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Hello all,

I'm sure you have seen this proposed hard fork code:

Basically what it does is freezes or disables the Stake owned by Steem Inc.

It's bad enough this is even proposed as a thing, but it is no mere intellectual exercise. It may shock you to know that this fork is actually being discussed as a real possibility of something that could be done, or should be done!

I am against any such fork

I want to state clearly that I am against any such fork. It is thievery, plain and simple (or vandalism). It is communism that destroys property, the integrity of money. It goes against the ideas the principles that were introduced by Satoshi and Bitcoin. This fork will tear Steem apart and destroy it, much worse than anything Ned would do.

If someone wants to clone Steem into another chain, something akin to Whaleshares, Weku or the like, that's fine, but don't do harm to an existing, functional chain.

If we can freeze Ned's stake, then we can freeze anyone's. Perhaps later, people will decide that I am an evil bank and hardfork to take my money away.

Eth and DAO

I know someone might bring this up. In case of Eth and DAO, I wasn't a fan of that either, but at least in that case, the DAO was hacked, so you could at least make a weak argument that you were fixing a hack by hardforking the money back.

The fork above isn't fixing any sort of hack, but instead destroying the property of Steem Inc. Even if you hate Ned and feel Steem Inc is incompetent (and I'm certainly no fan of either one), you can't fix this problem with a far bigger evil.


No doubt this fork should not be happened! I think witnesses might not be that fool to implement it! If they do, that mean we leave STEEM to a better chain!


I'd like to know who are the people who would be for that kind of fork, I just don't understand the logic behind that. It would undermine everything Steem stands for. I'm glad top witnesses made these kind of statements like you today, should of been few days earlier imo.

And what could be the logic behind that? It is sabbotage!

I hate this shit because I don’t know enough. @neoxian, I appreciate the info

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Here here @neoxian and Thank You for Your Support as Always of the BEST Community on Steemit (In My Opinion) @ssg-community

Damn.... This is scary 😧

I fully agree.

Scary crap.

What started out as a wonderful experiment in democratic blogging has turned into a real piece of shit!

Oh my.
I am against controlling others funds without understanding any of this.
It makes common sense that if it is your funds, you control them.

This is only the second time I've heard of this in three posts scrolling down my news feed, that is ridiculous and I think people are overreacting. Good things take time and impatience leaves nowhere. I would rather have a successful launch of new features take some time than a rushed failure.

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You stated that well @neoxian
It is a thievery to fork out steemitinc and it is just like a communism that will just destroy the integrity of this community.

Agreed 100%.

Let them leave with there money, I agree, this Hardfork would put the nail in the steemit coffin. Atleast at this moment the coffin is open and we are beginning to catch our breath..

Holy crap! What the heck is going on now. Why do such thing?

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What the hell steem team wants to do

Thanks for this, @neoxian.

This is the bottom line. Such a hard fork proposal, intended or not, grandstanding or not, FUD spreading or not, shouldn't exist in the first place, period.

Thanks for saying that in clear, unequivocal terms. The moral equivalency around here gets to be a bit much, and I appreciate you getting to the heart of the matter.

That said, is powering down the best thing to do by Steemit Inc.? I don't know. I guess if it were that or voting up witnesses, another choice Steemit Inc could do, I kind of like this better, even if it does have a "take my ball and go home" kind of vibe.

I don't think you can sit there and wait for things to happen, and I don't think you negotiate with what essentially is a blackmail threat, so what else does that leave? Talking or hugging it out?

It's amazing how these things escalate, and how quickly. can't fix this problem with a far bigger evil.

Well said. In other words, two wrongs don't make a right.

Thanks sir @neoxian I appreciate the info , I agree this fork should not be happened

First they came for steemit inc... Good to know where you stand on this topic, to many others are not thinking clearly or rationally.

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you forgot the hashtag. lol

It was left out intentionally.

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