EtherSteem Update: Ether Steem Token (ETHSTEEM) & Accounts

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EtherSteem Update

Ether Steem Token (ETHSTEEM) & Accounts


This is first official update of Ether Steem project progress. Here is list of post with some details about this project.

  1. STEEM to ERC20 Token Exchange! Developers Needed! [Closed]
  2. Ether Steem Need New Logo! [20 STEEM Bounty] [CLOSED]

1) Ether Steem Token (ETHSTEEM)

3 hours ago, ETHSTEEM (Ether Steem) ERC20 token was created on Ethereum main net.

Contract: 0x429b6a7a5c7f0e91bb50762a375af95bfc4088dd
Total Supply: 300,000,000 ETHSTEEM
Decimals: 3

2) Ether Steem Project accounts (Steem & Ethereum)

Currently, all 300,000,000 token are in my wallet. Soon I will move 295,000,000 ETHSTEEM to cold wallet and remaining 5,000,000 ETHSTEEM to hot wallet.

Cold wallet address: 0x19327bfB111C8eEA0D5C2e74c928bD6B854FF41b
Hot wallet address: 0x2b4Ea9ebC3CE38Bf2Acba04a1211928a1b352b35

Other Ethereum addresses associated with Ether Steem projects are:

My (@fbslo) personal wallet: 0x3693f7449bd461f74975d571e7e3bc031ef73586
Testing address: 0x1f979d06b999d058a6a950452260beacf2f9d903

Steem accounts associated with Ether Steem projects are:
Official account & wallet: @ethersteem
"Bank" account:
Extra account: @ethsteem

If you think that this project will add some value to Steem, please vote @fbslo for witness and speed up development! Every vote counts! Thank you ;)


(Click on the button)

(Go to and type fbslo at the bottom of the page)

Please read my Witness Thread and support me by voting @fbslo for witness.
SteemConnect link:


Interessante Sache. Mal schauen was daraus wird.

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