Enter Your Daily Health Score for Sunday Jan 8 - a Healthy Steem Dollar Distribution Activity

How Healthy Were You YESTERDAY (Jan 8) On a 5 Point Scale?

Answer these 5 questions and then tally your score:

1. Did you eat healthy?

Yes = 1 point

2. Did you drink healthy?

Yes = 1 point

3. Did you exercise?

Yes = 1 point

4. Did you stretch?

Yes = 1 point

5. Did you meditate?

Yes = 1 point

Add up your points and leave your total score in the comments below for a chance to win all the Steem Dollars from this post!

The Daily Health Score will be posted every day. So follow @steemit-health, check your feed, and enter your health score every day.

Purpose of The Daily Health Score

The purpose of the Daily Health Score is to help steemians become more conscious of their health over time - both individually and as a community.

It's a quick and easy measuring system that leverages social accountability and financial incentives to encourage everyone toward their own health goals.

How to Score Yourself

Everyone should score themselves based on their own health goals and understandings. There is no financial incentive to score high, but rather only to participate.

So don't worry about what your score is. Just focus on consistently measuring every day. Most people will have their fair share of 1s and 0s. It’s just as important to record low scores on “bad” days as it is to record high scores on “good” days. You can always do better tomorrow!

Studies suggest that just measuring your health is the first step toward a healthier life.

Financial Incentive for Participation

All liquid STEEM and Steem Dollars made from this post will be awarded to one lucky participant (selected at random from the comment section based on a public lottery number). Payout will be made in either STEEM or Steem Dollars for the equivalent of the total value won.

That's right... just leave your score (0-5) in a comment below and you could win all the Steem Dollars from this post.

Also, only humans qualify to receive payout. If @steemit-health thinks you might be a bot, we reserves the right to send you a human verification test before the distribution of any reward.

@steemit-health aims to help individuals reach their own personal health goals through social accountability and financial incentives.

I started steemit-health to motivate myself and others to achieve their health goals. The mission is to develop simple and convenient applications that integrate health right into the Steemit experience. The healthier we all are individually, the more successful the Steemit community will be as a whole. - @dan-atstarlite

Follow @steemit-health, check your feed, and enter your health score every day!


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Congrats! For getting healthier!!!... and also for winning the liquid Steem Dollars from this post! (paid out in STEEM)

You were selected randomly as the winner based on a public lottery number

Wow, I didn't know about this! Cool. Thanks a lot.

Salad and green tea at lunch, puts me up to 4 out of 5

I've got a 3 for yesterday! :D