Constrained Writing Contest #11 + Winners of Constrained Writing Contest #10

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Most writing contests give you a writing prompt or at least a couple of words to work your idea around, which is why I decided to host a slightly different contest.

A constrained writing contest

Instead of giving you an idea or a writing prompt, I will allow you to choose the topic completely by yourself. But, varying from week to week, I will come up with different challenges.

You will be required to omit certain words, use a specific word in every second sentence, use a given sentence unchanged, write a story with a certain amount of words... or a combination of all.

Winners of constrained writing contest #10

This week we had a guest judge joining us. @dfrankle picked this week's constraint and the winners of this contest. @dfrankle studies English at Harvard and is working on writing his own novel! A well qualified judge indeed.

There were a total of 6 amazing entries this week. I thank everybody again for their entries, I had a very good time reading them, but it ultimately boiled down to this week's judge @dfrankle to pick out the winners.
And here they are:

Judge's note: I loved the setup and the slow reveal, and using the second person really paid off. When I figured out what had happened, I had to read the whole thing again, and I had chills reading it again. The fact that the speaker was dead really caught me off guard, but I think that it really worked.

Judge's note: The setting and the speakers only became clear partway through, and I loved the effect of the darkness creeping in throughout. It's like the voice was there, but just barely -- it gave it a sense of realism that I loved. And the voice spoke, but was not heard -- "Ma, can you hear me?" that nobody responded to. There seemed to be some misplaced gender pronouns, like a few times, "he and him" seemed to apply to "Ma," when it should have been the female identifiers, I think, but that only slightly inhibited my comprehension and would be easily fixed with a little editing.

  • 3rd place: 0.104 SBD + 0.033 STEEM
    @lenapena with the entry which was unfortunately untitled. I dared title it myself; "Who?".

Judge's note: This read like a very realistic and honest journal entry, and I could hear the speaker slowly realizing that he was the source of his own problems, that he was the one getting in his own way. Very good!

Congratulations to the winners!

Honorable mentions in no particular order:

Judges overall note: Overall, there was a very good pool, and I was very impressed by all the entries 🙂

Proof of payment:

post payout.jpg


Or you can always check our wallets ;D

With that out of the way, onto constrained writing contest #11!


  • Tell a fictional story from (at least) two different perspectives
  • The entire story must be at least 300 words long
  • Upvote this post
  • Resteem this post
  • Post a link to your entry in the comments below
  • Include tag #constrainedwriting among your other tags

An example story will be posted shortly. I will edit the link to it here.
edit: You can find the example story by clicking here.


I will pay out the post's payout in full, both SBD and STEEM!

That way your upvote is directly tied to the prize pool and hopefully there won't be too many 5% upvotes.

  • 1st place: 45% of post's payout
  • 2nd place: 27% of post's payout
  • 3rd place 18 % of post's payout
  • Judge takes 5 % for his/her efforts
  • I will take 5 % for hosting, writing and editing the contest

I also resteem all contest entries.

*In case I receive any donations for the contest, the payout percentages apply to the donation itself as well.


This week we had an external judge join us; Let's give a round of applause for @dfrankle! :D
Since no one else contacted me to be a judge yet; it's all me this week.

  • I will pick a winner based on my own preference.
  • I will try to be as objective as possible.

If you wish to apply for a judge and make up your own rules, send @svashta a hearty hello on

*Disclaimer: I will only allow fellow writers as judges to keep the competition high quality.


  • Entries are accepted until this post's payout
  • Your entry post must be newer than this post

Good luck!


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Thanks for the opportunity to judge! It was a lot of fun :) I hope I can do it again sometime soon.

For this week, I look forward to submitting a story !! Merry Christmas

If there is no other judge to be found this week I will gladly let you judge Contest #12 ;D
You have proven yourself to a be good judge. Hopefully the others agree! ;D

ALright I did it. Thanks for this awesome contest! I had a blast writing it.

This is one of the more interesting contests out there. I'm not a particularly brilliant author, but thought I'd try out anyway.

Here's my entry, A Puzzling Situation

Also, upvoted and resteemed. Thanks for hosting this. Looking forward to other entries too!

I'm very happy to hear that! :D and very happy to have you on board ;D

I'll check it out first thing when I get home :D

Grats to all the winners!!!

I really hope you're going to be joining us again - this week or any other ^^ Your stories are a real delight to read :D

I am so sad I missed the question one! You will have to do it again in the future. I had to take a vacation :D But I will be trying this new contest! I really need to work on my perspectives!!!!

Hmmm. I won't promise anything >;P But I'll tell you this: I'd love to read your entry :P
You're welcome to be a judge in any of the contests to come if you'd like, though.

Can't wait to see what you come up with! :D

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

I would love to be a judge! are you on discord, or just Steemit chat?

I'm on discord also ^^
Svashta #5217

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Wow! Came in second! @dfrankle "he" in the short story was referring to the doctor. 😄 Too bad it was not so clear.

Imagine had it been clearer! >;P haha :D
I'm very happy you have participated and I hope we will see your entry again this week ;D

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I guess I posted my entry to the example post by mistake. Posting here as well. Upvoted, resteemed and tagged.

No problem! :D Thank you very much for your entry!

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Thank you very much for the prize and congratulations to all the other winners! It was a very fun contest!

I'll try my best to participate again this week!

You've earned it! ;D I look forward to seeing another entry from you! ^^

Thank you: I am honoured! What a lovely Christmas present! It really was an interesting challenge to write only with questions. The story just grew out of a five minute freewrite. Thank you for running such an interesting and challenging contest. :)

Do we get another happy dance, :D
I'm happy to hear you enjoyed the challenge and I like how it started out :D
And thank you for participating! ;D Hope to see your entry again this week! :D

Busy week with the holidays, but I finally got around to writing my entry! Here it is:

Very fun to do, thanks so much for the exciting prompt!!

Good day everyone. I'm here again to participate in constrained writing. Hope I win this time😊😊