Putting my money where my mouth is - A Community Challenge

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"Put your money where your mouth is."

There's a saying, "Practice what your preach." Well, I'm doing that but I'm also going to put my money where my mouth is. That's right! I'm laying out some SBD and STEEM POWER for a best-practices community challenge.

I don't expect that it will be easy for you.
In fact, I hope it truly does challenge you!


Created in photoshop using this photo

Today I looked up the etymology of "put your money where your mouth is."

According to "The Facts on File Dictionary of Clichés", second edition (2006), this phrase has been floated around in the U.S. since about 1930. It means to back up one's stated position with action. It caught on in Great Britain and other English-speaking countries shortly after World War II, and has since been used in advertising slogans. It wasn't until around 1945 that this coined term implied to back one's statement with cash.

I prefer another term that my father used to holler,
especially on poker night:

image source

"Put up, or shut up!"

Ah, memories...

Hear ye, Hear ye!

Step right up for a community challenge

image source

Your mission, should you choose to accept this challenge, has the potential to grow your following, increase your earnings, prove a point (or disprove it... we'll see), win some SBD, and an opportunity to have 5,000 SP delegated to you for a whole week.

Challenge ends on Tuesday, July 18, 2017

You have until Midnight Eastern to accomplish ALL tasks as stated below.

This challenge is open to everyone from minnows to whales

Let's see who our community builders are!

The rules of engagement

If you are participating for a chance to win the SBD you must:

  • Leave a comment below with a screenshot of your current Steemit header. It must include the number of followers and posts/comments so we have a record of your start point.
    This will also be used as your personal thread to leave updates.


  • You commit to writing ONE quality post per day for at least 7 of the 10 days. Leave your one-a-day post link in your own thread below.
    >> I DO NOT recommend writing more than 2 posts per day during this challenge.<<
    Share only ONE (1) post per day in your personal thread.
    Minimum requirements: 1 featured photo or gif with citation, minimum 300 words, NO click bait titles!
  • You must respond to all comments on your posts.
  • You must have a minimum of 500 comments within 10 days.
    Thoughtfully responding to comments left on your personal posts definitely count.
    Bullshit spammy replies like "Nice Post" or "Follow me" will automatically disqualify you from this challenge.
  • Once you've reached all the minimum requirements (or got to the last day of the challenge) you will post a screenshot of your header within your personal thread so we can track your growth and progress.
    You can post a daily screenshot too if that's easier for you.
  • It is recommended to upvote comments of your fellow Steemians.
    Remember: Sometimes comments can earn more than your posts!

  • What's the purpose of this challenge?


    and building your tribe

    I've welcomed a lot of newbies onto Steemit and told them the importance of THE THREE C'S. Heck, I've even coached other Steemians with this practice and sometimes they listen - sometimes they don't - but if you look at my account as an example, this system has worked for me and I truly believe it can work for you too. What are THE THREE C'S?

    - CONTENT -

    Your posts are the gateway for getting to know you as a content creator.

    - COMMENTS -

    This is the life blood of building your tribe and where community engagement lives.

    - CURATION -

    Your upvotes matter. Sprinkle it around like magic fairy dust!

    Read some of the amazing feedback about finding the "sweet spot" in curation.

    The prizes

    150 SBD is up for grabs

    This will be equally distributed only among all participants who successfully finish the challenge. If only one person meets all the requirements, they will be awarded the entire thing! If no one finishes this challenge I keep the awards, return the donations, and will try again at a future date.

    Oh yes, I am actually accepting donations to sweeten the prize pot.

    image source


    The names of all successful participants will be put into the randomizer.
    The first name on the list will be delegated 5,000 STEEM POWER for the week that I'm attending my son's bootcamp graduation (July 23-30). This is roughly half of my account strength! After 10 days of best practices and holding yourself accountable, I think I can trust one lucky person with this.

    My motivation

    I'm doing this because I love Steemit and believe proper curation habits are a learned thing. I also believe that we must keep up with best practices to grow our community and keep quality content flowing. We need to stop thinking so much about the "ME" and start thinking about the "WE."


    image source

    Hey, I don't have to do this. I can take my earnings and power up my account because I'm trying to save up so hubby and I can attend Steemfest2. It's frikken hard to do that if I keep giving my SBD away but this...

    this, right now

    is more important than a week in Portugal. We've got to make our community strong.

    image source

    It's the only way we're going to survive the growth spurts and stand out.

