SoS Daily News : news about the State of Steem @ 18 January 2019

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A big day for Steem...

Out on the exchanges the price of STEEM has continued its upward trajectory reaching $0.38.

In tandem with this STEEM's ranking on has risen to #42.

Back on the home front top 20 witness @thecryptodrive has launched a Community Petition calling on Steemit Inc to stop their powerdown.

Steem Rises...

The price of STEEM has continued its recent impressive rise.

It is now standing at around $0.38 to take it back to its level at the beginning of December.

Most importantly this is not the usual upward coat-tailing following a rise in the Bitcoin price. The value of STEEM in BTC (orange line in the graph below) shows a significant uptick demonstrating a breakaway from following the BTC price trend.

As a consequence STEEM is experiencing a very pleasing climb in the rankings - now reaching as high as #41 - a rise of 10 places in the past week.

What is causing the price rise is not totally clear.

In a comment on a post from @taskmaster4450, @themarkymark identifies Bithumb unlocking the Steem wallet as the main cause rather than any internal activity.

Urgent Community Petition

Meanwhile back on Steem disquiet and dissent is growing in some quarters about Steemit Inc's powerdown of its SteemPower.

The powerdown, along with the move of 1 million liquid STEEM to the Bittrex exchange, was initiated a week ago by Steemit Inc in response to the perceived threat of HardFork 21.

The HardFork 21 Pull Request, lodged by former Steemit Inc contractor (Johan Nordberg @almost-digital), contained code to fork out all the accounts owned by Steemit Inc.

For this HF21 to be accepted it would require a super majority (15/17?) of the Top 20 Witnesses to adopt it.

This was, and is, considered a near impossibility.

Many witnesses and senior steemians view Steemit Inc's powerdown as a major overreaction that has serious negative impacts on Steem, both internally and externally.

In an effort to get Steemit Inc to cancel the powerdown top 20 witness @thecryptodrive has launched a Community Petition to send a message to CEO Ned Scott.

Alongside the petition witnesses have begun posting their own personal statements and open letters to Ned, declaring that they would not support a hardfork that forks out Steemit Inc's stake, and requesting for the powerdown to be halted. The tag 'stopthepowerdown' is being used.

So far around half a dozen of the top 20 witnesses have posted, along with a number of lower ranked witnesses. The posts are listed below.

This is a complex subject so a careful read of @thecryptodrive's post and associated comments is highly recommended...

KEY DATA [ from CoinMarketCap & @arcange ]

(change on previous day in brackets // n/c = no change)

Steem price US$ 0.373 2019-01-19 04:00am UTC
SBD price US$ 0.889 2019-01-19 04:00am UTC
Market Cap US$ 115,642,309 2019-01-19 04:00am UTC
CoinMarketCap Ranking #42 (+6) 2019-01-19 04:00am UTC
No. of Whales 36 (n/c) 2019-01-17
No. of Orcas 320 (+1) 2019-01-17
No. of Dolphins 1978 (n/c) 2019-01-17
No. of Minnows 9098 (+1) 2019-01-17
Alexa rank ( #4160 (-2) 2019-01-19 02:58pm UTC

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The Community Petition from Top 20 witness @thecryptodrive...

Urgent Community Petition: Steemit Inc. to Stop 34 Mil SP Powerdown!

Open Letters to Ned and responses to the Community Petition...

#1 @aggroed - Deescalating and working towards a mutually beneficial solution

#2 @timcliff - Open Letter to Ned/Steemit

#8 @ausbitbank - Steemit Inc - Please stop your powerdown

#10 @lukestokes - Is Steem Centrally Controlled?

#19 @drakos - My Statement Concerning the Potential Freeze of Steemit Inc's Accounts

#20 @therealwolf - Public Witness Statement @therealwolf

#37 @blockbrothers - Statement from the @blockbrothers

#48 @firepower - Public Witness Statement @firepower

#50 @fyrst-witness - I do NOT support a fork to REMOVE anyones stake!

#54 @steemed - I Support Forking Out Steemit

#57 @neoxian - Dear Readers, I am against a Hard Fork that would steal, destroy or freeze someone's money

#62 @liberosist - Witness statement

#63 @ats-david - Open Letter to STINC and Everyone Else

#64 @guiltyparties - Open Letter to Ned and Steemit Inc

#79 @mahdiyari - Witness statement

#95 @krnel - Keep Your STEEM Powered Up, or Power It Down, Your Choice

#119 @fbslo - Witness @fbslo statement

#141 @isnochys - Open Note to Steemit and Ned, I guess

@smooth - Who likes hard forking?

