The Daily Better - 9 January 2017

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The Mission of Project Better

is to reward posts have many votes from Minnows but earn pennies.

We don't judge the quality of the contents, and we don't have man-power to detect plagiarism(But we will skip the posts that @cheetah had commented), only the votes and comments from human that have more than 25 reputation matters.

How to donate voting power to Project Better and earn curation rewards?

Sign up to and bind your posting key.

In full transparency, you will be able to track the list every day detailing all the posts that Project Better has chosen. At the same time, our hope is that this list will provide more positive exposure to the selected authors.

We hope that you will consider following not only this @better account, but also many of the authors whose work is featured here each day. Please consider adding your comments on these posts also!

Voting History (Updated at UTC 2017-01-09 19:51:55.58)

  • 09-01 harvest spinach #3 30 minutes ago by steemgold in gardening $1.78
  • 09-01 Google+ Group "HEART PROGRESS" Advocates PEDOPHILIA & ZOOPHILIA (Bestiality SICK !!!) 1 hour ago by janamurray in heartprogress $0.49
  • 09-01 What's Your Resolution for Today (Jan 9) - a Healthy Steem Dollar Distribution Activity 1 hour ago by steemit-health in steemit-health $3.2
  • 09-01 ScaredyCatGuide to Investing in Peer to Peer Lending (And Borrowing) 1 hour ago by scaredycatguide in scaredycatguide $3.01
  • 09-01 NASA mission to an iron and nickel asteroid 1 hour ago by the-future in technology $2.38
  • 09-01 Chinese Traders Create Lopsided Bitcoin Market, Investors Ready to Take Higher Risks 1 hour ago by sergey44 in crypto-news $0.9
  • 09-01 Los PELIGROS de la venta ilegal de animales 2 hours ago by wartrapa in spanish $1.07
  • 09-01 Snails at edge the lake 3 hours ago by riostarr in animals $0.04
  • 09-01 I leave all thoughts of you 4 hours ago by adelja in verse $1.31
  • 09-01 Enter Your Daily Health Score for Sunday Jan 8 - a Healthy Steem Dollar Distribution Activity 4 hours ago by steemit-health in steemit-health $3.08
  • 09-01 A look at my video games collection : Okami HD ps3 / E-capcom Mankaiouka-Dama Limited Edition 4 hours ago by ixindamix in gaming $1
  • 09-01 Newslink: Diez años después, el iPhone está en un momento complicado 6 hours ago by chotto in spanish $2.85
  • 09-01 Visiting a small oasis near Ouarzazate, Morocco 6 hours ago by koskl in travel $9.1
  • 09-01 The Mannequin Challenge in Microgravity Puts All the Others to Shame 6 hours ago by artists in space $3.23
  • 09-01 small wooden mushroom -3 6 hours ago by alexsteem in photography $2.33
  • 09-01 You Are NOT Alone (Absolutely Not) 7 hours ago by gliten in connection $32.29
  • 09-01 How to make simple Pizza without Oven 7 hours ago by intan in food $1.48
  • 09-01 PIC: The story behind this superb Princess Leia mural in memory of Carrie Fisher is lovely 7 hours ago by rosamund in entertainment $3.06
  • 09-01 Sailing to Lana’i 8 hours ago by garik-vrn in travel $3.11
  • 09-01 My Original Daily Stereogram - Can you see the hidden image ? #11 8 hours ago by steampty in stereogram $2.89
  • 09-01 573 followers an @matrixdweller milestone. 8 hours ago by matrixdweller in steemit $3.56
  • 09-01 Mould You? [Sexual Dilemma 8] 8 hours ago by eddieknocklife in sex $3.24
  • 09-01 The Queen has made her first public appearance for a month after being struck down with a heavy cold over Christmas 9 hours ago by jerremie in life $3.43
  • 09-01 Crypto Contest January 9: Lisk 10 hours ago by maarnio in lisk $2.83
  • 09-01 An Original Heavy Rock Song (WITCHES MOON) Preview for my 2017 album release 10 hours ago by soundlegion in originalmusic $2.12
  • 09-01 Cheetah Numbers Decline as African Habitat Shrinks 11 hours ago by atkins in wildlife $2.93
  • 09-01 China Building World’s Highest Altitude Gravitational Wave Telescopes In Tibet 11 hours ago by nadira in newslink $2.91
  • 09-01 Simple love... 12 hours ago by adelja in verse $1.78
  • 09-01 Bitcoin News Feed [09 Jan 2017] - Phase I 12 hours ago by arnob in bitcoin $2.65
  • 09-01 The Blue Pill (An original contemplation) 13 hours ago by mgaft1 in writing $22.39
  • 09-01 Who will be the winner of the next computer revolution? 13 hours ago by konstantin in technology $1.34
  • 09-01 I Went To The "Central Home of the Artist" in Moscow [Art Exhibition] 13 hours ago by angsteem in art $3.34
  • 09-01 Music Legends - Pavlov's Dog 14 hours ago by themagus in music $9.17
  • 09-01 TIL: That a Fungus Can Look Like a Meat Lover's Pizza, or Vice Versa ☛ You Decide 17 hours ago by cognoscere in til $1.19
  • 09-01 The Comet Research Group: Attack of the Killer Comet 17 hours ago by gridcoinman in science $0.08
  • 09-01 "Cindoi" The traditional drink Aceh 17 hours ago by anasz in food $12.9
  • 09-01 Hunting the Wolf (An Original Story – Part 1) 19 hours ago by michaeladamparis in fiction $19.6
  • 09-01 Strong character builds greatness, weak character leads to misery. 19 hours ago by mynameisricky in life $1.31
  • 09-01 I baked homemade oatmeal cookies. ONE liked them a allot. 19 hours ago by yuliana in family $2.31
  • 08-01 6.8 (Part 2) Temperature Class - Java 20 hours ago by kakradetome in programming $0.02
  • 08-01 Adapted into Comic Books - The Toxic Avenger from 1991 21 hours ago by cryplectibles in comics $1.54
  • 08-01 Eres una Persona influyente en Steemit? | Opinion 21 hours ago by hykert in spanish $2.97
  • 08-01 Hello steemians! 21 hours ago by joshuaatiemo in introduceyourself $4.21
  • 08-01 Collaborative Art Journey...With @everlove. 21 hours ago by girlbeforemirror in art $3.47
  • 08-01 Geothermia - Our forgotten champion 22 hours ago by renzoarg in science $14.31
  • 08-01 What Are You Thankful For Today? (Jan 8) - a Healthy Steem Dollar Distribution Activity 22 hours ago by steemit-health in steemit-health $5.98
  • 08-01 Leyenda española el castigo de las abejas 22 hours ago by jlufer in spanish $5.13
  • 08-01 A nice lazy Sunday 23 hours ago by stevescoins in lazy $2.93
  • 08-01 Newslink: ¿Qué nos enseñan los chimpancés sobre los jefes y las oficinas? 23 hours ago by chotto in spanish $5.7
  • 08-01 Destroyed art / The wreckage of the world / Gallery of 10 works 23 hours ago by romanskv in art $3.29
  • 08-01 Famous Splash Cafe for delicious Bread Bowl Clam Chowder with family. Vacation favorite.... award winning food. *** Photography *** 23 hours ago by runridefly in travel $3.94
  • 08-01 Day 17- Just Dance - 30 Days Mindfulness Challenge 23 hours ago by raluca in life $23.29
  • 08-01 My brand new book on the Vikings and Viking Age, now available on Amazon 24 hours ago by vikthor in books $2.48
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