    One last thing...

    At the beginning of the post I said this has the potential to grow your following, increase your earnings, and prove a point. What point? That community engagement will organically grow your tribe if you spend more time finding cool people to follow and look beyond your own content.

    Who will join me?

    image source

    shout.jpg PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT shout2.jpg

    You have a duty as a new Steemian to learn about witnesses and their important role within the community. Read @pfunk's Complete User's Guide to Steem Witnesses. You have 30 votes. Use them wisely.

    image source

Given that for the past one month I was here on steemit, i have only managed to do 280 posts/comments, then the 500 in 10 days is definitely a big challenge for me.

However, since it has been my objective from the beginning to post at least one article per day, then I am summoning all my courage to accept this challenge. Hopefully I will be able to muster all the time, energy and will power to finish the task.

@merej99, challenge accepted!

(Enclosed with a prayer) 😊

Awesome job on your post @arrliinn :)

Thank you @merej99! I'd say, keep steemin' and bring it on! 💪

Welcome aboard to the community engagement challenge @arrliinn :)

I'm sending positive vibes that you can and will accomplish this challenge. The quality time you put into this platform is worth the effort. It took MONTHS for my posts to earn over a dollar when I first started. My comments actually earned more in the very beginning. There were some crazy people who did 100 comments a day challenges! LOL WOW, right?

Just remember that an average of 50 comments a day does not mean you need to read 50 posts. If you write ONE post and respond to 50 visitors, you've accomplished the feat of the day. :) Best wishes!

Thank you for these words of encouragement @merej99! I would like to believe that I can finish this challenge. And so I will. 😉


I'm getting organized! Please include the link to future challenge posts here. You do not have to copy your previous links if they have already been added to the Daily Diary. Thank you! <3 Meredith

Got it! Thank you @arrliinn
I've got a new link for post links now. https://steemit.com/challenge/@merej99/sister-post-to-the-beast-community-engagement-challenge-housekeeping

Use that for future links as this page is starting to make my computer angry when it tries to load. LOL

HAHA! I might have to hide from my teacher too. I have no idea the difference between the Roman and Greek gods!

Hmmm... yeah. Glad he isn't here (I hope) on steemit so he may never find out. Lol

@merej99 I love this Challenge! I think this is a great way to have the community interact with one another and make steemit grow. I have a project that I started about my parents letters. Do those counts as the one post?

I also wanted to help out so I contributed some SBD and send it to you. Hope it helps out with the prize! Thank you for helping steemit grow! =0)

I love iBotta!
WOMAN, get thee back in your post and edit to include your reference code!!!
You could be earning MORE if people sign up under you.

Why that didn't occur to me , but I am going to take your suggestion!!! Thank you!!! :)

I try to share my reference code using SocialJukebox on Twitter and sometimes I use IFTTT.com to auto post things like this to Facebook and LinkedIn. Hell, yeah, share that link out. That's money in your pocket. LOL

Oh my you know a lot of these things. I feel like I have so much to learn with social media! So thank you!! :)

Woot! Thank you for the donation to the challenge and for participating.

If your post is within this 1499 post/comments count you can absolutely add it as your first post for the challenge. :) If you want to drop the link in this thread, we can take a peek.
Just be sure to read through the requirements. It's not called a "challenge" for nothing. LOL Shout out if you need any help. We're here to support one another. :)

I already put in my first post @merej99! :) I am trying to interact more with the community, and being helpful to a lot of newcomers in spanish. It is hard to keep up! So many new people! LOL

I'm trolling through the sea of comments and taking note of the new posts for tonight's daily diary. Dang, this project got big. LOL
I wish I had paid more attention in Spanish. Even thought about getting the Rosetta Stone and learning the language. I think it would be a huge benefit to reach our members who speak different languages. You have a gift! Put it to use :D XOXOX

Oh I am @merej99! I am welcoming people who speak spanish. Its incredible how many people come from Venezuela. Their situation is so sad and I feel so helpless, so I think steemit will be very beneficial to them :) its never too late to learn dear :)

This project is quite interesting, I hope you planned for it! ;) its definitely going to help steemit!

