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I, @firepower, will not in any way, run a version of steemd on my servers as a Witness, that are risking any Steem stakeholder funds, except in criminal or legal situations. Therefore, I categorically state that I am against any fork that threatens to destroy Steem as we know it.

@ned please know that your statement has shaken the confidence of the community.

Moving STEEM to secure wallets. Steemit's STEEM supports our Mission, Vision and Values which are built on Steem and Our vision is to grow into a vibrant communities web app, expanding the boundaries of community coordination and online discussion by incorporating cryptocurrencies as incentives. The company focuses on sustainability and decentralization by lowering run costs and increasing revenues by increasing stickiness through better homepage and community tools, and while always demanding a secure and safe, client-side signing experience.

I strongly urge @ned and Steemit Inc. to stop powering down company owned accounts such as @steemit. This will help relieve the tension in the community and perhaps even rebuild confidence in everyone. Moving forward I would like to see actions that help build trust in Inc from the community at large.

While we're at it I also urge that moving forward Steemit Inc. quickly strives to become 100% transparent in its financial operations and accountability to the community. This has been requested by the community at large and personally I wish for this to happen as well.

But I am truly concerned about the health of this project and future of Steem blockchain and cryptocurrency. Current events have raised many questions including the centralised nature of this project. We need to work together now more than ever to resolve many of the underlying issues of Steem blockchain.

Steem has been one of the most exciting projects in this space from the time it began and nothing is lost yet. As one of the strongest believers of this blockchain project from this side of the world I truly wish Inc will work with the community to fix the underlying issues and emerge stronger.

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Resteemed was needed :)

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I completely agree with you let's see what will be there next move.....

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I am agree with you

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Sir you're right I agree with you.

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I'm with you! :)

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Personally, I ain't too concerned about the power down if there is a disclosure of how and where this fund is being spent and how it's going to benefit Steem and this community.

I completely agree with you on the issue of transparency and accountability of financial operations of Steemit Inc. Anything under the curtain raises doubt & suspicion. Transparency will bring in much needed boost to the confidence of the community.

The simple reasoning is if something is positive then why will anyone try to hide it under covers? So, not being transparent on critical issues raises red flags for me.

Up-voting in solidarity