Open Note to Steemit and Ned, I guess

in transparency •  2 months ago

OK, we are doing this.

I pledge my alliance..
Sorry, wrong script.

As one of the smallest witnesses on the blockchain, I hereby declare, that you cannot expect anything from me.
I will always do my own stuff.
Maybe introduce witness vote stacking again.
But I guess it is still forbidden.

Also, this is not blackmail.
Just to be sure.

But where do I sign to get your witness vote?

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Beer On The House ???

Should I vote you 'Right ???


You should vote with your conscience !

But if beer gets your vote?
Why not!


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But the pizza's on you.... right????


Wait, there was pizza?


I thought it was just the right thing for you to do. 😁

"I pledge my alliance..
Sorry, wrong script."

Hahaha! :D
I almost laughed out loud! :D

By the way, here is another message to Steemit and to Ned by @lukestokes: Is Steem Centrally Controlled?
More posts can be found about this under the #stopthepowerdown tag.


No need to read it. The answer is easy

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