My future daughter-in-law is from Venezuela. I'm trying to convince her to share her wonderful art but she's so shy! LOL
As long as we have outreach and willing people, we can help those who come along. XOXOX

Hopefully she will share it. She can even just post pictures of her art. Or write spanish. Yes we will help those who we can help :)

I hope so! Maybe I'll ask permission to post it for her and send her the SBD? I think she would do well here but the crypto part holds her back.


I'm getting organized! Please include the link to future challenge posts here. You do not have to copy your previous links if they have already been added to the Daily Diary. Thank you! <3 Meredith

I haven't read this yet but I am already LOVING the title!
I'll be swinging by soon. You're doing really good. Feeling confident so far?

Thank you @merej99! I don't know about more confident, but i love to check back on my replies and see what people say or answer :) yes whenever you get a chance stop by the project. I honestly do not know WHERE you steal time from. Lol

Steemit or house cleaning?
I will do just about anything to avoid cleaning my house. LOL
Steemit wins!

Here is my link to the second post of the challenge. Thank you so much!

Thanks for the reminder about those other apps! I have them, I just rarely use them. Silly me.

No problem! Sometimes saving money takes times, so it is understandable we forget to check these apps. At least for a few days you will be watching them :0)

Thanks @merej99 for such a nice contest. I am in


Hi @merej99. Below is my link for entry number 1. Sorry for the delay, I was doing some chores around the house for couple of days;


All right! I'm so glad to see you get a post in. I was getting ready to pull the plug on you :)
Next 7 days are going to be a challenge! I will do everything I can to help you get to the finish line. :)

I'm very glad to see you join @nba05

Hopefully your father didn't twist your arm too much LOL
Seriously though, we're here to build community, grow, learn and become mentors for future Steemians. This might be a community engagement challenge, but it's also bootcamp for best practices. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. Be sure to read through all the guidelines. I'm going to be strict in following them. :)

Given that I've been struggling to find time for 2 posts a week recently, this could be quite a stretch for me. On the other hand, it might teach me to do smaller posts, rather than the longer posts I usually do. So I'll give it a go!
One thing I wasn't clear on - the 500 comments - is that comments on my posts by other people, comments by me or them both added together?

I've asked the same, just not as succinctly as you did here. Hope we get an answer soon. I'll let you know if I do.
Good luck with the contest. No reason you couldn't do chapters. Would that make it easier for you? Musings don't have to be that long either...now do they? ~smiles~

Seems it's 500 posts or comments from us, not including others comments on our posts. So our post count on the pic goes up by 500. That is a REAL challenge!! Even more so than keeping my musings succinct, lol.

300 words... Yes! Absolutely make smaller chapters! After 1 AM I usually have the attention span of a gnat. LOL

I am 100% pleased to see @kiwideb join the community engagement challenge!

This is going to be some hard fun, Deb. LOL Could be we're gluttons for punishment but dang, the journey is worthwhile. :)
Smaller posts are good too! I'm not a huge fan of all the really short meme posts but they do have their entertainment value. I certainly love short and long form posts! There's so much to learn and everyone has some gift they bring to the table!
500 comments/posts total. So, based on your number, you need to reach 3249 posts in your header by deadline. So responding to people on your posts or leaving comments on people you visit... it all counts. :)

So 500 comments/posts myself, not counting other people's. Wow, that will be a challenge - 50 a day average. Better get my skates on, nowhere near 50 today so far. But I see the point, to really encourage and support other Steemians.

If you get some time tomorrow, you could even scroll through some of the conversations in this post! You might even like a few links. We've got a plethora of subjects going on. It's pretty cool.

Yes, I already started and have visited 3 of them so far. No shortage of material to read or write, just shortage of time ;-)

I know this time shortage feeling! I either need more time or a clone. LOL
At some point my husband is going to have to peel me away from the keyboard so I can go grocery shopping! Work stops when there's no food in the house.

Ah, a clone, that does sound useful. I think Barbra Streisand would agree with us.

