look after it as well. But how to decide who would be a part of that group? And who should decide on that group?

As I dig deeper into things, I feel some sort of leader or a leading group is needed for a society to run smoothly and there needs to be a group monitoring them as well that makes sure that leading group isn't unfair to anyone because if we have nobody to monitor anything, people can tend to cross the lines set in the society and break rules. So far for me, I think a more comfortable society would be one where there are groups like @solarsupermama said some clans that are in charge of certain things and systems that the society needs. For instance, there could be one group or system focusing on producing food; one in charge of education and so on and one advisory body on the top that makes sure things go smoothly.

To cap it I think that comfortable and good enough society needs to have some sort of centralized structure but the basis of the society needs to be matriarchal where love, respect and compassion is the basis for everything and where nobody is allowed to demean, rule and overpower another being. This is what I think a good enough society should look like. I am not sure it would be ideal or any other society that my fellow @ecotrain passengers have talked about would be ideal because to find that out, that society needs to be built first because it is only when things are manifested that we get to experience them for real and see their actual effects on everything.

I'd like to end this by hoping and praying for a better world and for all of us to live in harmony just like all the passengers on the @ecotrain live which is largely because of our great driver @eco-alex. If you just explore this example, you would see that @ecotrain is a fantastic community because there is an accepting, understanding, knowledgeable and compassionate driver on the top so some sort of leader or advisory body is needed for things to go smoothly. All of us have our say in the community and the driver makes sure all of us get that right. @ecotrain is quite similar to my idea of a good enough and comfortable society.

What are your views on the topic? Looking forward to your support on this one too.

Love and light,


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I am a part of the wonderful @ecotrain that aims to make this world a better place so do join it if that's your aim too..


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Hi Sharoon, I like how you included your understanding of the posts about this question that you have read. It makes it interesting. Yes and very true we aren't perfect and we better make a model of society that at least makes us feel good enough the way we are.

Thank you so much for bringing forward these questions Clara- they have really increased my knowledge of things. Reading those posts was what gave me clarity about my answer so it was only right to mention them. :)

awe, sharoon, what a beautiful post!i I just LOVE how you reference all of us, and take the time to really read them all.. WOW,, I agree that all the posts have been so great!.. and this is the icing on the cake! What a great team player you are.. AND, im Very happy to hear that ecoTrain is somewhat matriarchy like. i agree.. i love it!

@eco-alex, you surely know how to lift someone's spirits. Your words mean a lot to me. Thank you so much for everything <3 and for making the @ecotrain feel like home.

Of course humans are meant to be perfect!
After all, weren´t they created in the image of God? 😘
We might never reach that perfection, so we better learn to be ok with our imperfections, but I think all life forms quite naturally strive for perfection, it is the very essence of life itself.
"And God saw that it was good."

A new perspective yet again.

Love it Sharoon; I agree that the idea of ideal is pretty much not realistic. We didn’t hash out all of the hitches in our theory bc that would’ve taken forever lol and been impossible! Loved how you brought so much together and shared your process with us 😘

We didn’t hash out all of the hitches in our theory bc that would’ve taken forever lol and been impossible!

This is so so true. I wanted to dig deeper, but somehow I felt it would actually take me forever and if I kept going I'd create a 5k word post :P. Thank you so much for the love.

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This is really beautiful, love! I think it's so important that we feel allowed to be imperfect. Of course we all know we are, and of course we are always. Striving to be more, but wouldn't it just be fantastic if we could live in a world where we feel comfortable in our imperfection. I think we are creating something really beautiful here on the ecoTrain!

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