Other witness news...

#37 @blockbrothers / @exyle - Vlog 388: My take from the State of the Steem forum from last night (18th January 2019)

#52 @helpie / @meno - Remembering the Kool aid

#69 @steemcommunity / @paulag - Churn Rates on STEEM 2018 Review

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#104 @crowdwitness - MinnowSupportProject Witness Vote Application

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#181 @pcste - @pcste witness update 17/01/2019

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If you want to check on progress of development on Steem, check out the GitHub here...

If you want to check on the current list of full API Nodes witness @holger80 provides this via @fullnodeupdate...


Hacked - STEEM Coin on the Move While Steemit Loses 20 Million Visitors in Six Months

This is #47 (18 Jan '19) of this daily news service.

Please let me know of any important posts or key data that should be included. Comment below or message me on Discord Pennsif#9921

[ graphic by @pennsif // graph from ]

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The power down has led to the spontaneous pulling of several key Steemit Inc. delegations, most importantly @dsound .... which besides @dtube is literally the most visible dapp ambassador getting new creatives to the Steem blockchain. How Steemit Inc. ... a private company ... handles their stake is up to them and whatever moves they need to make to keep the business and their shareholders on-board, that’s for them to decide. If their interests are in bringing new people to the chain and increasing the viability of Steem as a dapp infrastructure, the delegation and subsequent increntivized MANUALLY CURATED BY STAFF upvote is the carrot that has gotten many, including myself, hooked. Building relationships, diving into other forward-thinking crypto musician’s catalogs... all that came in time. The patronage from the dapp itself (and a lively discord server) is what builds the community in the first place. People thinking another 1mil sp will just appear from the ether or that the consistent “community reward” feeling upvote wasn’t a huge motivator to undertake the infrastructure move to host one’s content and social media life on Steem are kidding themselves and completely out of touch with the reality of being a creative on this platform. If you want dapps to succeed on here (and by any metric @dsound is the gold standard of successful Steem dapp) .... you need to incentivize their upvote. Especially when the community you are incentivizing is legitimately putting this delegation to work in a fair and motivating way.

Please @ned ... there is zero logic to singling out @dsound ‘s delegation and not @dtube or any other heavyweight high value add to the Steem blockchain (and obviously thats not what anybody is looking for.) It sends the wrong message to creatives like myself (and literally hundreds of panic’d others) about the long term viability of Steem as a platform for our content, especially given the intense focus on community and almost idealistically encouraging curation @dsound built with said delegation. Literally the best thing you have going for your business and Steem on the whole are communities like these, and capitalistic as it may sound, they are predicated on a weighty upvote as motivator and instigator. Fourteen months on steemit...this is the most immutable fact.

Patronize those who do the curating and community building for you.

Totally agree with you!!!

Well said...

agree 100% man , sad start to the year for the musicians of @dsound

Yes Yes and more heavy beats saying Yes Yes Yes!

Too right @drumoperator. It's a shame and the loss of delegation has affected those that relied on the dsound upvote as a viable means of income to stay afloat.

@dsound has been on a few shows recently and has said that the delegation affects the community members directly rather than him but he's explained some plans in @d-vine and @onemedia Spotlight on the Artist show which might help shed light on the future.

But sadly, I think there may not be much music on the steem blockchain any more!

I think, all along behavior & recent situation revealing posts have ultimately made clear, Shned never cared for the community in general!
Pulling the delegation from Dsound happened because it was one of the biggest ones, hence the wishy-washy explanation to @prc!

Here some interesting posts that will clear things up,

This. Thanks @d-vine.


You are likely right @D-vine. Thanks for sharing those posts with me, made things pretty clear.

Posted using Partiko Android

I don’t think Steemit Inc, @ned et al have any clue how much their delegation to @dsound basically built an entire community of advocates for the Steemit platform at zero actual cost to them. I hope there is enough public outcry to restore the delegation. Turn a bad situation affecting long term public confidence into a display of the management powers that be recognizing value. If “communities” is the next big Steemit initiative this is a PRETTY HORRIBLE way to support a ground floor community doing the legwork by hand long before the infrastructure was in place.

I agree. It's basically killed the music community on this platform unfortunately, one of the most creative and vibrant communities on here. But the music communities that have formed independently like ACR and one I set up only a couple of weeks ago will find a way. In fact, it makes us come together even more I think.