I am still chuckling after reading your post, Deb. GOOD STUFF. And it brought back good memories too. :)

Always happy to get somebody chuckling ;-)

Do you have a post for today? I'm just checking in :)

Yes and no... It's half written, the pics are 3/4 edited, then I got a phone call from someone who needed some help and the evening disappeared. Mondays are often the busiest day of the week, so they might be my 2 post free days! Thanks for checking in.


I'm getting organized! Please include the link to future challenge posts here. You do not have to copy your previous links if they have already been added to the Daily Diary. Thank you! <3 Meredith

I'm going to be doing some spot checking and getting the day 5 diary post up. Everyone is doing so well! Seriously - Not one slacker in the bunch. LOL
I have a new post up for our latest links https://steemit.com/challenge/@merej99/sister-post-to-the-beast-community-engagement-challenge-housekeeping

It has a link to the spreadsheet I've been working with so if I'm missing any of your posts that means it didn't make it into the diary! I think we're good though. I've got you down for 4 posts :)

Yep, 4 posts is everything.

Post 2 - https://steemit.com/recipes/@kiwideb/grain-free-apple-walnut-muffins-version-2-with-coconut-flour - is this the right place to post?
EDIT - just rereading the "rules" - in my mind it was 7 posts in the 10 days. But that's not what it says, so maybe I am already out. I'll carry on though, as my own personal challenge.

You're still good! :)
It may have been how I wrote up that part. When I launched this it was a hair over 10 days til end of the challenge. The minimum requirement is total number of posts to be 7 or more. Certainly if you have 2 quality posts written within 24 hours you can share both on here. My only request is that you only share one per day for the purpose of this challenge. Hope that cleared it up. I'll include that in the Day 3 diary :)

Screen Shot 2017-07-08 at 00.25.42.png

Count me in! Not sure if I'll reach the 500 comment mark, but hey it's worth a shot. Plus I could use a little extra motivation to write some good posts everyday.

AHA! I was just about to send you a reminder message. Glad to see you got this in. It will be included in the next Daily Diary :)


Ummmm that's me 100%. Do NOT mess with my coffee!!! My Little Alman learned early on the value of coffee. He likes to pretend to drink it and loves sips of my iced coffees when we have a special treat. I'm a caffeine addict and I know it.

Hey, you got a new avatar! I just noticed it. Very nice @thesimplelife :)

I did, thanks to your guidance! It's at least a starting point and now I know how to change it when I want to. Thanks for the help! Now I want a cup of coffee...decaf, of course.

YES! This is what I like to see!

We've got motivation and helpful tips. Shout out if you need some extra support. I've got butt-kickin' boots too. Welcome to the challenge. You've got 10 days to git 'er done! happiness

Those boots may come in handy, but I've already got 20 thougtful comments down! Only 480 to go!

That gives me happiness from head to toe!
Don't forget to post the one-a-day link in your comments thread so we can follow along and show some support.

How's it going @kylek717?
Just checking in on you -- making sure everything's all right and on track :)

I'm doing alright, still working through comments, and I've got 3 posts in the books so I'm right on track


I'm getting organized! Please include the link to future challenge posts here. You do not have to copy your previous links if they have already been added to the Daily Diary. Thank you! <3 Meredith

Way to go @kylek717
you only need 3 more posts to reach the minimum requirements with 169 comments down and it looks like your rep score popped up a bit! Congratulations! :)

Thanks! Tomorrow's my day off from work so I'm hoping to be able to spend a lot of time reading and commenting starting with the authors in this thread.

I am in Meredith:

@mathworksheets, I have this logged to be included in Day 3 Diary. You do not have to paste the link in the generic thread I just posted :) Have a great night!

Hello @mathworksheets how are you my friend. I wish you much enjoyment in this challenge

And luck of course...was a horse...a three legged horse...who went off course...of course ;-)


Thanks a lot @cryptologyx:)) I like the rhyming :-))

I'm so glad you liked it...I like fun'n around too...keeps the mind fresh. I left a math riddle for you in your second post. Made it up all by myself } :-)>

Ha haha. I did that one. This horse one, still can't get it.

I have faith in you my friend...hint...just two words...punctuate as you please ~smiles~

Still scratching my head my dear friend!!

That was a beautiful post @mathworksheets! I am truly inspired by the gentleness of your spirit.

