Witness statement

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source: wordreference.com

I think it is useless to explain some stuff which is already explained.

According to these articles, statements and letters to @ned:
by @lukestokes
by @blockbrothers
by @liberosist
by @guiltyparties
by @drakos
by @therealwolf
and by @ats-david

Since part of being a witness is securing the network, I, as a witness, will try to keep all accounts and their stake secure too.

I will not run any modified version of Steem blockchain that will take authority of any legal stakeholder's account(s) included accounts of Steemit inc.


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The moment a fork happens to the code that does so, the marketplace loses ALL faith in the security and legitimacy of Steem, or SBD.
I applaud all who stand and affirm this.

Also, thanks for steemauto.

Good thing you won't be a pirate.

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Amen !

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ty, 2019 ccn has claimed, using crypto devs as sources, could be the year of the 51% attack.