A look at my video games collection : Okami HD ps3 / E-capcom Mankaiouka-Dama Limited Edition

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Aaaah Okami! What a wonderful title! A fantastic epic mixing Japanese folklore and adventure game with many twists and turns. Honored by the critics but unfairly shunned by the public, this brilliance game was entitled to a conversion on Wii but also a hd redesign on the PS3. And it is this version of which we speak today by presenting you the ultra-limited edition E-capcom.

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Only for the Japanese market,for 19990yens, this version includes a physical copy of the game, a certificate of authenticity, a luminous strap Issun and a snowball representing Amaterasu sitting under a cherry blossom.

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The interest of this globe is that that projected petals of cherry blossoms on the ground. The finesse of the detail is exemplary and it is the one of a goodies that makes all the interest of this version.It is now proudly in the middle of my collection of rarity, knowing that this version E-capcom was only available in order on the Internet in 2013 in very limited quantities ....

Small detail that has its importance, production of the globe was delayed for a few months because the first prototypes did not meet Capcom's quality criteria. It was necessary to take his trouble in patience before receiving his precious at home !

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