Thanks a lot Meredith. I know you are doing a tough job to reply each and every comment on this post and every post entered in the contest. But we need brave and tough people like you as the founding pillars of the platform and community. God Bless You and Yours!

It's challenges like these that give me energy and feeds the mothering side of me. LOL. I feel like I could go all night interacting and having wonderful conversations. All of these threads are true gems. Truly, if this was my full time job, I would be so happy! And may you have an abundance of blessings as well. XOXOX

Me as well want a full time job @ steemit.com. Ready to do the double shift. LOL.

I think I did a double shift! Went to bed about 5 am and still couldn't sleep. Then I was up at 11 and doing it again. Only this time I'm taking a "forced" break. I need to get dressed and buy food or the family might get upset. LOL

You are doing a great job Meredith. Yes, specially when family sees you not dressed up properly and not taking care of them and staying awake for very long towards the morning (My family thinks that something wrong with me. Then I have time go out with them and enjoy, then they satisfy that nothing wrong here).

Thanks a lot for your kind words @merej99. HUGGS and Blessings to you and your family as well.

Why, you sneaky so and so! You made me math today. LOL
One recommendation is to find a small illustration or picture to use as your featured picture otherwise it may be "lost in translation" when it shows up on our feed. Remember the first image is what helps determine whether a person stops the scrolling to read your content.

Thanks a lot Meredith. I have included the image to my entry no. 3.

GENERIC MESSAGE FOR @mathworksheets

I'm getting organized! Please include the link to future challenge posts here. You do not have to copy your previous links if they have already been added to the Daily Diary. Thank you! <3 Meredith

Hello Meredith, Below is link to my Day 4 Entry to the contest;

Hi Meredith, below is the link to my Day 5 Entry to the contest;


Aha! I almost missed this in the final sweep :)
@mathworksheets - keep an eye out for the sister post where we will add new post links. This one is getting entirely too big and it's making some of our older laptops cry when it tries to load. LOL

Oh, OK. Tomorrow I will drop my link under the daily Community Engagement Challenge one. Thanks for letting me. That's right it's getting multi-fold bigger!

It's a beautiful thing to see how big this is but at some point we need to regroup and get a fresh page. I'll be working on that as soon as I finish up this next post :)

OK Meredith, my next link will be under this thread. Have A Good Night!

Outstanding @mathworksheets! I'm so glad to see you participating in this.

How about @golden-bellerina? Will your wife try as well?
It's not an easy challenge but it's meant to push us and use best practices to help grow and nurture our accounts and our community.

I will personally be reading each post that's included in this challenge and probably include unsolicited advice to help make improvements to format and such. That is my sneaky ulterior motive. LOL

Thanks a lot for the motivation Meredith. I asked Mandeep she is very busy at her work for whole month. I am pushing my son @nba05 to enter.

This will definitely be a challenge considering I have been a member on Steemit for 3 weeks and only have 417 posts in total at this point, the vast majority are my interactions with other members on their posts. But I will give it a try. :-)

I thought I would practically live at Disney since I live in Florida. LOL It's about an hour away and I'll be enjoying Epcot soon :)

We go to Universal and Legoland one or two times a year with annual passes, and Disney every other year since it's more expensive. For us it's a 3 hour drive up from the Ft. Lauderdale area.

My husband wants to go to Legoland so bad! LOL
I told him once all this graduation stuff passes, we can have a day trip.

Legoland is super fun, even for adults. Entry level roller coasters :-)

that was a fun, informative post. I agree with Isaac Asimov's assessment :)

Than you :-) Yeah it has always bugged me about it's inclusion in the "official rainbow" lineup.

Woot! We've got a player!

You have no idea how happy this makes me. :)))
Hit those minimums and you're in like flint! I'm going over to follow you now. <3

I'm going to give it my best effort. Thank you!

GENERIC MESSAGE FOR @steempowerpics

I'm getting organized! Please include the link to future challenge posts here. You do not have to copy your previous links if they have already been added to the Daily Diary. Thank you! <3 Meredith

Do you realize what you've done?
5 posts and 230 comments with 7 full days to go. Woohoo!

I know - this is great, and in the process my Silverbird drawing post caught the attention of someone, maybe over on steemit chat or discord, and it's now my highest voted post by far.