In dsound's interview, he said that actually, the shackles had been lifted from developing dsound as now he can focus fully on developing it however he wants. That delegation still wouldn't be enough to cover costs of the servers so really it was to give back via curation rewards to all of us musicians that were using dsound.

Even though I also blog about other things, I was most active on dsound and it will make a huge impact on my weekly earnings on the platform.

Really hope there's a change in mind for the delegation but the trust is gone a bit...

Posted using Partiko Android

The @dsound upvote is a monetary stamp of approval from a dedicated team actively spending their time curating content from regular contributors and at zero benefit to them, finding new talent to encourage content from. If this is not what Steem is about, I don’t get Steem. The fact that they pulled 1m sp seemingly flippantly is beyond comprehension given the collective amount of hours put in by @prc, the @dsound curators and all the musicians who benefitted from their efforts and found community on here.

Woudn't it be better if a big group of us delegated SP to projects like @dsound and @dtube? Lots of smaller delegations would make it more sustainable, as there wouldn't be a problem with one entity removing their delegation. All of us combined have more SP that just Steemit Inc.

I’m in for 1k, @sharpshot.

Your move.😎

Read the posts @D-vine just replied with, the bigger picture outside dsound makes sense as to what's going on.

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I am a little bit scared of this big rising... I hope STEEM will stay there or go more up... :)

.:. .:. .:. .:. .:. .:. .:. .:. .:. .:. .:. .:. .:. .:.
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Thanks and have a great day!

What exactly is SOS in steem?

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State of Steem.

Excellent post @pennsif.

I am not familiar with Bithumb but I think @ned's voice in Discord channels, and the listing of Dapps on sites like are two of the reasons why the price of Steem has increased. and other sites (I.e. increased the visibility of the Steem blockchain and improved the sentiment of active Steemians.

We should fork steem and call it drama coin, to be honest. Sometimes that's the most interesting thing that actually happens on here :)

On a serious note, I think it's important we have these conversations. As much as steem empowers individual account holders to act how they want, more coordination and collaboration will help with reducing duplication and increasing our ability to get tasks and projects completed.

Thanks for the shout out for the @dolphincouncil!


It's much easier to enjoy the drama when the price is at least finally going up a little!


Hy @pennsif

Did you know that you have 132302 transactions historically on the Steem blockchain!
You can check and download all your transactions, votes, comments and more with @steemdetective!
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Good to see rise in the market still early days yet but all the same nice to see. The power down is worrying but I have heard so many variations of the reasoning I don't think anyone knows or will. The speculation might just increase the value so could be a bonus 💯🐒

Great summary and compilation of the information pertinent to these latest updates as there is also a lot of misinformation in addition to the general misunderstanding of what is going on. My concern is that these efforts could have the unintended consequences of dividing a community which until now has demonstrated to the the ecosystem’s most valuable asset!

Posted using Partiko iOS

Thanks for the information, it is good to handle the data of what is really happening. Good contribution.
Good vibes.

Thanks for mentioning my post 'steem price skyrockets on heavy volume' here!

It's nice to see the Steem price consolidate today in the high-30s, and volume remains strong. I think this increases the likelihood of a breakout from 0.4 soon, especially if the overall crypto market stops flatlining and joins the rally :)

Thank you for not correlating STEEM price to @ned showing up. It just rubbed me the wrong way to read or hear publication that Ned caused the price of STEEM to increase when that was not true. Those statements can cause readers/viewers to idolize Ned for something that he did not do. My fear is that people would start believing that Ned's presence would save STEEM and forget that STEEM listing on exchanges is severely lacking and needs work. I apologize for being so rash in previous comments. Perhaps I should also learn to accept inaccurate information and just let it go.

I really did enjoy the State of Steem Forum #4. You really got Ned to give us some insight on Steemit Inc that I never thought would ever see the light of day. Particularly the number of employees and what their duties are. I also liked that Ned reassured us that the accounts were not going to be liquidated on the exchanges. Whether that holds true in the future is not a guarantee.

It is also interesting that Ned seems to have a revival of interest toward I was expecting that Ned would not focus at all on so that other front-ends could take on user dominance as it was a financial burden to Steemit Inc. Seems like they did a 180 primarily due to advertising revenue.

Good to see that steem price is gaining..

Posted using Partiko Android

I hope there can be more collaboration between Steemit and the witnesses/dapps to build something stronger rather than all this fighting. I don't think this HF21 will happen, but it sends a bad signal.