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If you dodn't know yet, there was proposal to remove Steemit INC's stake from their accounts (@steemit, @steem, @misterdelegation...) and Steemit started powering down their SP to protect themselves.

Here is code: https://github.com/steemdev/steem/pull/1/commits/807d5e0e0aef8c6f940bd003fd8e7404d738138a

I'm against any hard fork that would remove any STEEM & SBD & SP from any account! I won't approve any hard fork that would take someone's money away in any situation.


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While appreciate your honesty and moral integrity, I have to disagree.

Those assets are the 9% of the total circulating supply, I guess it was exactly your post where I've read about it.

That resource has a much better place.

Steemit must be a more equal place. We can do it here.

So you advocate theft for the 'greater good'?

This isn't theft.

But even if it is, I'd ask back: "why not?" Morality is subjective, thus, any seemingly immoral act is potentially justifiable

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No moral code just leads to societal break down.
'Might is right' is the only law then..

Acting out a immoral act, means you must have code to be able to act 'immorally'.
We all live by some moral codes. (unless you have a personality disorder)

To act against morals you have lived by, is indicative of a sociopath personality type.
(Sociopaths are the worst people to have any authority to decide any moral codes of society).

Only those feeling guilty need to find a 'justifiable'.

That moral code is based upon shared values, not absolute ones. Other than that, you're right, but it doesn't dispute the idea of morality being relative, fundamentally speaking.

I'm not denying I may have sociopathic traits, I consider these the tools of getting things done.

Morality, relative or absolute, needs to be broken sometimes, out of sheer necessity.

Just in this current situation. I'm not going to let the ecosystem rot just because some of you have moral concerns about the means of fixing it.

I shouldn't decide morality, that was perfectly right, and I'm not doing it. You're a free man, with whatever values you deem important. That won't stop me at any point anyways.

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It's more than 9% of supply, it's around 25-30%.

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Even worse - so I think you can see the problem here.

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But who will delegate SP to dApps, Steemcleaners... if we remove Steemit's stake.

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The community. As it should be.

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