Cool! If the artist trails picks up on it, then hopefully you'll see an increase in the fundage too. :)

Here is my Day 6 post (July 12)
The Toothsome Chocolate Emporium & Savory Feast Kitchen Review: Part 2 - Candy Smith Emporium Store and Milkshake Bar

Followers: +59
Posts: +315
Rep: +4.5

Here is mine @merej99

@frankydoodle - One recommendation for future posts. Be aware that the first picture on your blog post is going to be you featured picture on the NEW, HOME, HOT, TRENDING and PROMOTED tabs. For the best chance of exposure on your posts, find an appropriate picture that tells your audience what it's about. Like food, we taste things with our eyes first.

Awesome! Welcome to the community engagement challenge @frankydoodle!

BTW - I love your username but it's put a heck of an earwig in my head. LOL
I'm looking forward to your posts and I hope you keep coming back with some awesome content.
You're at 421 posts. You've got 10 days to get that number up to 921. You can do it!


I'm getting organized! Please include the link to future challenge posts here. You do not have to copy your previous links if they have already been added to the Daily Diary. Thank you! <3 Meredith

Hi @frankydoodle - I'm just checking in on you to see how you're doing :) Don't forget to leave some updates and get your post link to me! :)

Community engagement is very important and make a point of responding to all my comments ! Count me in ! 👍👍👍

Woohoo! Welcome to the Community Engagement Challenge @karenmckersie

Dang, woman, you've got over 12K posts! That part of the challenge is definitely not going to be a problem for you. LOL

Be sure to use this thread when you post your daily link and final screenshot! See you at the finish line! psst! You might have to drag me a bit. hahaha

haha thanks for that ! I sure hope so my friend ! it will be 13,306 !! I just did a post for the color challenge , can I put that up for today's post !? And then another for Saturdays tomorrow !? And do I just add the link as a reply to the screenshot I took !?

Sure thing, Karen. Just remember there are minimum requirements for posts. As long as it's got a minimum 300 words, a cited featured pic or gif, and a catchy title (that isn't click bait) it's good to go! Definitely add your link-a-day below your screenshot. It will be easier to track your progress and posts that way. :)

oh wow 300 words per post ! Sounds like a lot haha I don't think there's that many words as its a color challenge post ! But OK ,mi might have to wait till tomorrow thanks for the info about adding it to my screenshot ! 👍👍👍🚀

Even those color challenges can have 300 words. I know it sounds like a lot but it can go by fast. From google:

even when I counted the words on my post , I really didn't think there was 200 words ! LOL! They add up fast ! Mabel I should just add more words to it ! LOL some how I missed that part about the 300 words or I would have counted them first LOL , no problem at all its much easier then I thought , and will know for tomorrow ! Thanks ! 😂😂😂

I thought about 500 words but I was really trying to keep our meme, photographers, and poets included, which is why I made it 300 words. It is surprisingly easy if you don't worry overmuch about it. Just look at how many words you've included in your comments! Easy peasy stuff. I'm off to bed now. It just rang 3 in the morning. UGH!

This is true :-) my post for this morning is based on the debate around the color Indigo in the color challenge.

just counted , I think theres 200 words !?

You gotta

just a wee bit more! :D

haha I like it ! OK if you insist , I must do what I must do !! 😂😂😂👍👍👍 I pumped it up haha !! One down and I put the link in my reply ! 6 or 9 to go !!!

I just spit my coffee up laughing at this gif!!! Ahhh, laughing is good for the soul

I was looking for Pump up the Jam but had to settle for this one. LOL

GENERIC MESSAGE FOR @karenmckersie

I'm getting organized! Please include the link to future challenge posts here. You do not have to copy your previous links if they have already been added to the Daily Diary. Thank you! <3 Meredith

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY...tomorrow! :)
We're going to start using the sister post for new links.
Here's the link: https://steemit.com/challenge/@merej99/sister-post-to-the-beast-community-engagement-challenge-housekeeping

OK ! I all ready posted my yellow one for today in the old area though ! I think that's number 5 ?! Anyways I will use this link for Thursdays post ! Thanks a bunch @merej99 ! Steeming on !😂👍✌💕